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Charisma and popularity spell

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The “charisma and popularity” spell will improve the way others perceive you. You will become someone everyone wants to be friends with. You will become someone everyone wants to hang out with. You will have so much charisma, everyone will want you around!

Ingredients List: [1] Apple [4] Strawberries

[4] Cherries [1 head] Cabbage [4 cups] Salt water [4 cups] Chili pepper powder OR [4 cups] Ginseng powder [1] Glass baking dish capable of holding all ingredients

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Place the apple and strawberries into the container.

Step #3: Meditate for 5 minutes and imagine the charisma coming to your target (or yourself). Imagine the target gaining and growing in popularity and charisma.

Step #4: Place the cherries into the container.

Step #5: Pour the salt water over the ingredients in the container.

Step #6: State the following words three times: “WITH THESE INGREDIENTS I SEE, A NEW SIDE OF ME” (if you are the target, otherwise, replace the word ME with the target’s name).

Step #7: Dump the powder onto the mixture.

Step #8: Meditate for 2 minutes, and imagine the popularity running as wild as you desire.

Step #9: Close the circle (directions found in chapter one of this book).

Step #10: Dispose of the ingredients.

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Guest_4014: do yourself a favor and pick someone legitimate
Guest_4062: is a good one the girls there do hard work and it works out really fast, especially love spells
Guest_1759: thanks every1
Guest_8498: Violet spells I am reporting as a scam, 5 months no results
Guest_8498: Violet basicaly tel me it is my fault the spell didn't work. But then I saw that many other people werent' getting results either. i am switching to someone real
Guest_8498: Thank you for this site candace
Candace Lightheart: You are welcome
Guest_7495: I am posting again, I posted about 4 days ago, I am seeing results now
Candace Lightheart: Who did you use Guest 7495?
Guest_7495: that website, the one I saw someone recomend it
Candace Lightheart: Please tell us a little about your experience
Guest_7495: Results after 4 days Buyed a love spell, sorry my english is not too very good buyed a love spell and save my marriage, it work before too late, very good service, very good woman, I can say very good things about angelica she is a woman of her word
Candace Lightheart: Thank you it is people like you who make this site what it is!
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Guest_4309: nm i see the answer is yes. I guess she works?
Guest_5592: Yea, she gets fast results for it seems just about everyone. People frequently (including myself) post positive results within a week or less from angelica sanders spells ( if we are talkinga bout the same person)
Guest_4309: Yes, that is who I am asking about. Okay thank you. I will try Angelica
Guest_4345: Thank you candace
Guest_7262: So Anyone try ashra from
Guest_2481: She's a scam
Guest_7262: You sure?
Guest_2481: 100% me and afriend trie dher, spent hundreds of dollars, waited more than half a year, no results, she's still telling us it's our fault basically.
Guest_7262: Thanks. I'll try someone else instead.
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Guest_7011: anyone know where Sapphire is? How can I contact her?
Guest_1005: Two ways: her website, or her email:
Guest_7011: Thanks Guest 1005
Guest_1005: Good luck
Guest_1251: I appreciate this website forum thank you, I am getting a love spell by Angelica sanders and am pleased to read she is the real deal
Guest_6814: I am getting no response after sending a tons of money to a spell caster named juju and then i find here juju love spells is a scam!!
Guest_5500: Well I can tell you is a scam also i found these two scams i tried with no results after over 180 days each site failed me: scam scam and a voodoo scam
Guest_2663: Appreciate it, going to try clarissa white from actually
Guest_4505: oops sorry for the caps there my bad.
Guest_4286: I have gotten results from after about a week of waiting, she is legit
Guest_8983: I waited about 13 days for results with angelica's love spell. but it was the only one that worked. There were many others who tried before her who clearly scammed me
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Guest_5505: Clarissa White is real, I can tell you she is going to get you results if you use her.
Guest_1159: Anyone ever try the love spells or binding spells from
Guest_1159: or any of their spells? like Tiffany Gold I mean, I had met her at a free seminar and she told me if I ever needed her that I could browse her list of spells online and she would be happy to help me with a real spell, however, I was wondering if anyone have already tried her?
Guest_5550: I can report 100 percent that Aisha haadi from egyptian magick or egyptian witchcraft or whatever is a scam. So don't use her whatever you do.
Guest_9295: Yeaaaaaaaa....Aisha has been scamming people for years, she doesn't even reply to me anymore at all and that really ticks me off for how much I spent with her. I like other casters who are better with communciation, even though my case is harder, I prefer to hear from my caster every single day to know that she is still trying hard for me. I have seen results with many casters before, and I know it's all real, just have to find the right one for you that is going to work hard to get you the results you want even if it's hard. But there are casters who get results really fast out there. Just have to keep trying.
Guest_3063: Using angelica sanders has always worked for me, so why change it if it works is my theory basically.
Guest_6085: Thank you. Will try sapphire kridell after reading everything she seems very fast.
Guest_6085: ???
Candace Lightheart: That is correct, that is Sapphire's site. She usually gets results within a week.
Guest_8879: You are great Candace for doing this.
Guest_6413: Also scam
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Guest_9967: YES IT WORKED!!!!
Candace Lightheart: Yes, I have gotten a number of emails about working lately. They seem to be the fastest site right now for love spells and even money spells.
Guest_4790: They have an addiction anihilator spell I'm going to try for my ex, before the love spell.
Guest_5959: Got no results from the scam site
Guest_2683: worked for me, reporting back. I msged like 2 days ago about maybe using them, but I'm already seeing results...
Guest_1122: So when you buy from do you actually hear from Tiffany gold or any of the coven members casting the spell?
Guest_2683: Yes, she will email you before, and after. It was easy and they are good with communication, you'll like them.
Guest_2683: And most of all, most important ly their spells actually work
Guest_1122: yeas that is kind of important lol
Guest_7517: I really appreciate what you do for us Candace
Guest_5183: I can say I would have gotten scammed if not for this site.
Guest_3936: I contated someone name Tiffany gold and hired her 5 days ago at the recomendation of this site. I said I would report back when I was seeing results. I ordered the proposal spell and had been waiting 6 yars for my love to propose marriage to me, 5 days after this spell was cast, I got the biggest diamond ring I have ever seen!!!! He has been the sweetest to me that he has ever bene. I cannot believe my eyes and I cannot believe i'm saying this but 24kspells worked! Thank you for your advice and pointing me in the right direction.
Guest_3300: Well I used a jasmine from 24kspells, not tiffany, but I got results on the addiction annihilator spell, and voodoo spell I bought from them. I am about to buy a binding love spell. They said that, if you have a really serious case, or if you are really serious about really fast results, that I should get it full coven cast, that it is much stronger that way, so that's what I'm doing, I want the best chance it to work.
Guest_3936: It will work. My friend had good results also from Tiffany gold and her coven. They are good trust me.
Guest_4283: Okay! I am happy to try someone genuine honestly.
Guest_7244: going to try tiffany gold thansk
Guest_3649: I have used with great success actually. I've used sapphire kridell for many spells and never had a problem, always got fast results so I probably stick with her, thanks tho
Guest_7845: Maybe i'll try it
Guest_2267: Alright, Aisha haadi scammed me.
Guest_6834: I had a good experience using angelica sanders, only had to wait 4 days for a love spell to work. that's pretty good
Guest_6795: YES! She always does it like that, at least anyone that i refer to her, gets fast results just like that, I did too
Guest_2101: Grateful to have the advice everyone. yall are awesome
Guest_8924: I want to add to the scam list. thank you.
Guest_4577: That egyptian witchcraft lady scammed me on a cleopatra beauty spell
Guest_2792: I also was scammed by 7 witches coven
Guest_5768: Yea unfortunately 7 witches scam that I know. So is voodoo african spells most of the time, they are all nigerian scammers. You have to find someone real. I got results from a few casters listed here actualy
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Guest_4916: I suggest the full coven cast, at least. That what I did. I have another order with them going now, they are great and spells really work
Guest_4309: So is real? and get real results on love spell? Is that wahat I'm reading?
Guest_4048: Yes, I got some results from a custom lottery spell I got from Tiffany gold and also I have had results from 2 love spells from their website. I decided to change targets and focus on a different person for the second love spell after I realized the first one I didn't like as much as I thought. But both men had pursued me completely and within a week or so. It was really fast. I would definately recomend 24k spells to anyone looking for a legit spell caster
Guest_9937: HOLY CRAP YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! TIFFANY AND HER COVEN DID IT!!! I just posted like 2 days ago about trying 24kspells got the coven cast binding spell and I decided to add the talisman since it be stronger that way, YOU ALL WERE RIGHT AND I GOT RESULTS ALREADY!!! THANK YOU!!!


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