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Slot machine winner Gambling Spell

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The “win at the slot machines” spell is a potent gambling casting driven to increase your luck and odds at winning while playing slot machines. There is no particular type of slot machine which is better than any other, progressive slots or not, this spell will make you a winner.

Ingredients List: [1] Large coin (a silver dollar for example works well) [10 grams] Mint or Peppermint or Spearmint [1] Orange [1] Butter knife [1 cup] Salt water [1] Sealable container capable of holding all the ingredients above [1] Freezer

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Using the butter knife, slice a gash into the orange and squeeze some of the juice into the sealable container.

Step #3: Meditate for 3-5 minutes, imagining hitting a huge slot machine win.

Step #4: Place the mint, peppermint, or spearmint into the container.

Step #5: Imagine what you will buy with the money for approximately 1-2 minutes.

Step #6: Pour the salt water into the container.

Step #7: Place the coin inside the container.

Step #8: Seal the container.

Step #8: Close the circle (directions found in chapter 1).

Step #9: Remove the coin and keep it on you while you gamble.

Step #10: Reseal the container and place it in the freezer until you are a winner.

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Candace Lightheart: You are all welcome. Thank you for posting the scams as it helps us find the genuine casters easier.
Guest_6930: sapphire kridell is an awesome find, she was able to help me fast
Guest_5351: thx
Guest_5494: violet spells end up scamming me, I can't get results with her and she is telling me it's my fault.
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Guest_9038: Who is ms sanders?
Candace Lightheart: Guest_1075 and 7505 are referring to
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Guest_9038: thank you
Guest_7957: Yes, this site is a real lifesaver
Guest_3957: Angelica worked great for me
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Guest_4140: Steer clear of violet spells
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Candace Lightheart: Yes, she is real and has had many great reports here, She's a favorite and gets results in about 1 week usually . I have personally vetted her myself.
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