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Charisma and popularity spell

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The “charisma and popularity” spell will improve the way others perceive you. You will become someone everyone wants to be friends with. You will become someone everyone wants to hang out with. You will have so much charisma, everyone will want you around!

Ingredients List: [1] Apple [4] Strawberries

[4] Cherries [1 head] Cabbage [4 cups] Salt water [4 cups] Chili pepper powder OR [4 cups] Ginseng powder [1] Glass baking dish capable of holding all ingredients

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Place the apple and strawberries into the container.

Step #3: Meditate for 5 minutes and imagine the charisma coming to your target (or yourself). Imagine the target gaining and growing in popularity and charisma.

Step #4: Place the cherries into the container.

Step #5: Pour the salt water over the ingredients in the container.

Step #6: State the following words three times: “WITH THESE INGREDIENTS I SEE, A NEW SIDE OF ME” (if you are the target, otherwise, replace the word ME with the target’s name).

Step #7: Dump the powder onto the mixture.

Step #8: Meditate for 2 minutes, and imagine the popularity running as wild as you desire.

Step #9: Close the circle (directions found in chapter one of this book).

Step #10: Dispose of the ingredients.

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Live Magick Chat!

Guest_2913: Guest 6579 did you pay her already? what did you tip her?
Guest_1451: Guest_7913 Thank you very much for your thorough reply I appreciate it. And if I see results for real then I will most definitely donate a substantial amount. I'm just awaiting the results so I can donate and as always give my review. Guest_6953 Thank you for your reply also.
Guest_6579: yea i paid her 60.00 dollars it was all I could afford. I was broke and kind of ambarrassed about it honestly but it didn't seem like a big deal. She is very nice.
Guest_1451: Sorry my last text was meant for Guest_6579 not 6953
Guest_9879: Does sasha londons deal with you directly via email is it her assistant that communicates for her? I ask because my friend is dealing with her right now, but it's her assistant that answers and replies to my friends email's. Is this common for anyone that had used There's not much reviews on her from ppl outside of her website.....I would think she would have testimonials all over the place. I'm waiting to see if my friend will get results before I even make a move. Can anyone tell me where exactly is she located in the U.S.? My friend will most definitely white a review whether she received results or not so I'm just waiting to see. By the way it's been 3 weeks since her spell was completed. Who's used her services with results???
Guest_6917: Hm i d k guest 9879
Guest_6917: seems silly to complain about her, she doesn't take money til you are happy... if you aren't happy you simply don't pay her it seems. and her rate is a donation, whatever deemed fit by the customer, that is pretty good offer and it seems legit, i'm waiting for results now too, only been a few days, but i mean dang if you need results that bad guest 9879 why not go pay someone who does like a really serious love spell and charges like 1200? i seen them all over the internet
Guest_6917: anyway, I am sure she will get me results, I seen a lot of people here say they hired her and it worked. And if it didn't, you didn't lose anything as far as I can tell she has not asked me for any thing yet, so it must be legit.
Guest_6917: also sometimes her assistant answers me and I imagine it is because she probably has a lot of customers since she doesn't take the money til after the results, seems like such a good offer that sh'ed have a lot of people. Honestly I would be concerned if she was answering a lot lol. think about it.
Doug: I work with cal astrology and I bought a money spell from them, did anyone know if they are real? Also can anyone verify that Jan Windglow is real and legitimate because I am also working with her and I want to know if anyone has had results thank you
Clarissa Lawrence: Hey doug, I don't know about Jan windglow but I know IO have had a successful casting with caa before, they did a great job. But not very good on communciating back and forward with me really. Some casters are like that I have noticed, they don't really do communication but they do a good job on the spell. I know ... if you need some extra help there are some people who help for free on I recommend... DarkTiger is her name or...pretty much anyone in the mentor group is very good at replying and helping. I also recommend katspells, she is nice too.
Guest_2239: I dunno bout Jan windglow seems like a scam. but I did a love potion and had mixed lavendar with rosemary is this the correct combination?
Hmmm: Anybody use psychic celeste?
Guest_4367: @Hmmm Do not use her that slob is a ripoff. She uses western union and has you to load gift cards so you can give her the number via phone. Once she's done with you she ignores all calls and txt's. She is a disgusting thieving scammer. Her website is: and her so called accomplishments are pure lies. BEWARE: TAKE HEED. She has you send the western unions in other ppls name. That lady is truly a despicable douche bag!!!!!! SAY AWAY FROM HER!!!!!! TRUST ME SHE SAME ME OUT OF HUNDREDS.
Guest_6754: @Guest_8151 we don't tolerate that language or behavior here
Guest_6754: And I actually agree with the guest that answered you guest 8151, btw: Sasha has been nice to people that have been referred to her and doesn't take money til you are happy, so complaining about her work is like kicking a gift horse in the mouth. If you're going to have negative energy, take it somewhere else please. we promote positivity only here. Also, we don't promote sex change or gender change spells, sorry;
Guest_4575: Sasha has always been nice to me and I got results on a love spell after 3 days, I asked her for a money spell too but they only do love spells, shame.
Guest_1482: I got results at within about 31 days. she recasted for me though like the night before I got results Iguess I shoulda been patient lol I ordered a binding spell and a love spell, with a break up spell on my ex she was with a bad bad man.
Guest_3222: I hate the dr spammer who keeps saying he has a testimonial all over the web, obvious scam
Guest_9205: Which caster has good results with a money spell?
Guest_9205: Can anyone provide a spell caster that produces results for a money spell And a memory/intelligence spell?
Louise: Money and memory spells? I recommend calastrology for money spells for sure, not sure about memory though
Louise: I got scammed before by egyptian witchcraft spells and I now see many others have been scammed too by this crazy woman I'm not sending her any more money.
Guest_5797: If you want a good intelligence or memory spell anything like that check out Magick Spell Craft at i do not think they are a scam AT ALLLLL!!!!!
Sixshooters: I used Sapphire at sapphire spells and she was great fantastic caster always replies to me, very good and nice and great price I find it very affordable. This is my testiomnial that I promised. It did successfully work.
Guest_2599: hired sasha now, and she is starting a love spell for me will report later, but she is quick and she isn't charging me any money up front which is big time bonus
Guest_8304: Yes her spell worked for me within a week and I paid her fifty dollars because it's all I had. She did a fabulous job up front and only took the money after results like the ad said
Guest_3322: I got good results from Sasha too.......highly recommended
Guest_4078: How does this work
Guest_6603: Has anyone used the dream of me love spell before?
Guest_8703: Well I have tried my own love spell and never hire others to do them but i do know some of them must be legit that makes sense, i just like doing it myself. i used one of the love spells on this site any better ones?
Don: I used Dream of my love spell. I am waiting for results stil.
Guest_3082: didn't work for me dream of my love spell is a scam
Guest_3082: dream of me*
Guest_2350: Hired sapphire spells and got results myself after a few weeks, that's better than never and she stuck by my side the entire way.
just_me83: The doctor that keeps spamming the internet the "Doctor" that is, (Dr. Mataka, Dr. Onsoumi, Dr. Salvatore) and posting fake testimonials is a scam, 100% verified for sure, biggest scammer the market has to offer. don't pay him he is in nigeria. hire someone legitimate like Angelica Sanders
Guest_4545: yea he's a scam duh
Guest_4545: don't pay people by western union: golden rule for sure
Guest_8198: Anyone here?
Guest_3205: Yea, I am here i used Angelica Sanders actually and had really great luck with her
Guest_6516: i am using sapphire from sapphire spells and paid 495.00 for a love spell. I saw some results after a few days but we're still waiting for the full results its nly been 7 days so i'm really hopefull : )
Guest_7362: I just got my results after a couple weeks with Sapphire she is super nice and I paid about the same as guest 6516. I'm very satisfied. I had another spell cast by h er and saw results 2 days later she is very fast
Guest_1872: I'm happy with Sapphire, she did my love spell and we could not b e happier to gether. He is sweeter to me than he has ever been. I had a payment plan with her and rate her 10 out of 10 stars
Guest_3482: hired Sapphire for a triple casting and it was a good deal, I got personal attention and she handled my spell professional to the point I will recomend her to anyone else for a love spell, results in 6 days.
Guest_9812: Just reporting back like i promised hired Sasha Londons from about 14 days ago, give or take a day, i just donated 55.00 to her after seeing my results. not bad for how she operates doesn't charge money til you are happy with the results, good deal.
Guest_5748: I like sasha, donated hundred bucks a few weeks ago, her spell worked almost overnight for me actually. downside is, she only does love spells.
Guest_4989: Question on the meeting someone famous spell. Do I have to put the entire banana in? As in the peel and the edible part? Also can I use this on anyone other then celebirties?
Guest_1114: i put the whole banana in
Guest_4989: But I have to peel it open right? Also what about international celebirties? Say, Japanese celebirties
Guest_1114: YES, PEEL
Guest_1114: remove the banana from the peel
Guest_1114: BUT THEN use the peel too that what i did but the instructions doesn't say use the peel
Guest_4989: Ok it all clear to me now
Guest_1114: good luck if you have trouble there are people who can help them too
Guest_1114: like if you have trouble and you need help, you can hire someone like katspells or you can hire like
Guest_4989: Thank you!
Guest_1114: sasha however i dont know if she does that type of work exactly u shud do the banana peel spell good luck youre welcome
Guest_4989: I think it is better to cast it by myself but thanks for the advice
Guest_1114: I used banan peel spell more than once, it works great
Guest_4989: Wow how did it sent three times?
Guest_1114: don't have to use the peel part, can throw that away.
Guest_1114: I only see it once dont worry
Guest_4989: I think I know for sure now, it is using the edible part and throwing away the peel.
Guest_8229: just reporting backa bout my love spell cast by waited about a week and a half and saw full results, satisfied, will hire sasha again if possible for other things
Guest_7665: sasha worked for me
Guest_5158: I'm guest 4989 and i have more questions about the spell to meet someone famous.
Guest_5158: How do I make salt water? Do I just put in some salt into plain water and it is salt? If that is the case, how much salt/sea salt should I put in?
Guest_5158: Can I use the spell on two different people at once? If I met my desired target and befriended that person, can I destroy the spell and neutralize the energy of the spell and stay friends with the target of the spell?
Guest_5158: Last question: can a guy use this on a girl?
Guest_5158: also any stories on using this spell with success?
Guest_4926: @ 5158: You should cast it multiple times for multiple people. You can use this on a girl being a guy, yes. You can make salt water by mixing a few table spoons of salt into tap water, yes.
Fuyao: I'm guest 5158 and 4989, thank you for whoever answered my questions, now I can cast the spell with a clear mind
Guest_2607: I hired sag
Guest_2607: I hired Sasha. I hope it works. Lately I've been having trouble staying positive. Nothing in my life is going right.
Guest_5700: Sasha just finished a spell for me a couple weeks ago and it just now worked but that's not bad, I dont have money to pay her yet, which she said is okay and I plan to donate to her next month when I get paid.
Guest_9346: We promote positive thinking here guest 0215. Some people have delays with some casters; however, there are some that have been providing results nonstop for most people. If it is taking longer, it's probably because you have a tougher case
Guest_7803: How long does it take for these spells to work?
Guest_1301: hi
Guest_8315: it depends all spells are different, all spell casters are different, all people and targets are different, etc
Guest_0215: thank you 9346 ..yes i do have a tougher case. Thank you I'll keep it positive
Guest_7898: Just got results with sapphire, I had a tough case, took me a couple months, I read most people get results faster but it worked for me still and I had been through like 6 other spell casters sychics and covens and I had no success after thousands of dollars, I'm relieved to hve found someone real finally
Guest_9943: she was fast for me, was only a couple of weeks not much time at all but ur right, she was the only one that worked out of every1 i tried
Guest_2655: Does anyone know if this works if I didn't meditate with the picture?
Guest_9654: :P
Guest_9654: (!) (?) :-* :_( 8) O.O :S :O :| :D :P ;) :( :)
Guest_2655: really does anyone know
Guest_9446: hey guys check out my tumblr, if you want to see some things about magick you didnt know. click here: «link»
naynay: I wanna be so beautiful... P.s Kik me@luvvyoubestfriend :( ;) :P :-*
Guest_2420: Hired Angelica Sanders and did not have problems also hired ashra and did not have problems, both were able to get me results and worked well together. just reporting back, 34 days later, and got results, hired them on the same day
Guest_6428: Angelica Sanders work for me too I am happy with her spell
Guest_6428: or Angelica Sander however you say it
Guest_1226: Hello can I have a chat with you about this call me now soell
Guest_1226: Hello can I have a chat with you about call he now spell I don't know how to cast the circle which instructions in chapter 1
Guest_5461: There is a chapter (the first chapter that says get started) that teaches you this
Guest_6057: I don't think it gets any bter than having them do the work first, i think you guys are crazy for paying first. you should hire they only take money AFTER THE FACT AFTER THE RESULTS I MEAN THAT IS
Guest_2461: does have reasonable prices? Most of the spellcaster i talked to so far charge too much than i can afford.
Guest_2461: ok i contacted Sasha from the , and shes going to work for me with in a way i can afford it. Much better prices than any previous spellcaster ive contacted. Wish me luck.
Guest_2360: G :-* :-* :-*
Guest_2360: :( :( :P :P :| :O
Guest_9530: Can someone tell me how to cast the circle. I cant get to chapter 1. Thanks
Guest_6860: We focus on positive energy here. As for casting a circle, um let me try to find a better article....
Guest_6860: @ guest _0 btw... Ifyou are having trouble seeing delays in results with a caster, try complimenting their ritual with one on your own side
Guest_6860: doing a ritual on your own side will help make their work way more powerful
Guest_6860: Guest 9530 here is a better article for circle casting: «link»
Guest_6860: that article is free too
Guest_5000: Thanks guest 6860 I am just having certain doubts that's all because I been waiting for so long and the closest thing I got was feeling completely out of place since sapphire went extremely deep into my aura if you can tell me what ritual I can perform to speed up results please tell me
Guest_6860: there are many small things you can do, such as light 12 white candles and do something super relaxation meditation, or take a soaking bath, light some jasmine or some sage, and allow it to cleanse and surround out your aura this will help them get deeper
chet: I hired Sapphire and has results from one of the 2 spells i ordered, been waiting about a month or so for the second one. we are pretty excited to see reuslts thouh, my wife. i hired calastrology fro a money spell too as well on the side and this seem to help fast too
Guest_8279: sapphire is good caster. i hired sasha too now
Guest_8846: I had sasha londons with do me results really fast within a week, its legit
Guest_4903: Follow my wiccan blog if you are interested. or click «link»
Guest_1647: Cool blog i like ur pix.
Guest_1647: okay I'm going to hire Sasha too. sounds like the best plan for a love spell
Guest_1647: yea, she is starting now already for me, that was fast : ) not chaging me a dime ...said she take money AFTER THE RESULTS ARE DONE AND THAT IS AMAZING
Guest_9647: where? where is sasha
Guest_9647: ?
Guest_1108: yea thats right
Guest_7977: I decided to go with actually it has a similar offer to sasha, seems really nice lady.
Guest_9284: is a scammer
Guest_9284: «link» scam site
Guest_9284: ANCIENT-MAGICK.COM scammer
Guest_5747: yea powerful egyptian freaking scam artists and egyptian love spells and egyptian-witchcraft are all the same person
Guest_7381: I hired sapphire can i also hire sasha too then? or should i stick with one?
Guest_1138: both is fine
Guest_6341: Hey
Guest_6114: hi i hired jennifer with the site and i think i got scammed can anyone tell me i can not find if is scam me or not but i think i got scammed i send her money already what now
Guest_1792: @ guest 6114 I did too. Advice is to move on and hire someone real. Try
Guest_1988: Hi. Has anyone tried this spell?
Guest_1988: Hi, has anyone tried this free hex spell??
Guest_1988: Anyone there??
Guest_1988: :S
Guest_3026: Interestinh
Guest_4035: I'm looking for a shrinking or weight gain spell anyone know of any?
Guest_4418: Hex spells are bad they cause negative karma
Guest_4418: Weight gain spells ...there is one in this spell book
Guest_4418: I have a friend that did a muscle gain spell. maybe try for that
GueDonzella. _7534: Husband beef help
amir: amir
Guest_4754: helo
Guest_5415: if you have a problem with your husband, try a love spell and there are basic ones on this site that are free. most of the spells use organic things like fruits, and it really really works, but if you want something more serious, then i suggest Sapphire too sapphire spells is the best and fastest i have tried personally
Guest_7549: Hey all, I am new to this and going to try my first spell tonight! I'm wondering if the photo's need to be current or if an old photo would work the same way?
Guest_6167: Old photos work, new photos work too, doesn't matter as long as the target is still alive LOL
Guest_5895: does do weight lost spells or beauty spells?
Guest_6372: they will help with all issues, helped my sister with a weight loss spell and some beauty things.
isabelle: hi is anyone here?
Guest_1852: Hi
Guest_9765: heya
Guest_5272: Hi. Ok so I need help with a love spell asap. I am new to this. And my trouble is everything I've read I don't have ingredients for.
Mollie : Hello Candice are you online ?
Mollie : Hello anyone around
Guest_3507: hm. if you don't have money right now or can't find a way to get the ingredients, hire a professional. try sasha at uhhhhh
Guest_3507: is her site
Guest_3507: she will help you up front with out you paying and you get to donate wahtever you choose after you get results so its easy no ingredients needed
Guest_8936: How can I get a sex spell
Guest_8651: hi need spell to win bingo
Guest_8651: please help need money to won in the bingo game pls pls
Guest_1887: i suggest for bingo/money/lottery and I suggest Sapphire spells for sex related spells. I suggest the spell on this site for bingo
Guest_8900: Yes, sapphire spells is good for love spells too.
John : i did my own spell though and I asl o tried out realwiccaspells okay. so all of that is good too confirmed
Guest_8097: I vote for Sasha rom arelovespellsreal she did what she said she would
Guest_6687: Keep your negative comments about the spells on this site to yourself, they are here to help people and work for many people. If you have a problem with it, don't do the spell, it's that simple. they are free. So to come in here and complain about free spells, just makes you look like an ahole
Donnovan: I agree, I did one of the spells on this site and it worked for me for money, so to the nay sayers, I have verified PERSONAL evidence it worked.
Guest_5096: I just hired they did not take money from me yet, said I pay after results. So far so good. Now if I can get the results from it fast we're in business
Guest_2614: Sapphirespells is the best of all the recommended casters and I can say I got results within a matter of weeks
Guest_2614: is a scam and takes your money and continually lies to you. She obviously isn't casting or working for you Heather is a big time SCAMMER
Guest_1737: after reading all of these reiviews, sapphire seems the best. im going to have to go with her
Guest_5947: Sasha from got me a spell going for free. pay after results
Guest_8071: hello,
Guest_8071: I am looking for a spell to broaden my wifes sexual horizons.I want her her to freely explore her deepest sexual intimacies and feel comfortable to tell me what ignites her passions. I would like her to have intercourse with other men in front of me if that's what she would like. Our sex life has become boring and infrequent.
Guest_8071: Any suggestions from anyone to the above?
Guest_8071: hello,anyone out there?
Guest_8240: For anything sexual related I suggest sapphire spells she is the best at sex related castings for sure.
Guest_6546: Yea, sapphire is really good at what she does. Got me results in just a couple of weeks for a super hard situation
Guest_5236: Has this worked for anyone
Guest_6703: I cast one of the love spells on this site but it hasn't worked yet, so i have also hired sasha from which was free
Guest_7971: How do u close the circle
Guest_7971: :-*
Guest_5808: «link»
Guest_5808: thats how you close it
Guest_8627: I want to win casino
Guest_4285: if you are trying to do a casino spell, there is a good spell on this site, but it only has brought in a little bit of winnings for me. I used Sapphire for that, and sapphire spells and her group were so wonderful and able to get me the real wins i needed
Guest_4398: i went with sapphire and it was a 3 day situation for results for me
Guest_2224: Yea, she is fast, I got results within a couple of weeks time
Guest_6107: Anyone there
Guest_6107: I contacted Alexandra from ancient Egypt magick, paid her a whole bunch money, three months no seeing any result. Anyone knows if Sasha London is legit
Guest_3155: shoot is definitely a scam
Guest_3155: sasha though, I have gotten a spell from her a few days ago, still waiting for results but she seems nice and legit
Guest_2435: Did anyone get money back from egyptmagickspells?
Guest_2435: I contacted Sapphire but she never replied. Does that happen to anyone else?
Guest_3831: I suggest try again sometimes goes inside the spam folder
Kraig: instead of focusing on getting your money back if you've been scammed, I suggest looking forward. It's usually a pain and if you're dealing with a scam, it means you got scammed. try someone legit instead
Guest_7313: I bought from sapphire she worked for me. I also bought from calastrology but it wasn't as fast. I bought from katspells it was good, I bought from a person name ophelia, and it was very good. I remmend to you guys to try sapphire probbly ... she understand and worked with me only one I feel really replies to you from da heart
Guest_1790: CRAP
Guest_3302: Has Angelica sanders worked for anyone recently?
Guest_8338: I had results after a litle more than 30 days with Angelica Sanders
Guest_1473: Sapphire never replied to me after the initial email. I tried quite a few times but she just never did. Anyone had good result with Sasha?
Guest_8666: sapphire only works with you if it was meant to be, if she doesn't reply, its because she can't help you she say to my friend
Guest_8666: sapphire worked for me after a few weeks.
Guest_8666: love spell, on my ex husband
Guest_7226: Anyone got good result with Sasha Londons?
Guest_9233: I got some FAB results from her, better than any other spell caster, the problem is SHE ONLY DOES LOVE SPELLS (at least at the time I went to her she did) now i hear she is doing some other types of cases... if that is true I might rehire her. I have'nt needed anything else lately though
Guest_3602: Guest 9233, how long it took for you to get result from Sasha?
Guest_3602: May I also ask if the result you got from Sasha London is permanent?
Guest_2113: I am gues 9233 and it only take me 3.5 weeks for results from site that is sasha that I'm am talking about. It has been permanent so far, it was a little while ago
Guest_3777: Thanks guest 3233.
Guest_7412: yea i got results from too i got them within a month, and that is good because i hire over 10 other spell casters, maybe more in the past 5 years, no one can help me. for just a month with sasha is incredible
Guest_4611: Hi i just had a spell cast and i didnt get the cleansing because i didnt kno my card was a temporary one and the real one its coming for a few weeks dose this effect my case any (?)
Guest_4611: Can anyone give me some advice on what i can do instead of the cleansing (?)
Guest_3072: Sasha says cleansing is very important in order to start the casting process. I wonder how she even agreed to cast for you without the receipt of cleanse.
Guest_4611: I bought it i had a receipt for it and than it said my card wasnt working and i called the card number and thats what they told me
Guest_4611: It didn't go through because it is a temporary card but i got a receipt its because of the monthly payment thats why it didnt work
crystal: If the cleansing was not done for the spell sasha did, she states it will only work with the cleansing. I suggest you get the cleansing taken care of immediately and it will still likely work
crystal: I had the same problem, my card declined the spiritreport payment, and aftr i told them it was me, they said i have to retry payment, so i went and redid it, and sasha told me that it would be okay as long as i made sure the cleansing was done within a week from her working
crystal: also there is no substitute for the cleansing, if you don't get the cleansing done, it simply won't work. She requires a specific cleansing for a reason
Guest_4611: Ok thank you and how long dose it take to get to me (?)
Guest_2317: Alexandra from is scam. She scammed so many people tons of thousands dollars, wonder why no one shut off her site yet.
Guest_9486: So Angelica sanders does work? And Sasha londons works too?
Guest_5589: No, is definitely a scam, period.
Guest_5589: If you buy from you're joining hundreds of people who have been scammed
dirkland: Yea, i have tried merujhaspell too and saw SERO results. 0*. No results. just ask me to western union a bunch of money
dirkland: and no results
Guest_1367: Hey i just found this site searching for merujhaspells and this popped up i can't beleive i've been screwed and see other people got scammed too great. well
Guest_1367: how about angelica then, does she work okay? angelica sanders
Louis: Yes. Angelica sander works. Took me 1.5 months to get results on a gambling spell but the win was big.
Guest_1367: okay. I'm unhappy that I spent all my money on a bunch of scam sites i'm glad I found this site.
Guest_7443: angelica worked for me
Guest_2477: I heard Angelica sanders, genie whales, and sapphire were all scams
Guest_2080: Is very bed they live her dite open and God will punish because is not good to scam people they will pay one day all the money they collect to them self
Guest_9918: Sapphire is not a scam, she helped me get exactly what i wanted. Angelica sanders is also ok, the spell i got from her did eventually work but took longer than i wanted. Never heard of Genie Whales, so can't comment.
Guest_4156: sapphire is real, I got results from her within 8 days.
Guest_4156: Aisha haadi scammed me before I had hired sapphire though, for most of my money but I was able to afford Sapphire still who was able to help me and get me results within 2 weeks which Is Really good
Guest_4156: So from my perspective, I saw signs of her spell working in 8 days, and then full results within 14 days, hey, that is pretty good. I have tried 3 other casters before Aisha Haadi too, all scams. Sapphire was the only real one I had found
Guest_8993: Do it work :P
Guest_6592: Alexandra from is a scam bag. She scammed me badly. Ripped me off a thousand dollars with no result at all. Someone needs go shut off her site. Luckily I found Sasha, though still waiting for result to unfold, as it has not been two weeks yet, she seems honest and sincere, and not charging me until after seeing result.
Guest_5317: I used a love spell from this site and it worked actually thank you
Guest_5221: I'm waiting for results from Sasha
Guest_6636: I've used sasha if yu mean from that work with me use a gambling spell with her
Guest_7534: sapphire is good. she gets good results fast. highly recommend her
Guest_2486: Hi need a spell
Guest_9426: If you want a real love spell that is going to work, try it also has worked for me, but not for gambling, for love spells
Guest_1445: Oh yea, sasha is really nice and it worked fast for me too actually I did a lov espell with her
Guest_1491: It took 3 weeks for a spell to work for sasah with me and i think my situation was more complicated than most people probably
Guest_2626: I got results in 8 days with a money spell with Sasha, but I got results with her 31 days with a love spell.
Guest_8815: I have Sasha working on a spell for me right now. I'm so excited that other people had great results with her!
Guest_2882: sasha is from /
Guest_2882: ?
crissy: Yes, sasha is from it is real too, work for me within 11 days, didn't pay til after results
Guest_1595: Yea it worked for me with her too got results on a love spell with sasha after two weeks
Guest_6200: hello, I need some help. I will be with my bf 5 years this june. his past.. he lived faithfully with a gril for 13 years until she cheated on him and it had ended 5 years after we had meet. I had been married for 23 years and meet him in hte middle of my divorce. as I said we will be together 5 years. I would like nothing more to be engaged to this man. not wed for a while but just to be committed. he bends in this direction but does not take the step. he is loyal... I beleive that. can you help me have him make this step
Tenay: hey i think you should talk to Sasha, this seems to be her expertise. I bet she can help you with your situation. her website «link»
Guest_6765: Would that meeting someone famous spell really work?
Guest_5338: I tried sasha tho and that worked. i'm happy i found someone real lol it's a mess out there with the scams i got scammed by a ton of peple including these love expert anthony and vicky carson is the biggest scam of them all that and jean claude wanns love spells that a cam
Guest_5338: sasha is good no money paid til after results, dontn't get better than this
Guest_9978: i need a commitment from my partner. we have been together 5 years this june. we are committed but i need want to feel but feel like i am wasting my time staying but i honestly love hi and so i do. he is loyal and committed butt i need the cold feet to go away already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest_6168: Have any of you guys tried sapphire spells? Is she real or no?
Guest_3913: Yea, I just had her cast a sex spell for me, after she had gotten results from my love spell a few months ago the love spell was including a binding spell and made it permanent too, it was like done real good and she was a real good responder and was always making me feel really good in the casting spell process after results, I tried to donate to her more money but she said no thank you that she cannot take it, which is crazy but okay she works really good only a couple weeks for results
Guest_3053: sasha londons worked for me with a love spell in only 18 days not bad. was free til results showed
Guest_3053: «link»
Guest_1392: don't buy from‎ is a scam and psychic christopher golden is not real. He will not tell you the real future or do real Love spell, he will not do any work either. He doesn't even reply to me now
Guest_4590: Real spell worked and prevented my divorce from sapphire spells. Thank goodness
Guest_5793: How long did the spell take to work in other words when did you guys saw results? Was it little by little ?? I just purchase a spell from Sapphire and Sasha she told me to pay her when the spell is done.
Guest_2933: what is the link for sasha?
Guest_2857: i got results from sapphire spells in 13 weeks, not bad, my situation was really really bad
kastle: «link»
kastle: that is sasha
Guest_1937: yea she is good sasha worked for me fast
Guest_2815: DR.ZAZATEMPLE is a scam, do not buy from the spammer
Guest_2815: Sapphire worked for me in 18 days for a break up spell to get rid of this guy meddling with my wife
Guest_4391: Thank god I found this site. I hired Sapphire and feel much better about things I mean crap after spending all the money I did with Isiah and Aisha I am so upset about that but finally happy that I found someone real
Guest_8132: Hired sasha, chose to hire sasha after r eading all this, from will report back
Guest_5733: Yea seems like sasha works fastest hired many casters in past for love spell but sasha only one successful
Guest_6112: I worked with sasha londons from «link» and she able to fix it for me. Got my ex back who swore never to talk to me again and had blocked me on facebook. She got him back for me in 11 days
Guest_4264: Used aisha haadi and got burned I think, lost a lot of money. Goin to try one of the people you guys recomend thanks
Guest_4771: sasha never responded back to me?
Guest_2415: Check your junk aka spam email sometimes it's there if not you have email her again.
Guest_2415: To who ever used Sapphire. Does she really keep you update on the spell? And what Sasha does she keep you up to date also or how does Sasha work??
Guest_2415: @guest_4771 email Sasha again
Guest_1348: i msged earlier yes, sapphire really works, I did a good spell with her, waited a month and god results : ) I highly suggest sapphire spells
Guest_1348: Sapphire updated me on the work, yes, it is very good service, i'm very happy with her : )
Jackob: I am scammed by «link» is complete bs and totally took my hard earn money and I wish I would have spent it now like everyone is saying here wisely on sapphire is it right from sapphirespells .com for her? I am going to try her tonight. This is the last time I am trying and only because you all say she works so fast.
Charmaine: Yes she is sapphirespells .com
Guest_1542: I got results from sapphire, took a couple months, but I would say my sitruation was absolute ly extreme. I hadn't seen my husband in 7 years and he cam eout of no where after 2 months and 3 days with sapphire. I had hired doznes of others before I hired her, so I am glad I found someone real now, Sapphire did work for me too. Happy with her
Guest_1890: I just hired sasha going to see waht she does for me
Guest_3607: londa marks anyone used londa marks?
Guest_3607: or calastrology?
Guest_naeandtous: Does Sasha work as a caster? I want my boyfriend of 12 years to come back to me.
Guest_7064: yea she is at
Guest_3880: I'm happy with sasha no need to hire anyone else and I paid after results that's real good
Guest_7722: out of the thousands of spell casters I have talked to and are out there, sapphire is the only one I have personally got a good feeling from. Her work was absolutely top notch. Got the best casting she had, triple casted it and I had results within 30 days. If anyone really needs real help on love spell I am suggesting sapphire spells for sure
Guest_7722: ok forget calastrology that place desn't reply to my emails by the way. someone mentioned them.
Guest_8880: yea sasha is good. got results after 16 days to report back i msged earlier but it was days ago ummmmmm things to know. She doesn't ask you to pay her until after you get results that is very very true and she has told me when she started my work and also when she finished it, and told me what 2 expect. I am happy to say she's the real deal
Guest_8880: ohp almost forgot, is her website
Guest_6905: sasha londons worked for me. is where I signed up for her help.
Guest_6905: 19 days for results
Guest_6905: anti-divorce spell, breka up my husband and his mistress b*tch and get him back to me is what I ordeered. Darlene was very n ice and help ed talk to me while my spell was going
Guest_5022: Does the spell on bringing an ex boyfriend really work with Sasha? And does Sapphire keep up to date with the progress of the spell a person orders???
Guest_9437: Yea sapphire keeps up with people and does a good job of making sure you know how it's going for you in the process I like
Guest_9437: I like her a lot and think she knows what she is doing
Diane: Sasha is great because you don't pay her until after you are actually happy thats what she's the best.
Guest_5851: yea hire sasha at and you'll get your ex back if that's what you want, and it happens fast, and you don't have to pay her until you get results its good deal man
Guest_5099: I had good success with sasha for a money spell, even though her specialty is love spells it is the same one from
Guest_5099: I had no success hiring Emilia from she is defantely scammer and one of the bad ones, told me all sorts of things convinced me that she was legit by telling me things that I later found out she didn't know but In my first msg I told her everything and then she used that and pretended she learned it in a reading, she is a liar and a cheat and scam me.
Guest_4880: I am so happy after I just realized he is never leaving me again CRAP THIS IS AMAZING IF I KNEW THIS EXISTED I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS YEARS AGO. WE FOUGHT ALL THE TIME BUT NOT ANYMORE. NOW WE ARE HAPPY FOR REAL AND I HAVE THE ROCK ON MY FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest_1421: I got a love spell from Katspells and that worked and I got a money spell from sasha that worked fast I hired sasha for another spell I liked her a lot
Guest_5116: I got results in three weeks from sapphire spells. That was good service and she rely care about me like she claim. I know this because she always updated me and respond to me
Guest_6971: Hello
Guest_1442: Hi
Guest_1442: :)
Guest_3558: I got results from sasha for a lust spell : D
Guest_2148: i havefaith
Guest_8520: freakin happy wish Sasha talk about working spells this spell for me love life cleared up my problem within a week that's really fast. I donated 200 dollars, tried to give her more than I though most people would. She said anythin works and that's cool its like exactly what I expected, I expcted not to pay her til results based on what I read and that's what happened.
Guest_3650: Still waiting on my results been 2 days so far
Guest_3650: :D
Guest_3650: Anyone else has positive fast results?
Guest_7311: i seen result from sasha london and it was about 10-11 days or so before i seen them
Guest_7311: I'm talking about
Guest_7311: bot a love spell
Guest_7311: bout*
Guest_7311: bought*
Guest_4223: I just want my ex back and hopefully Sasha spell works like fast!
Guest_7974: You can use more than one spell caster yes but now you should wait, relax and be patient
Guest_7974: You did what you had to and now just need to wait it out. Everyone seems to get great results from either of them so you are in great company
Guest_8870: Sasha cast 2 spells for me: return my lover and money spell. It's been less than a week but will update you when I see results. I know they're coming!!!
Guest_6580: just had results for a love spell from sasha londons i think that is who everyone is talking about. took 15 days. Was the hardest thing I could ever imagine going through until I found her, she is the light I needed
Guest_6549: Sapphire spells is good too I like her she got me results, took a couple months (had a pretty tough case) but it was worth it to work with her. I got scammed by psychic amanda if you guys have heard of her asked me for 600 dollars for a love spell didn't work and she never replied to me again. scammer. Sapphire is good though, I also am a fan of calastrology like some people mention i bought a vodoo doll from them.
Guest_9035: oh yea, sasha is really good she worked for me too. V. happy got a spell to get my ex boyfriend back who was with another girl MY FREAKING BEST FREND IF YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT JUNK now she is sorry but ef that. if she did it once to me, they'd do it again probably. Now that I have him back I will never risk it. Sasha is the best!
Guest_2154: 21 days results with sasha londons
Guest_7364: 6 days love spell incubated and my husband stopped seeing her and came home
Guest_7364: got it from a site called «link»
Guest_7939: I got a love spell from Sasha (free at first until I seen success with my situation which was I needed my ex to come back to me and fast) I have not been able to donate yet even though the results have come, I will donate soon though, She is worth every peny I will give her.
Guest_1415: When you talk about your case being difficult or tough, what do you mean?
Guest_7939: I was pretty sure it was not goin to hapn but it did ex was so mad, I had cheated stupidely and all sorts of things I am now looking for someone for a money spell
gregg: Yea, I'm impressed I got results from Sasha well I almost started seeing it overnight
Guest_8550: With those of you who got a love spell from Sash to return an ex, did you get exactly what you requested? I told her exactly what I wanted to see happen and she's confident that my results will happen that way, quickly. So jazzed!
gregg: yea she is really fast i'm sure anyone with sasha will be very happy
Guest_5803: used sasha londons got results in 17 days with a really complicated binding spell and break up spell fast to reply, and i only had to pay her after results, donated 60 dollars
Guest_6111: sasha got me results after 15 days, and I have to say it doesnt' get any harder than my case
Guest_6792: Well I hired sasha last week actually after having talked about hiring her she told me she could get me fast results, I asked her how much she charges, she said I could pay whatever I felt comfortable paying
Guest_6792: I am hoping I get results in a matter of days like everyone else here
Guest_7592: I got my love spell from Sapphire spells and that worked out really well before I hired her I had hired which was a scam this iamzandra did not work and neither did both scamm
Guest_4317: yea zandra = scam, just like londa marks and yea, freakin aisha haadi
Guest_6870: yea I got what I wanted from Sasha guest 8550. She got me a lot really it was crazy how fast things changed almost all at once for me within 2 weeks I had my situation back together, husband left the other girl who was half our age...and he spill his heart out to me, telling me things like he wanted to reconnect, and make they used to be...exclaimed his true love for me, I am very happy with sasha
Guest_2725: Jean Claude wann is a scam unfortunately
Guest_2725: That sucks
Guest_2725: Guess I'll try sasha like most people here who got fast results seems like it's from sasha Londons
Guest_1306: yea u shud she is really good :)


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