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Charisma and popularity spell

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The “charisma and popularity” spell will improve the way others perceive you. You will become someone everyone wants to be friends with. You will become someone everyone wants to hang out with. You will have so much charisma, everyone will want you around!

Ingredients List: [1] Apple [4] Strawberries

[4] Cherries [1 head] Cabbage [4 cups] Salt water [4 cups] Chili pepper powder OR [4 cups] Ginseng powder [1] Glass baking dish capable of holding all ingredients

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Place the apple and strawberries into the container.

Step #3: Meditate for 5 minutes and imagine the charisma coming to your target (or yourself). Imagine the target gaining and growing in popularity and charisma.

Step #4: Place the cherries into the container.

Step #5: Pour the salt water over the ingredients in the container.

Step #6: State the following words three times: “WITH THESE INGREDIENTS I SEE, A NEW SIDE OF ME” (if you are the target, otherwise, replace the word ME with the target’s name).

Step #7: Dump the powder onto the mixture.

Step #8: Meditate for 2 minutes, and imagine the popularity running as wild as you desire.

Step #9: Close the circle (directions found in chapter one of this book).

Step #10: Dispose of the ingredients.

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Live Magick Chat!

Guest_9133: Yea sasha works for sure, worked for me and worked for my friend, worked for like 50 million other people here
Rudy: =) I personaly got results from that is sasha official website, she got results for me in only 5 days. That is the type of results I want, realy fast results. nothing long and dumb waiting forever. want results now.
Rudy: the thing about a good love spell is after you had it done, it never need to be done again. I suggest sasha for anyone who need real help.
Dud: Hello
Dud: Does anyone know is Sasha deals with white or black magic or other?
Rudy: definitely white magick, I had asked her this before I asked her to do a spell for me.
PrankyButSaintly: Hi everybuddy. My friend told me about this chat. She said people on here were reccomending Sasha. I just discovered her today so I came here for a little encouragement
Guest_7570: welcome YEa Sasha is good caster : ) you'll like her results
Guest_4184: does anyone knows what does It mean blank lottery ticket if you play a scratch ticket?
Guest_4706: what do you mean blank? idk. I hired Sapphire for a money spell she does good money spell
Guest_1020: Where can i find sasha website how can I contact her?
Guest_3911: Glad I listened to everyone here. I feel a lot better. hired sasha 3 days ago. I am starting to hear from my ex already. That was fast. not yet at full results, but I'm pretty sure I'm starting to see things now!
Guest_6426: Hello everybody. I glad for everybody who got the results with Sasha. I hired her before 6 days, I still wait my results. I hope I will get it, because before 6 months I tried many spell casters, but zero results.
Guest_7608: She work for me within two weeks:)
Guest_4425: omg it worked. Sasha worked. I hired nine other spell casters and 3 psychics, 2 energy workers and 1 supposed "voodoo master" and NOTHING WORKED until I hired Sasha. You can get to her at don't get scammed, hire the best first. she dont even take money from you until after you get results and you get to choose what you donate. she has helped my friend who only could donate a few dollars afterwards, it is a spell caster that finally is not bout money but really want to help you. Sasha is the best and I will scream her success from the highest mountain tops just like I promised!
Guest_9181: I also got really really good results from Sasha Londons. I highly recommend her. Most importantly: her spell was really fast. Manifested in 4 days, a really complex love spell trying to fix things between me and my partner before it is too late. 4 days was fast. at first I was like "everyone is telling me to wait 30 days, 1 year, etc." then I found sasha and was like "Ok, now 2 weeks? I can do 2 weeks. I can wait 2 weeks" but then I didn't even wait 2 weeks lol, getting results 4 days later is probably the last thing I expected but she is legit and I am happy I found someone real.
Guest_1936: reporting back, I had got a spell from sasha 3 days ago and just got results. he's back home and it looks like he's here to stay! so it worked!
lilly: @ guest_1936 Where can I find sasha?
Guest_9173: @ lilly you can find her at
Guest_1991: Got scammed by took me for several hundred dollars. She also owns I think psychic josephine website. fake for sure. most of them are fake.
Guest_1991: so you guys are saying is legit? I guess I will give a shot, after trying several others what do I have to lose.
Guest_9173: you'll get results with sasha lilly, and guest_1991. hopefully she has time to take all the cases of people who need the help, so many people seem to need real help and so few real help exists O.O I can say to you all myself, it took 13 days to get results from sasha. I think I had an average case, she says average spell incubation (time 2 results) is 14 days. I am very happy though. She is the only real one in my book so far!
Guest_9230: 9 days for me to see results from she is now working on a money spell for me :P
lilly: Sweet. I'm going to hire her next week after this other lady finishes this spell. thanks.
Guest_6620: Returning back to tell about my experience. I got love spell started monday n ight from sasha at and I am now seeing results right now, right this momen.t He is in the bathroom as I type this. He has come back from 2 states away to tell me how much he loves me, and started crying so much he had to excuse himself to the toilet to clean up. EEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest_4120: got my results from sasha today too - waited 8 days total. : ) NOT BAD NOT BAD!!
Guest_4120: thanks 2 every1 who was there for me in the meantime! was a hard journey!
Guest_5815: Hi. Sasha is working a spell for me. It should have been performed last night from what the email said but I have no response yet as to the competion of it like the email said. Should I wait or email her to see?
Guest_4980: lul it takes time to do a spell she's probably casting it. Chill
Guest_4980: she is very busy as I can see so many people hire her. it's a downside, but as far as I can see, she's the only spell caster that actually gets real results, so if she takes a day to reply to you, that's a very small problem since you'll probably get results within a few days lol
Guest_6317: I hired Sasha!
Guest_7745: I'm in my third day after Sasha casted a love spell for me and I can't wait to see results!
Klyde: You are in the best hands she is so fast lol. She is going to get results so fast for you 7745!
Guest_2949: I've been scammed so many times but this time it feels real! How long did it take u to see results klyde?
Klyde: Omg if you hired sasha tho you made a great choice. I got my result from her within the 17th day. Which I think is really fast. I was working for over SEVEN YEARS to get the results that I got within only 17 days of working with Sasha.
Klyde: From 7 years to 17 days is a damn godsend. bless her soul
Guest_3156jembush: Hi I was working with Sasha,yesterday,should I wait for her confirmation message?
Guest_9304: : ) Yea Just wait, I got results from her in a week. took her a quick minute (like a day) to do the spell tho that's normal
Guest_7183: Reporting back about my results, I had a break up spell and a binding love spell cast by sasha from and I am now seeing results, it is day 6. So very happy about that. Guess she really is real. Thanks guys
Guest_4175: Jaimata Durga and goddess of truth and light is a scam. do not pay western union to this scammer
Cluties : ): I cannot freakin believe that this actually worked. yall were right!! Sasha is the BEST AND SHE WAS THE FASTEST! CLOCKING IN HER RESULTS WITH ME IN EXACTLY 5 DAYS AND FOUR HOURS!!! AMAZING! WOULD RECOMMEND AGAIN! WOULD USE AGAIN! A+ SERVICE!
Guest_4175: Cluties what is her name who is it that worked where is she?
Cluties :): She is sasha and you can get to her on website ummmm...let me copy and paste it.
Cluties :): «link»
Cluties :): it is
Cluties :): she is really very good and you will be happy so fast with her and the best part with her is you don't even pay her until after you get reuslts
Guest_3230: wow you guys were right. Cluties, i also got results today, after 17 days. : ) not bad at all. Sasha does good work
Guest_2189: Yea, Sash is the best there is, got me what I thunked was gunna be impossible results in 9 days.
Cluties :): It's exciting. She's working on something else for me, it's only been 2 days, but I'm excited as I had seen results from the other spell in a little over 5 days. I'm sure this one will work too
Cluties :): Yes, she is fast. I used a lot of scammers before her, so I was glad to have found this site, Sasha was the best thing I did ever.
Guest_9187: hi hevery1
Guest_9187: I had a spell done by sasha from if that is who you are talking about, 2 months ago and was seeing results after a week, so that is all right about what you guys are seeing. And Cluties is right, no one else is that fast and everyone else is a scammer it seems.
Guest_3141: hello
Guest_3141: Got scammed by out of a lot of money, so I'm grateful to have found a legit caster, I will try sasha for this. thanks.
Guest_4020: Xara spells is a scam. Angela spells is a scam.
Guest_4020: Trying sasha. Wish me luck
darius: you wont need it, sasha is really good and always works for me within a week or less
Guest_3035: so sasha is a real caster? I will contact her thank you. is her site ?
darius : yes that is right.
Guest_8598: Is this real? (?)
Guest_3634: Yes. I hired sasha last week and just got results. Yes lol this is real.
Guest_3634: She was able to stop my divorce before the hearing which is no longer today!
Guest_2658: Reporting back too, got sasha's spell for love and to get her to help her to see that I am her soul mate, and it worked. Total time I waited: 12 days. right along the rest of you. thank you
Guest_3585: Great. I'm going to see if she can get me in the schedule tomorrow
Chris: I got results yesterday for my love spell, I had also hired Sasha like you guys.
Chris: Oh I almost forgot, took only 11 days. :D That's faster than the 2 week average she has got!
Julia: I could not believe myself how fast people were getting results with sasha so I decided to just try it mysefl and I got the basic love spell nothing special from and let me tell you one thing I know for sure more than anything else and that is if you are hurting inside, sasha is a real answwer to your problem. I have been through a lot of the other peple too, just like a lot of you have said yourselves you hired others and just no one stacks up. not to mention not a single other spell caster or psychic has got me any results that I can measure at all in any way shape or form. sasha brough results that were very clear and very obvious. His entire behavior changed, he started paying attention to me and started taking me out to eat and wine and dining me again. he started telling me how much he loved me, and used to never be an expressive person but now he is so expressive. I promised sasha that I would write a testimonial for her if she got me results. I hired her On March 27th and I got results on Feb 1st. I was in yoga and he brought me 2 dozen roses and declared how much he loved me and how sorry he was in front of everyone in the class. it was so romantic. she is very real and if you are looking for someone who is not goin to pull your leg or take your money, you should take it from me and let sasha help you.
Guest_1305: Yes, i agree, I had used her a couple months back, she was really fast, I didn't exactly count the time like you guys, but it was probably around two weeks.
Guest_1305: That's good, I had used so many others, again like most of the Peeps here are saying, I went through londa marks started with her in the beginning years back in the golden days. and I had gotten spells. none of it worked.
Guest_1305: But I did have results with sasha that were really good
Guest_2266: I got results with Sasha. 30 days.
Guest_3723: I was on board with sasha when I seen all these reviews of her, so here I am 11 days later and I seen results too. =)
Guest_2999: Somebody knows spellcasters, where possible to pay after results?
Guest_6916: I promised to not do anything to a neighbor by my own personal worth word or deed. This person blames me for the cops coming to their house after they decided to choke someone almost to death. Didn't occur that the person being choked may have called. Have been blamed for stuff in their house while they and others were voting drunk and high. Didn't occur I wasn't in their home. Been accused of many things and tired of the negative effect the flat out hatred the fact they try to sic their dogs (yes multiple) on me and then tell me in allowed to do nothing but let them attack me. My sibling doesn't want involved and I'm at the end of my tether. If I do a spell of my own creation or I intervene in anyway I'm asking for another avenue. Yes my sibling knows exactly what's happening. In drained im feed up and I think it's time to call all this to a halt after five months. I refuse to let my kids see me not respond to these things but by sibling doesn't have to know I took an indirect route.. Im trusting all of you that post and swear this works. I need to do something. Please let this be right. ... I state intent to protect my family because the neighbor resents my moving in with my sibling to care for them in a time of great illness that could cause death. The neighbor sees me as wrongfully removing my sibling from their care as they have to be needed. In that narcissist view they are the only one that could do the caring and my sibling should rely on them because that is how they get their worth in life by accreting up their own and teetering the balance with others. This is not my making nor my part created on thus path of my own choosing.
Guest_6916: Apologies for the typos I'm not sleeping nights thanks to outside forces
Guest_5103: sasha londons from is the only caster that I know of online that actually works first, gets results and lets you pay a donation after you are happy
Guest_4358: well everyone was right after all. got my results today ... i was freaking out thinking it wadnt goin work for me but it did with sasha after 16 days. :-*
Guest_5725: I'm happy for everyone seeing results from Sasha. I hope I get to experience her getting me results.
Guest_2411: Oh you'll get the results you are looking for, I hired so many other people before I got to sasha. She is seriously the only real one so far I have actually witnessed first hand. That's saying alot. I cannot even begin to tell you how many others I have tried.
Guest_2411:, I tried her, didn't work.
Guest_2411: i did that, did't work
Guest_2411: Id id some stuff myself didn't work
Guest_2411: went to someone local didn't work
Guest_2411: was a scam
Guest_2411: bigger scam
Guest_2411: but then you all were getting results from sasha in like 3 and 6 days and stuff, and then she said her success rate was very good and that the average time for results was under 2 weeks. I think that warrants one more effort, so I tried her, got results in 7 days exactly. That's half the average time.
Guest_2411: So screw the rest of them, if you want a real love spell, try her. she'll fix your situation like she fixed mine and everyone elses. I'm just sick of seeing people come here who have been scammed, it hurts and really hits home because that was me
luke: where is sasha so i can hire her?
Guest_2411: is sasha's site
Guest_6802: well I can say out of everyone i tried, sasha is actually the only one that worked so i'd have to agree with you lol i got results with her in 4 days, which is a major change after waiting months with others who scammed me
Guest_2140: I'm pretty freaking hapy i listend to every1 here or i'd still be wasting my money. the best part bout having chosen sasha is that I didn't have to pay her until i saw results.
Guest_2140: I didn't even have money when i saw results, because she said average manifestation time was going to be 2 weeks, so i was thinking i had time to get to my next paycheck but I am grateful that she also understood that even tho I got the results I asked for in only a few days, and I donated 40 dollars american money to her when I got my next paycheck
Guest_4287: turns out «link» is a scam oops is a scam I think these people own the sites that they promote maybe?
Guest_4287: I'll try sasha thanks for the recommendation
Guest_8399: Well I need to try something my situation is nuts ad I'm a walking charity case, does Sasha spell work before I have to pay?
Guest_7929: yea
Guest_7929: she will work for u before u pay her and u choose ur donation when ur happy
Guest_8774: I like sasha. Only spell caster who got me results
Guest_2217: I tried many spell caster and my savings all gone and at the end no result..I don't mind to try Sasha but does she really will take money after result??I don't mind to try her and pay her after result bcs I don't want to get scamed again..pls advice
Guest_5764: yuppers it is true, she only take smoney after results. In fact, I tried to give her money a few days into the spell and she refused it saying I had to first see full results. It's true for sure.
Guest_4592: is this that you guys are all talking about?
Guest_5922: can anyone cast a weight gain spell on me
Guest_5922: weight gain
Guest_5922: :)
Guest_5922: any tips
Guest_9384: Sasha can do weight gain. «link»
Guest_6447: has anyone tried the famous spell and seen any results?
Guest_7518: I just checking back in, It's been 9 days and I OFFICIALLY GOT MY RESULTS WITH SASHA FROM ARELOVESPELLSREAL.COM she is definmitely as real as it gets
Guest_7518: that was way faster than i ever though
Guest_7518: thought was possible
Guest_1574: I'm so excited ,I just signed up for Sasha's help and anticipating being on her schedule .
Guest_8991: Reporting back too was here about a little over a week ago and decided to hire sasha. She got me results today we are back together so thank you sasha!
Guest_7333: scam me, lost 60.00
Guest_1909: Got good results I could see from n sasha after eight days
Guest_1909: He's never been this caring about me before
Guest_1811: I was scam by and now he won't pick up the fone for me anymore. It's irritating because I paid him over 1000 dollars in western union, and now he wont answer me
Guest_1811: ok i will try sasha thank you.
Guest_1811: where is sasha at pls someone reply fast?
Guest_1811: nvm I have found her at the link
Guest_9870: yea you'll be happy with sasha, that is her link, it's «link» she helped most people I see here in less than a week, some cases go to like right under 2 weeks, but looks like most people get their hubbies back fast =) I can attest that she is real myself and have used her for 3 spells total, all manifested within 2 weeks. usually close to 1 week.
Guest_9870: she is simply the best spell caster for love for sure
Guest_9870: and the best part is she won't take any money from you until after you get results. That's the best part with her.
Guest_8014: I was scam speel really work ,her name is alexandra egypcy she is bigger scam.
Guest_1644: yeaaa....alexandra egypcy is a scam
Guest_7287: Yes she is a bigger scam i spend my time and money i never i got result,now i send a message to saha i hope she help me i be very happy to give a good donation if a get result.i be scam 3 time no fear people play with people feelings make esasy money when people is hurt.
Guest_3365: Hi everyone. I wait results from Sasha. I will upade
Guest_5346: DANG I didn't believe it til i seen it myself with my own eyes. is real and actually does work A+ service, fast response, didn't take my money til i was happy and worked FAST we are talking within 4 days my gf was breaking up with him and told me this would never happen again.
Guest_3153: After a year of silence and multiple scammers taking my money I am seeing results from Sasha. My ex boyfriend text me last night that he misses me. I haven't heard from him in a year and now I hear from him. I am amazed and so grateful to Sasha. In less than a month Sasha brought me words from him. She truly is the master of her craft. I hope to see full results but am so glad to have heard from my ex boyfriend. I look forward to him asking me to get back together. It's the day I've been dreaming of for so long. Thank you Sasha!
Guest_7796: hey everyone i posted yesterday saying i'd uddate after i got results - I have results already lol. Sasha is amazingly fast --- This was the fastest yet, I was expecting to have to wait a little longer at least a week, but 24 hour results is fine with me LOL
Guest_7015: reporting some scams and who works.
Guest_7015: scam aisha haadi did nothing for me but drain my bank account and blame it on me.
Guest_7015: is a big spell scam network, this MAN owns a lot of sites and claims to be a lot of different psychics. scam for sure took my money too
Guest_7015: is a scam, scarlett won't reply to you after taking your money.
Guest_7015: is a scam is a scam
Guest_7015: scammed me out of 80.00 did nothing for me.
Guest_7015: took a lot of money from me for spiritual help and were talking this time probably 200-300 dollars over a few months, no results
Guest_7015: had minor results with
Guest_7015: had minor results with
Guest_7015: might be real but I'm not convinced yet
Guest_7015: is legit Sasha londons is the only one to get me love spell results (got results in 12 days and im happy with her)
Guest_1339: i'm reporting back too - got results with sasha also after 6 days. Nice lady, great spells that really work. I wasted a lot of money elsewhere like everyone else before i hired sasha. glad I found someone real
Guest_8108: Most online spell casters are fake. You are better off spending all that money you pay those fake casters on spell kits or other occult supplies and cast the spells yourself. That way you will know that work was actually done even if it does not work. If you decide to pay someone to do work for you online, your best bet is getting one of those $5 spell casters off fiverr or having a hoodoo candle set for you on a site like luckymojo. Those are not guaranteed to work but at least you won't be out of hunfreds and thousands of dollars.
Guest_6723: Hi...everyone. I've hired Sasha. I'm very desperate to get my man back. I will update you with my results. She is my last resort
Guest_5981: @ Guest_8108 or you can do what i did, and you can hire Sasha, who dont take money from you until you get results lol
Guest_8967: I am so freaking happy i went with Sasha she got me results in 3 days, it was basically as fast as everyone here, but faster. I had done a lot of other spells myself and hired many people like you guys, incluing a lot of the ones you guys mention. I'm glad I took the advice. I have her now working on a money spell too ^^
Guest_8353: Yea i agree 8967, if i had not hired her my life would be significantly worse i'm sure. My bank account was being drained by dozens of different so called psychics, none of them could help
Guest_8353: when did you get results 8967?
Guest_8353: Oh nevermind, i see you said 3 days. lol that is way fast. I got results in 14 days from sasha, which is RIGHT ON THE AVERAGE, she said 2 weeks or less is when most people see results. i'm glad it wasn't longer, but I have not seen really anyone here who waited long at all, that is the hole reason I got her to do the spell LOL
Jeanine: Well I see sasha is still doing really good. I got her for a love spell to stop my divorce a month ago and got results basically overnight. I'm glad to see others are getting help they need too
Guest_8967: Yeppers. She's great. I am excited to see the money spell manifest as quickly as the love spell. I couldn't get her to do both at the same time, she asked me to wait for the first to be done, which m akes sense though, i'm not complaining. Heck, it only took a few days the first time, so I'm expceting this one to work fast too ^^
Jeanine: =) yea. I'm sure she's got your back
Guest_3911: What is her website?
Jeanine: «link»
Jeanine: is sasha
Guest_3905: Just coming back like i promised, I hired sasha 14 days ago and just got my results : ) Happy with the service and would give her 10/10 stars. I recommend sasha for love problems for sure. we'll see about other things next.
Guest_6251: is a scam, it is not a powerful love spell like they claim. I wasted LOTS of money there. also wasted my hard earned money on That guy kept telling me to just keep western unioning all my money to him every day it was something new. I wound up paying over 1700 dollars to voodoo spells master and over 400 dollars to
Guest_6251: seems like you guys found someone who works with sasha though, I will trust one more time I guess because of how many people who are reporting back with successful results.
Guest_1955: Yes, if you hire sasha, you will get results too. I am one of the people who posted a few days ago, I got results in 6 days with her with one spell and 11 days on another spell. That's gr8 after I too hav etried so many other casters and scams, i'm happy to have found some1 real too. Go with sasha, you won't regret it!!!!
Guest_2040: just updating. turns out doesn't work and (aisha haadi) doesn't work.
Guest_2040: also scammed me.
Guest_2040: I am going to try, since most of you seem to get results with that.
Guest_2040: Okay, i just reread all msgs from this entire chat and it looks like THE ONLY one that gets results is sasha damn. good thing I got onto her schedule today : )))
Guest_6725: Just reporting two SCAMMERS .... and both are TOTAL SCAM ARTISTS
Guest_6725: this is a BS psychic do not call you will just waste money she knows NOTHING!! (702)945-1772
Guest_6725: the other scammers number is (305) 345-3033
Guest_6725: both are scams
Guest_6725: I will try sasha, thank you.
Guest_7145: hey guys, I am glad you're all getting results. : ) I got results from sasha a while back, month or so ago. She's the best. I haven't needed any other spells since then but if i did i'd go to her for sure.
Guest_1933: well, I hired aisha haadi and now I feel stupid as hell after reading all of this. she is clearly a scam. i found other negative reports on her as well. I will also try sasha maybe I will contact her tomorrow.
Guest_7401: I used sasha six days ago and I'm seeing results right now actually. glad I hired her when I did. things were going downhill quickly lol
Guest_7401: Don't worry 1933, we were all there at one time or another. You're making the right move now. like you see, she does great work and always gets the fastest results
Guest_1933: Thanks : ) Im going to get her help tomorrow.
Guest_3942: Sasha is good, hire her, she is at «link» I went through a lot of people before I found her, take it from me before you get scammed hiring 50 thousand other people. Sasha is the only one that will get the results. and she gets them fast too, which is what was most important to me, i needed to END THEIR RELATIONSHIP RIGHT AWAY AND BRING HIM BACK HOME IMMEDIATELY ...we have a son together, a small son and he is innocent in all of this but he needs his dad. Sasha was the only spell caster that didn't take my money and run with it, she got the results she promised and saved our family. I'm doing my part as promised now. I promised a testimonial and here it is.
Guest_6135: Yea, I am reportin back too got results from a binding spell and love spell with a break up spell from sasha her full name is sasha londons and she is at are love spellsreal .com
Guest_6135: sorry it is i am happy to find her htank you everyonje who help me along the way
Guest_2824: I also just got results with sasha, was waiting little over a week. =) Super happy right now, he is NICER than he has ever been and he even brought me home flowers today.


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)