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Slot machine winner Gambling Spell

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The “win at the slot machines” spell is a potent gambling casting driven to increase your luck and odds at winning while playing slot machines. There is no particular type of slot machine which is better than any other, progressive slots or not, this spell will make you a winner.

Ingredients List: [1] Large coin (a silver dollar for example works well) [10 grams] Mint or Peppermint or Spearmint [1] Orange [1] Butter knife [1 cup] Salt water [1] Sealable container capable of holding all the ingredients above [1] Freezer

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Using the butter knife, slice a gash into the orange and squeeze some of the juice into the sealable container.

Step #3: Meditate for 3-5 minutes, imagining hitting a huge slot machine win.

Step #4: Place the mint, peppermint, or spearmint into the container.

Step #5: Imagine what you will buy with the money for approximately 1-2 minutes.

Step #6: Pour the salt water into the container.

Step #7: Place the coin inside the container.

Step #8: Seal the container.

Step #8: Close the circle (directions found in chapter 1).

Step #9: Remove the coin and keep it on you while you gamble.

Step #10: Reseal the container and place it in the freezer until you are a winner.

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Guest_5911: I cannot believe how fast sasha spells work freaking insane. 2 days later and he is already calling me OFF THE HOOK!!! YEA BABY! candice you are the SHIZZLE GIRL!!! Thank you for the recommendation. and to anyone looking for something real, Sasha can help and she is REAL AS IT IS!!
Guest_1340: Thanks for all the help everyone. I think it's really important that as consumers we stick together and help one another, because I rely on honest genuine reviews and I know so many others do to. :) :)
Guest_1328: Yes she is the real deal
Guest_5238: i want my love to call me tonite
Guest_6434: Abyone know if change your life spells is a scam?
Guest_3748: Hello everyone and thanks for the advice. I've been looking for so me to really help me regain my soulmate. I've tried but until now I haven't seen any results. Today I was online in search of some real help and stumbled upon "Sahsa." I was very hesitant being that I've been scammed before, until I read this forum. I'm in desperate need of Sasha's help so I sent her an email. I pray that she will respond shorty as my days & nights are filled with tears praying that we will be reunited. :_( :_( :_(
Guest_4511: honestly 3748, it dont get better than sasha, she is slow at responding so dont worry about that, bc you will notice it takes while to hear from her, but it sbecause everyone is going to her because she works really really good and really really fast
Guest_5324: hi....I want my love to return to me. I have lost my health, job and relationship just within 3 months. I have been told that someone has done black magic on me. Is there anyone who can help me with this situation? I am also bit scared to go for love spells....because people say they are harmful and can cause harm to you and your loved ones. Is it true? please help
Guest_3444: Hi can you help me am at a Bing game and I really need the luck
Guest_3444: Am here at the Bing I need that luck right now
Guest_4909: I suggest hiring sasha, I used her for a bingo/money spell once and have been winning ever since..
Guest_4909: I know her website is called but she does other spellst oo
Guest_5553: Sasha works. Worked for me in only five days!!!
Guest_9201: this works so well
Candace Lightheart: Yes, Sasha gets really great results usually very fast. Glad to see people are finding the help they need!
Guest_3991: Aisha haadi is not real, she scammed me, I am out of almost a thousand dollars now and she won't answer me!!! help!!!
Guest_5238: seeing results on a binding spell from sasha afte r7 days exactly. manifesting on the seventh day. thank you guys. very good and I'm happy I went with her
Candace Lightheart: I always hate it when people get scammed hiring sasha is good though she's going to be the only person able to fix things truly quickly.
Guest_5592: Tried ashra, didn't work. She's ignoring me. Spell is a scam.
Guest_2219: Sasha just started working for me, only had to wait 2 days too!!!!!
Guest_8842: How long for Sasha's spells to work? Mine was done on the 7th so three days ago. It was a love spell and so far the person is acting more stand of fish then before. Ughhhh
Candace Lightheart: Should be really fast she is always really fast
Guest_9501: What is Sasha's contact details pls?
Candace Lightheart: She's at
Guest_8467: LMAO. Messy.
Candace Lightheart: Yep heard that a million times.
Guest_9428: i want to konw if the weight gain spell can help me get fat to gian 320 pounds
Guest_5522: Why would any one cast a spell to gain 320 pounds lol. That sounds disgusting!
Guest_1934: I donno but I have been seeing my results with sasha for my money spell this apst week. so total time was like 11 days, but it ws worth it, and thank god it saved my situation here rent was due today and I was not going to make it. Thank you sasha
Guest_3484: How well is Sasha work?
Guest_4958: welp, calastrology I waste 200 dollars at and I wasted 600 dollar with aisha haadi for her stupid double cast egyptian witchcraft spell. I also blew 300 dollars at dr amina and I have wasted 190 dollars at stupid scams all of them, and use stupid western union dont buy from them. hopefuly this saves somebody.
Guest_1934: Sahsa work really really well and I been seen results already, it was like 11 days for me.
Guest_3882: Sasha was fast for me, only 4 days for results on a really hard love spell
Guest_1195: She was fast for me too, only 6 days and I got results on 2 spells binding and love. Both of them worked, oh and it included a break up spell which also worked same day.
Guest_9134: So sasha londons do really work. I do hope to get a positive outcome too...
Guest_5402: I have gotten sasha to do my love spell for my bf to come back to me. She has done the spell at her end. I really honestly with all my heart hope this works for me. Will keep updated
Guest_9490: Yea she really does work, takes usually under 2 weeks, NORMALLY I SEE EVERYONE GET RESULTS THE FIRST FEW DAYS AFTER SHE CASTS
Candace Lightheart: Guest 9490 is right. she is very fast. her site is
Guest_3646: Candice, what do you think of
Guest_9948: I cannot believe how fast sasha worked damn if i knew it was this fast I waould have listen to you all months ago.
Guest_4900: Guest 9948 how long it take you to see results I am waiting right now for sashas spell to manifest I bought from her about 3 days ago. Has it been too long?
Guest_9948: Took 7 days. 3 days is not bad, no worries, she will work for you, I only see her working for everyone here.
Guest_4900: Thank you that make me feel a lot better. I will be patient.
Candace Lightheart: Yes, sasha is very fast usually within days, definitely usually within first week or two.
Guest_8647: yea my spell worked with her in 6 days exactly on the dot
Guest_5521: Hey I got results from sasha too after about a little over a week.
Candace Lightheart: Yes a lot of people use sasha because of how fast she is
Guest_6641: So. Turns out after three years, scammed me out of thousands of dollars. Great.
Guest_9002: Hi I need money spell/casino?
Guest_1159: Try for money spell
Guest_4442: Naw they don't work, go with sasha at she does money spells too, all her spells, especially her love spells seem to all manifest in like a few days basically
Guest_4688: Thx guys. Getting results right now from sashas love and binding spell. Its been 5 days ....she really is fast!!!
Guest_4912: I agree, i can't believe how fast she is, 3 days for my first spell, 11 days for my second spell with her and i just got my third after 9 days. I am happy with her and would recommend her to anyone
Guest_1959: Well I know for sure after trying like 6 other casters and psychics that the only one that works is sasha, its only a bonu that she works so fast
Guest_1959: *bonus
Guest_6144: I've messaged Sasha and she's performing my spell tonight !! Apparently everyone seems to have great success with Sasha and I personally never would go to spell casting if my situation wasn't so difficult but I would love to hear other people's experience with Sasha !
Guest_4005: Sasha always works every time for me
Guest_5521: I was able to get the results from sasha that I was looking for took them five days to really surface. Now I'm a believer for sure
Guest_9822: how can i contact sasha????? plz help.
Candace Lightheart: Sasha can be found at
Guest_7828: I need a protected on my house as the neighbours are slandering me :( :)
Guest_3327: Can someone tell me What I make the circle out of in the weight gain spell
Guest_7314: Can somebody tell me why I need to make the circle in the weight gaining spell, please
Guest_7314: I meant "what"
Guest_2995: Yes, because if you don't make the circle it wont work.
Guest_2995: dude, casing the circle is one of the most important parts of spell casting...
Candace Lightheart: Easy there on the newbies : ) Guest_7314 is right about the circle though, it's important. I suggest though you consider contacting Sasha, she doesn't take money until you see results and ALWAYS gets results in a matter of days. you can find here at
Guest_2609: just reporting some scams I have come across. I know does not work they are a scam. is a scam, is a scam, I have reason to believe they are all owned by the same person.
Guest_2609: I also believe that is a scam as nothing she says is true all is jibberish nonsense and she doesnt know anything about me at all. her spell didn't work. She owns and that site is a scam too. all are fake psychics and spellcasters and I advice not to use any of them. Do not use aisha haadi from and finally another scam is who owns they are the same scam and the money back guarantee is not real doesnt honor and is fake they will take your money and run. save your money and hire someone real.
Guest_8390: Who can we hire that is real then it seems everyone is fake
Guest_7259: @guest 8390 ..a lot of people (including myself) are getting results really fast, usually in less than a week for love spells and binding spells if that is what you need with sasha.
Guest_8390: Thx
Guest_8390: where is sasha?
Guest_8390: nvm I see
Guest_8390: I feel way better now knowing that someone who has all these success stories is going to help me. but I have not heard back from here yet.
Guest_7259: It can take a little bit, she is really busy from helping all these people, sometimes can take her up to a day to reply but it's worth it, she's the fastest and the best part as most people point out is that you do not pay her anything until after you see results.
Guest_7894: Is the website the only way to contact Sasha?
Guest_6939: Yes
Guest_6082: please I need help!!! i cant no more with the abusive boss i have. she has put me down for five years now, from d=escrimination, to nepotism promoting and hring only white people (nothing against them) abd naking me feel like I stink. Does anyone outhere can help me. I have lost my hair my dignity my courage
Guest_9293: Give sasha londons a shot she can help you 6082
Guest_3522: I cant believe how fast sasha worked!! Only six days for full results!!! Unbelievable!!
Guest_9796: Cant wait to see results with tasha
Guest_8385: How do i do it
Guest_8385: Anyone know how to do spells?
Guest_8385: :|
Guest_6990: I suggest you give sasha try, she is really fast and doesn't charge money til you are happy. only downside is it can take a little bit to hear back from her sometimes because of how tremendous busy she is
Guest_4531: Well, just like everyone else, I just got results. waited for 11 days and now i'm seeing full results from sasha spell. This is excellent!!! thank you candace!
Guest_5993: So, anyone try aisha haadi?
Guest_4926: is that lady? she is a scam.
Candace Lightheart: People seem really happy with sasha the most. I see the most positive reviews for sasha at
Guest_9552: I have actually gotten results from sasha after only 10 days, I know she's real, so I'll never use anyone else.
Guest_3350: Yes, it's nuts how day? Fast sasha is able to get results on the hardest stuff my spell has to have been the hardest there is and I still saw results in seven days
Guest_3350: Sory i ment its crazy how fast sasha spells works. I am on my phone and it autocorrect sometimes
Candace Lightheart: No doubt shes fast lol
Guest_6732: im like getting crazy ... To many scammers, and i really spended a thousands og dollars. They take money, and Never get back to me.
Guest_6732: can i use Sasha without hesitating?
Guest_6732: Im not even from the USA.
Guest_4990: I mean, I don't know can you? lol. If you want real results I suggest sasha, she only one that worked for me. her site is
Guest_4666: : ) Thanks. I am giving her a shot, she is going to start it tonight.
Guest_6861: is sasha the real deal for real ?
Guest_6861: I really need help , all the spell casters i have came in contact with are all scammers i have already lost alot of money I need a real deal magick spell caster ...ANYONE ???
Guest_4765: Wow so Sasha really works? God I hope so!
Guest_4323: Yea shes the real thing
Guest_4067: I know it's not good to talk about your spells in detail but have any of you guys done any "return to me" love spells with Sasha? & have they worked? I've been through one too many scammers and I'm so close to giving up. Does anyone think Sasha can really help? This whole spell caster search is so frustrating :(
Guest_9805: Hey im using sapphire right now for a love well is she on results for that?
Guest_9805: I contacted her at thebeginning of the month and was wondering if anyone else has seen proven results?
Guest_9805: Please guys im desparate for results.ive also used 2 casters previous to getting in touch with her and they have failed hoping she wont fail me.
Guest_9982: I got results from sapphire after about 2 months.
Guest_4105: I have also got good results from sapphire after a few weeks on a binding spell. I used her for a money spell too that took about 60 days.
Guest_1114: Sasha friendly and works real fast and no pay up front. Good deal lol
Guest_3900: I like sasha, she got results for me, 5 days total
Guest_3505: Hi who is Sasha how do I find her
Guest_8570: I need a love spell :P
Guest_8570: Does any one know if this spell works
Candace Lightheart: Sasha's website is
Candace Lightheart: Yes, spells really do work, however, I do strongly suggest sasha, she doesn't charge until you get results and she is very good at getting fast results, usually in a matter of days
Guest_8305: Okay thank you I will try sasha, she is going to try and get me on the schedule today.
Guest_7118: I am so pleased with sasha's spell casting, I have personally tried it and OFFICIALLY AM REPORTING BACK. I just msged here a few days ago about a love spell and you guys directed me to sasha, who put me on the schedule same day and I am now seeing results only a few days later. It is unbelievable!!
Candace Lightheart: @ Guest 7118... That's great news! I'm glad to hear it!
Guest_4975: What type of results did you see from Sasha in terms of love spells ? &I returning ex's ? Need help
Guest_7118: Well he's back, he was going to this girls house and ignoring me, he leaves her alone now he's back here all the time and just bought me a big box of chocolates. This is literaly so unlike him, but I knew deep down, he had this good in him all along. I'm so glad she was able to draw it out of him
Guest_8154: Does anyone know how to contact Sasha?
Guest_2392: I found her on


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)