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Charisma and popularity spell

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The “charisma and popularity” spell will improve the way others perceive you. You will become someone everyone wants to be friends with. You will become someone everyone wants to hang out with. You will have so much charisma, everyone will want you around!

Ingredients List: [1] Apple [4] Strawberries

[4] Cherries [1 head] Cabbage [4 cups] Salt water [4 cups] Chili pepper powder OR [4 cups] Ginseng powder [1] Glass baking dish capable of holding all ingredients

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Place the apple and strawberries into the container.

Step #3: Meditate for 5 minutes and imagine the charisma coming to your target (or yourself). Imagine the target gaining and growing in popularity and charisma.

Step #4: Place the cherries into the container.

Step #5: Pour the salt water over the ingredients in the container.

Step #6: State the following words three times: “WITH THESE INGREDIENTS I SEE, A NEW SIDE OF ME” (if you are the target, otherwise, replace the word ME with the target’s name).

Step #7: Dump the powder onto the mixture.

Step #8: Meditate for 2 minutes, and imagine the popularity running as wild as you desire.

Step #9: Close the circle (directions found in chapter one of this book).

Step #10: Dispose of the ingredients.

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Live Magick Chat!

Candace Lightheart: I am happy to see you all getting results, for those who are getting results!
Guest_6047: I think I will go with sapphire
Guest_6047: she is at right?
Candace Lightheart: That is Sapphire Kridell's site, yes.
Guest_5555: Sapphire does work I've confirmed it myself. Results on a triple cast love spell done for me. She took only eight days to get my man back. Sapphire is a breath of fresh air in this industry. She's honest affordable and fast. That's everything that I want in a spell caster basically
Guest_1838: Yay I am happy to find a real spell caster thanks every1
Guest_8941: Okay so is a SCAM!!!!
Guest_8941: found out the hard way!
Guest_4257: found a real love spell caster, she worked after 6 days for me, name was angelica Sanders at web site I am going to use her next time again
Guest_3910: wow. I cannot believe this is real. Sapphire's spell worked for me within only a week...that's rediculous!
Guest_2299: I read a lot about sapphire where can i get to her where is she.
Guest_3910: go to her website:
Guest_2299: thanks
Guest_3910: yw
Guest_9015: Sapphire definitely works yea I have used her for a number of years.... No regrets and results are always fast.
Guest_2818: well sapph worked for me, total time:12 days. Not bad at all thank you for recomending her to me. would use again A+ spell caster
Guest_8244: thank you all but I want to report that i have found a scam in the website they do not help me and take all my money. they are rude. do not use them
Guest_2987: yea aisha haadi scam me too look like she is also scamming people
Guest_5655: getting results from clarissa white right now found her on
Guest_5655: only took 11 days, that's good too so I guess I'll stick with her thanks
Guest_1543: so who is real I have gotten scammed one too many time
Candace Lightheart: Lots of people are still really liking Sapphire she is at and usually gets results it seems within a week or so.
Guest_3863: Absolutely splendid. Sapphire could help me it turns out in four days and a half. That was way faster than I realised. I read that she usually gets results super fast but this was a pleasant surprise. I got a lottery spell I just got from her too I have results already from a break up spell. Sapphire is really good at what she does. Great spells and I would buy again
Guest_5992: we have confirmed that sapphire kridell is real (me and my sister both got spells by her, both worked in less than 2 weeks, hers in a few days, mine closer to the 2 week mark, one was money and job spell the other was a binding love spell) she is for real and I am so excited to find her and this site thank you Candace, thank you every1
Guest_3655: is the same as they both scammed me
Guest_3293: Using sapphire soon, I decided that I need to do it right. I been hiring too many scams. : (
Candace Lightheart: Well, sapphire is a good one, you will enjoy her work. =-]
Guest_9256: how fast sapphire work with her spells? love spells, are they fast?
Guest_3293: Most people been saying results within 1 week or so it seems. with Sapphire
Guest_3540: I got results from sapphire's love spell in the first 72 hours, she was the fastest of any of the casters I have tried.
Guest_7883: spell failed from waited 6 months no results
Guest_3901: anyone know if is real?
Guest_6829: Giuliana is a scam, do not use her, her love spells do not work it's just a scam.
Guest_3901: are u sure?
Guest_6829: YES! I have used her myself, she is a liar and a thief. go with someone legitimate save yourself money and time
Guest_3901: ok thank you who do you recomend?
Guest_1050: Yes, I know love spells by giuliana is a scam for sure, so is 7 witches coven to whoever asked about them. both scams.
Guest_2299: I am reporting back, I have been only waiting 4 days and I am seeing my results with sapphire's spell already! I posted 4-5 days ago looking for a real spell caster for a love spell and was very skeptical but someone here pointed me to sapphire, she has been a blessing from the sky for sure, She has been so helpful responsive and got results faster than I could have ever known it were possible, i defantaly could not do this myself, she is awesome! Try sapphire, and you won't be let down at all! I know I wasn't
Guest_2807: I had gotten results from a caster called clarissa white that was recommended to me here, anyone need a binding spell, she is a good bet.
Guest_2807: almost forgot she is
Guest_7612: Candace is egyptian witchcraft real aisha haadi?
Guest_8482: well sapphire is real i like using her.
Guest_1239: weight loss spell results: 10 days from just started happening it's fast really fast
Guest_8617: I got results too from a weight loss spell from sapphire about 2 years ago, it was like a week before I started seeing results.
Guest_2457: Sapphire's love spell worked for me about 6 months ago, I think I waited likeeee 5 or 6 days??
Guest_2861: I might try sometime for a money spell
Candace Lightheart: I am glad to hear that so many people are getting good results.
Guest_4820: scammers I hate them. spent over thousand dollars and nothing, no results nothing.
Guest_2081: thank you for helping us candace, and of everyone who has submitted these scams and stuff I am glad to save the money and go with someone real
Guest_5468: Results from caster I found through 7 days wait. her name clarissa white.
Guest_5468: oops I m sorry, that was a blog, but her site was
Guest_4550: Clarissa is always fast
Guest_1944: have used sapphire spells multiple times I like sapphire and will be using her again if ever need a love spell
Guest_7251: Change your life spells scam me. I lost more money than I had to spend at their scam site. Over a year now without any results
Guest_5272: I am posting back posted 12 days ago decided to hire sapphire from for a love spell, she did a triple cast and I have result TODAY! he is finally giving me attention, he is here, I SEE THIS WORKING THANK YOU SAPPHIRE
Guest_4429: I think I definitely need to hire someone my situation is for
Guest_4429: For reeal super bad don't think I can handle it myself
Guest_7396: try clarissa white at she was able to solve a relationship problem in 4 days after I hired her, her spells are strong and I was able to be happy with her work.
Guest_3992: Angelic Sanders has always been able to help me whether money or love or something else (I have had several differnt wiccan spells done from love spells to justice spells) she is always able to get me results within 2 weeks, its like fully guaranteed with her and everything. She is the go to person for magick, at least for me. I figure I would share my two cents about it.
Guest_9291: how to find her?
Guest_3992: angelica sanders?
Candace Lightheart: I have been seeing a lot of really great reviews for Angelica for years, I have used her 4 times myself, always had success, I agree she is a splendid caster and I would bet on her any day of the week
Guest_4416 : personally i like sapphire, she has always been the fastest for me
Guest_7925: I am agreeing with Guest 4416, I love working with sapphire. She has gotten me results within a week on 3 different spells for 3 totally different things. One of which was indeed a love spell I got from her, the other two were not, but she was equally good with all 3 of the situations. I trust Sapphire fully and entirely.
Guest_4429: I'm going to go ahead and hire someone I have decided. I just can't get it done myself. I have chosen Sapphire she the caster at
Candace Lightheart: Yes,
Guest_4429: thank you very much
Guest_2313: I think I'm going to give sapphire a shot. I've been looking for a real caster for a long time. I hope it works
Guest_6492: It will work, she is a miracle worker
Guest_5309: I've seen results from a love spell at (sapphire kridell) after 11 days.
Guest_8531: aisha haadi = scam. = scam too. Crap
Guest_9157: so sapphire is real? I am going to try her then. thank you for the advice
Guest_8992: can you learn to cast your own spells?
Guest_7901: yes but it is much more fast and effective ot just hire someone who specializes. You can fix your own brakes in your car too, but the brake shop do the best job, best price, best guarantee and always make it safe you know. it also saves you headaches, etc. I am a witch myself but i still hire for spells for myself. it's better to have someone else cast for you than yourself, sometimes, you cannot even produce results for your own wishes, its very common.
Guest_8992: ok thank you. I will try to look for someone.
Guest_5309: Try I was just posting back again after only 11 days of waiting for results, she is the fastest that I know of.
Guest_8992: thanks
Guest_5309: No problem
Guest_5631: any1 used
Candace Lightheart: Sasha is a good caster, I have seen results within a couple of weeks with her spell, many people see it within days.
Guest_5631: okay thank you
Guest_3660: I have been using sapphire for years without any problem
Guest_5922: I will try her thank you. maybe i'll try her today.
Candace Lightheart: Happy to see you are getting good results!
Guest_5821: I am getting results from Angelica sanders I posted here 4 days ago.........she works fast!!
Guest_9796: thank you candace
Guest_1761: = scam, don't use them
Guest_4798: Sarah always gets me results. I never wait more than a week with her spells. They work fast
Guest_2281: Is she the sasha from
Guest_4798: Yes
Guest_2009: Thank you, I am just thanking whoever recommended to steer clear of other day I was looking for someone real, she is def not real. I also suggest avoiding her.
Guest_2009: I'm going to try someone else. I have someone in mind.
Guest_3660: sapphire is a good one. go with her
Guest_4615: so much for calastrology or spellsandamulets working seem like the same sites to me.
Guest_6054: I go with sapphire each time now honestly I like her and grown to trust her over the years of using her. She's always fast for results.
Candace Lightheart: I agree, Sapphire is a great caster and works with a great coven. She is the host of
Guest_8299: sweet i am happy to have found someone real finaly
Guest_6801: next week I'll be going with sapphire, I think she seems to get the fastest love spell results, most cases I am reading manifest within a week or two.
Guest_6801: sometimes even a day
Guest_7291: is the sapphire you're talking about? sapphire kridell?
Guest_6801: yup!
Guest_7291: =)
Guest_6619: scammed me a year ago and she led me on for like a whole year
Guest_1896: I have tried sasha Londons from and had results on the fourth day
Guest_1105: is a HUGE scam who keep taking my money on these stupid spells that never work. do not use them steer clear of them like the plague.
Guest_5401: good 2 know
Guest_4697: Sasha does work omg. How did it take me this long to find someone legit
Candace Lightheart: Sasha is another one of the good ones she is at if anyone is looking for her.
Candace Lightheart: Usually her results are very fast too, days even sometimes.
Guest_2011: I have gotten scamed but a voodoo priest. I wish I would have found this first


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