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Charisma and popularity spell

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The “charisma and popularity” spell will improve the way others perceive you. You will become someone everyone wants to be friends with. You will become someone everyone wants to hang out with. You will have so much charisma, everyone will want you around!

Ingredients List: [1] Apple [4] Strawberries

[4] Cherries [1 head] Cabbage [4 cups] Salt water [4 cups] Chili pepper powder OR [4 cups] Ginseng powder [1] Glass baking dish capable of holding all ingredients

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Place the apple and strawberries into the container.

Step #3: Meditate for 5 minutes and imagine the charisma coming to your target (or yourself). Imagine the target gaining and growing in popularity and charisma.

Step #4: Place the cherries into the container.

Step #5: Pour the salt water over the ingredients in the container.

Step #6: State the following words three times: “WITH THESE INGREDIENTS I SEE, A NEW SIDE OF ME” (if you are the target, otherwise, replace the word ME with the target’s name).

Step #7: Dump the powder onto the mixture.

Step #8: Meditate for 2 minutes, and imagine the popularity running as wild as you desire.

Step #9: Close the circle (directions found in chapter one of this book).

Step #10: Dispose of the ingredients.

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Live Magick Chat!

Guest_8418: Is 7 witches coven real? or s cam?
Guest_2951: = scam
Guest_8274: I got scammed by the people too
Guest_3276: Well black lotus is defantly a scam
Guest_7706: I got results today from Angelica's spell. I hired her about 10 days ago, really complicated love spell with a break up spell I had to have happen first for both me and my husband and my desired lover and his wife. It all worked TODAY all at one time!!
Guest_8919: I will msg her, maybe she can help me.
Guest_3782: I can't believe I found a real caster. I have been looking for years. I have tried almost all of them to get scammed constantly. But I can tell just a few days in already that Sapphire kridell's spell is working. That's real good, I have been looking for a real spell caster that can do this for years. I am happy to have finally found one
Guest_9992: Thx Guys
Guest_3396: turned out to be a scam and I got no results saw no changes, things only got worse
Guest_3930: Angelica has always been good for me, I can always rely on her, look, if you want the love spell to work, I know works, use her. She is a real person who will actually reply to you and can get the results you want really fast
Guest_5778: I no longer trust they defintely used and scammed me
Guest_3967: didn't work, waited 8 months, they haven't replied to me in more than 3 months. I am highly disappointed
Guest_7174: I have been trusting and she does good work. I use her because of the fast results but also because of the good communication.
Guest_6389: Thanks for the help and reviews. I am glad to be able to skip right to picking someone legit....
Guest_4487: From what I gather, you're all saying that is a scam. Thank you for this site, I am so glad I found it before I paid them....
Guest_4487: I also got scammed by
Guest_2180: Duh, and are all scams
Guest_2607: I have only been able to get results from Sapphire. I have only tried a few others, but everyone else turned out to be a scam, I only now trust sapphire, the one that actually gets results is
Guest_3353: I am so glad to see so many peeps that got results from sapphire kridell. I am thinking about using her soon
Guest_3405: Wil be going with sapphire too. she seems like one of the best ones who gets results everytime
Guest_1299: Can anyone tell if is real or fake? Are they scam?
Guest_9302: Amine sorcier is a scam, do not work with them
Guest_5299: Thank you for the referall guys, I will recomend angelica for anyone!
Guest_5348: She is really good at keeping you updated during the wait. My wait was only 3 days though, I saw results basically almost right away.
Guest_4485: So Amine sorcier is a scam, and so is 7 witches coven, I think they may even be the same scam
Guest_3265: All good 2 know. I'm glad I was able to pick based upon who already is reported as working instead of guessing. thanks for the help
Guest_6950: Sapphire's spells are basically the fastest I have seen.
Guest_4219: That's true, she is really good at what she does. I have used for 3 spells now, all of them manifested within 2 weeks, 2 of them manifested within days. She's the real deal
Guest_3925: Do not use the website, they will scam you like they scammed me.
Guest_6104: Glad to have found smoeone legit who can help me thanks
Guest_2589: Sapphire is really good at love spells, never tried her for anything else but my divorce spell on my target and my love spell, they worked within a week. I'm currently engaged to someone who just divorced their husband for me....I don't know if there's any better judge of it working than that!!
Guest_3920: So sapphire kridell from is real caster then? for a love spell
Guest_9594: Yes. Sapphire is real, she got me results as well. I can vouch for her.
Guest_9618: Going to try and get sapphire to take my case, her schedule seems busy
Guest_3286: can anyone tell me if the black lotus spells is a scam or not, i was talking to thema dn they seem nice, I don't want to get scammed.
Guest_3212: Oh man they are a bad scam, they will take you harder than anyone. I would never trust black lotus spells again after what they did to me.
Guest_3286: Thank you for the help
Guest_2428: DO NOT TRUST ASHRA ( and her scam spell network is takig too much money from me, no results, 5 years later
Guest_5922: I would never tell anyone to us ashra, she is so rude, took a lot of money was really nice but after I can't pay her more, very rude. she didn't get results either.
Guest_2491: Just use she is one of the best gets results every time really fast, usually in days, and she always replies to you and updates you. It's worth it to wait to get on her schedule
Candace Lightheart: Thank you for everyone that has contributed. I can vouch for Angelica as well, very good caster.
Guest_9322: Thank you candace
Guest_3357: So I have a question, ashra is right?
Guest_9437: No, ashra and black lotus spells are not the same. But they are both scams. They both scammed me separately
Guest_5610: What about
Guest_5610: Is sapphire kridell that you all talk about getting fast results in just a few days is that ?
Guest_7747: Yes, that's her, She is really fast usually, I've never had a spell take longer than a week with her. Granted i have only used her for love spells and money spells and career spells but she is the real deal
Guest_8535: My husband and I are getting results from Sapphire. She is a good and caring caster.
Guest_7718: I am going to hire angelica sanders she has got me on the schedule next week
Guest_8018: There are DEFINITELY RESULTS already from sapphire's spell, I just hired her 3 days ago. that is AMZING! thx candace and every1
Guest_6033: Sapphire is like the best one. I love her spells because they are reliable for being fast. when i need a spell i need it to work fast.
Guest_1128: is real or a scam?
Guest_9196: YES. the "gotham psychic" is a scam and scam network, you can't trust that site.
Guest_7792: So I now know that is a scam. great.
Guest_1140: Yea, them and black lotus spells are the same people, both scammed me too.
Guest_5006: Who can I trust?
Candace Lightheart: Sapphire Kridell at is a really good choice for fast results, especially for a love spell.
Guest_2277: I got results from sapphire
Guest_8539 : Oh there no doubt that sapphire is the best of them all she is always the fastest.
Guest_4371: Don't pay black lotus rituals anything. is a scammer site
Guest_9138: Psychic Grace = scam and rip off.
Guest_6847: Just pick someone legit from the start. literally always works. I just use her coven each time.
Guest_7894: So I found that is a scam. Andreika isn't a real spell caster nor psychic. Just a fake taking my money for nothing.
Guest_2668: Yea, dude don't ever trust andreika. She's it's kat the same person
Guest_9373: Well I heard that is run by and they are both scams. So, I don't trust those sites anymore, just reporting.
Guest_4710: So candace you are saying you got results from angelica sanders?
Candace Lightheart: I have vetted and had results from Yes.
Guest_4710: How fast did it work?
Candace Lightheart: About a week, for a love spell.
Guest_4710: Thank you!! candace I love your site!
Candace Lightheart: No problem and thank you all who are contributing too!
Guest_2592: Glad you stopped me from hiring 7 witches coven before I did. Sucks they are a scam. but i'd rather hire someone legit from the start
Guest_2623: I had a really bad experience with psychic eva, just wanted to let everyone know she is a scam so no one else has to deal with that.
Guest_1844: I got scammed by psychic eva also
Guest_4548: I like a spell caster called Bella montgomery. She is really fast, but doesn't have a website. you can get her at
Guest_1950: HEY! I used Bella before, I couldn't find her email. I found her a long long time ago. She is real!!! I got results almost right away. Thank you for sharing her email, that was like a miracle. I don't see her mentioned anywhere else in this entire chat, except with you Guest 4548, and it was right before I came to the site, it was almost meant to be. Thank you for helping me find her again.
Guest_8680: I got verifiable results today from been about 12 days since the love spell was cast.
Guest_5917: Man I am glad to hear that, I was just thinking about hiring sapphire (kridell) and am going to get on her schedule this coming week if possible.
Guest_3236: I need everyone to know that ( is a scammer don't trust her
Guest_8945: I like to use actually. clarissa is real good at what she does and can help you probably like she helped me, legit.
Guest_7378: I got scammed by ashra like 8 years ago. She is still out there scamming people still. Her love spells don't work and she'll just tell you it's your fault and to pay a lot of money to remove a blockage
Guest_6031: +1 I can second the fact that works. Love spell worked from angelica's coven in 12 days. I would say I have a harder situation than most...
Guest_9474: scam me good, she is an expert scammer that's for sure.
Guest_6535: Candace you can say sapphire kridell is real without a doubt?
Candace Lightheart: Yes, personally tried her myself.
Guest_5669: To anyone who is looking to hire psychic eva, I sent her a lot of money and she ignores me and never got me results, she can't help and her love spells don't work
Guest_1120: Thank you candace
Candace Lightheart: Anytime
Guest_6116: Can you tell me if is a scam or real?
Guest_7506: They are a scam they scammed me and i got no results EVER!!!!!!!!
Guest_7938: Omg it is unbelievable sapphire is real sapphire kridell is a real spell caster!
Guest_7938: I got results today! I am so effing happy for my life everything is right EVERYTHING IS RIGHT!
Guest_2867: got scammed by psychic eva spells also. Eva is a liar and a scammer
Guest_6939: Try using angelica. from she got me results in under a couple weeks every time i've used her.
Guest_2867: Thank you : ))
Guest_3330: is a scam spell caster group and they are only interested in taking your money.
Guest_1389: Wow, thank you so much, I almost got scammed by today. Thank you for saving me! I am going to try someone different instead.
Guest_9892: Don't trust they are not real, i repeat, they are NOT REAL!!!!
Guest_7141: thanks for the help
Guest_7990: dr mama rashamah is a scammer and cannot be trusted.
Guest_1466: this site saved me right at the last second lol
Guest_7124: I can tell you all I'mreally happy that I hired sapphire. Out of everyone I ever tried she the only one to get results.
Guest_5530: What is sapphire's website
Guest_1527: Sapphire Kridell =
Guest_6215: Sapphire is as real as it gets, and she always gets the fastest results. plus her spells are guaranteed.
Guest_1250: Anyone know a real caster?
Guest_1250: Nvm. I am going to try Sapphire she looks to be the one most recommended. thanks.
Guest_5781: scammed me out of a lot of money no results.
Guest_4444: Lots of people say that black lotus rituals = 7 witches coven but who knows
Guest_7592: Well I know for sure that is a scam.
Guest_6308: How long did you wait for sapphire to get results 7124
Guest_4422: I was guest 7124 before. I waited 6 days for results.
Guest_3362: YES, sapphire is really fast.
Guest_1365: thinking of trying is that site okay or a scam?
Guest_6119: Andreika is a scam. dont' trust.
Guest_1463: CAndace you were right about sapphire kridell, she got me results thank you. (this is cristy). Thank you again.
Candace Lightheart: Glad to hear that! You're welcome!
Guest_9692: u awesome candace
Guest_9367: Well, because of sapphire (and ultimately you candace) I got my husband back home and it seems he is here to stay. Thanks again
Candace Lightheart: Glad everyone is finding the help they need.
Guest_9439: 7witchescoven scammed my sister.
Guest_6762: whooops. sorry for the caps
Guest_2766: WOW! I you saved me just in time, I was just about to hire love spells nine! I will go with someone else, thank you
Guest_1142: I have got results from today. Took about 2 weeks.
Guest_9553: Hubby and I have never been happier. we also used Angelica like 3 months ago. Her spell was affordable and took like 12 days to get results.
Guest_9553: For white magick I always use angelica, she is the best there is
Guest_9749: Well I got scammed by a so called voodoo doctor. He is threatening my life with black magick now if i don't pay. I should have gone with someone who did white magick only, I had a feeling this was going to happen.
Guest_5386: Psychic Beverly Winston from is a scam, don't listen to what she says, it is all about the money
Guest_7649: Thank you for the advice every1
Guest_4454: I can't believe that it actually worked. I found this site a month ago, and decided to hire angelicasanders less than a week ago and I am ALREADY SEEING CHANGES. I didn't think I would ever find someone real.
Guest_4454: Thank you candace for your reccomendation
Guest_3852: ????
Guest_4454: That's her! yes. she is the best, you will be happy going with her.
Guest_5525: I've been scammed by so many psychics and spell casters. But still believing someone is real. I have not tried Angelica sanders and I just found this site. Maybe I will give her a shot.
Guest_7063: You are right about the black lotus rituals - they are a scam. No one should use
Guest_8263: thx for the heads up
Guest_3094: anyone know if is a scam?
Guest_8870: Yea, she scammed me out of a ton and ignores my emails and calls now
Guest_3094: Thanks
Guest_4034: Gunna try someone named Clarissa white from I heard good things and she seems to get real results pretty fast.
Guest_9843: Clarissa is real?
Candace Lightheart: I have used Clarissa before with great success, yes.
Guest_9300: can someone tell me if is real? or a scam?
Guest_4738: is a scam.
Guest_9300: Thanks!
Guest_1072: u can trust sapphire she is good one gets results fast
Guest_9920: You can definitely trust sapph.
Guest_4530: I like her
Guest_8475: What about the site ? is that a scam?
Guest_4631: Yes, Psychic "carmon" is a fake. It's a scam
Guest_9616: You cana't trust Carmon. I got scammed by her too
Guest_6972: How about the site cuz they want 800$ for love spell
Guest_1184: Don't trust , They are a scam. Scammed me and don't even respond to me.
Guest_2475: God this site just saved me big time. I'm going to just roll with seems like a really fast option.
Guest_8247: If I can get on clarissa's schedule I'll probably use her.
Guest_1844: Candace is a scam for real?
Guest_5221: I can answer that. Yes, black lotus rituals is a scam for real.
Guest_2019: is legit. Results in just a few days. Thanks for the tip
Guest_8920: Wow. I will email her, thanks. Sick of the scams.
Guest_2019: clarissa won't let you down
Guest_8398: I like sapphire still.
Guest_5745: Thanks for the help everyone.
Guest_5745: I went with Sapphire, got results on the 5th day.
Guest_1243: works great. I have stuck with her for years too.
Guest_2318: Can anyone tell me how fast angelica sanders will work for a break up spell on my ex and his girlfriend and a love spell to bring him back to me?
Guest_2960: Who's Angelica sanders?
Guest_5924: She is real, I got results for ...well not exactly that, but something similar...took 9 days to work.
Guest_5924: But I have heard of her being able to do it faster.
Guest_3927: I have always used angelica after the first spell, she is really fast and always affordable to me.
Guest_1843: Thank you for guiding me. choosing angelica.
Guest_3319: and are both scams
Candace Lightheart: Thank you for all that are contributing towards the reviews and helping others find real help.
Guest_3167: is fake, never was voted #1 like their ad and they are a scam. you'll lose a lot of money there and no results and they will stop talking to you.
Guest_9448: Black lotus rituals screwed me. great
Guest_8061: okay, now I know there is no doubt about it: is one of the only real sites I found. I got real results I could actually measure and trace today, roughly on the 6th day after hiring her.
Guest_1528: thx
Guest_3334: Reporting the site as a TOTAL SCAM and WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!
Guest_4044: Choosing to work with angelica sanders after reading al lthe reviews, she seems fastest


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