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Slot machine winner Gambling Spell

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The “win at the slot machines” spell is a potent gambling casting driven to increase your luck and odds at winning while playing slot machines. There is no particular type of slot machine which is better than any other, progressive slots or not, this spell will make you a winner.

Ingredients List: [1] Large coin (a silver dollar for example works well) [10 grams] Mint or Peppermint or Spearmint [1] Orange [1] Butter knife [1 cup] Salt water [1] Sealable container capable of holding all the ingredients above [1] Freezer

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Using the butter knife, slice a gash into the orange and squeeze some of the juice into the sealable container.

Step #3: Meditate for 3-5 minutes, imagining hitting a huge slot machine win.

Step #4: Place the mint, peppermint, or spearmint into the container.

Step #5: Imagine what you will buy with the money for approximately 1-2 minutes.

Step #6: Pour the salt water into the container.

Step #7: Place the coin inside the container.

Step #8: Seal the container.

Step #8: Close the circle (directions found in chapter 1).

Step #9: Remove the coin and keep it on you while you gamble.

Step #10: Reseal the container and place it in the freezer until you are a winner.

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Guest_6939: thanks candace
Guest_8599: i see everyone else is getting results with sasha . thats good. I have not seen one person yet who has not gotten results in like a matter of days most of the time looks really good. I will give her a shot. thank you
Candace Lightheart: Yes she seems to be the fastest.
Guest_4968: Hi
Guest_4968: How are you guys?
Guest_3749: good : ) we are talking everyday now. He has never been this into me before. Sasha really did work fast thank you again candace for your recomendation
Guest_5281: checking in, I hired sasha 3 days ago said I would give her a shot and my love and binding spell is manifesting already! She is real guys for sure
Guest_6524: Hey ,
Guest_6524: How do you get in touch with # email mowhet
Guest_6524: Hi
Guest_9662: who sasha? She is at
Guest_2472: I don't know personally what I woud have done w/o sasha, she was able to fix my marriage in like 72 hours, no kidding. This was ongoing prob lasting years, all solved very fastly with her. before sasha though, I had tried and paid probably 2 dozen different so called psychics including londa marks,,,, and like so many I lost track, so i can understand why people get scammed. hard to find real caster
Candace Lightheart: Yes it is tough out there, lots of scams =( glad that I could help guide you though to someone real glad to hear it worked out
Guest_4674: : ) God yea the best decision I made was using sasha thank you candace, if it werent for you I would still be getting scammed
Guest_5464: well i'm glad to hear sasha always gets results in like a matter of days, I want results ASAP and am going to try her today thanks guys
Guest_5464: is sasha right?
Guest_3921: Yes that's sasha
Guest_8107: I just got mine's done last night...let's see how it goes
Guest_5936: Am a poker player, am not having luck these days. Is there any kind of spell that can get me what kind of cards am asking. Can a 2 magnet used female to female male to male femald to male or male to female Zt the table.?
Guest_1495: :-* :-* :-* :-* O.O O.O :O :| :) :( ;) :P
Guest_2918: holy crap I cannot believ esasha worked so fast@!!! I only hired her 3 days ago and I am ALREADY seeing signs and things changing!
Guest_2918: this is freaking amazing! Thank you so much guys!
Guest_2918: I am so glad I found her, if i hadn't i don't know what I would do.
Guest_2918: thank you candace and thank you every1 who suggested her.
Guest_5032: I want to use sasha for a love spell hopefully if she will take me, where can I find her? I j ust see people talking about how fast she works but I cannot find her online
Guest_2918: is sasha website I will post her email later on tonight, but yo ucan reach her on that website 2
Guest_5032: Thanks I'll email her tonight.
Guest_2918: Just make sure to tell her you need binding too if you get a love spell, she doesn't charge any money til you see reuslts and you can add all type of things to your spell, I got the love spell and the binding spell at the same time, done together it make it stronger and more powerful
Candace Lightheart: Yes, if you're looking for a love spell, you want to try Sasha, she is the fastest out of everyone I have reviewed, I just haven't had many who even have results to begin with, and certainly no one is lightning fast like her, most of her cases seem to resolve within like a week, people are always posting here their success stories with her. I highly encourage sasha for sure. here is a link for those of you who are like me and don't want to copy paste lol «link»
Guest_5537: going to try her today hope she can fit me in the schedule
Guest_2006: yea it is i get them cast all the time
Guest_2428: Well sasha love spell was real I can say that
Guest_8842: How long have people waited to see Sapphire's spells manifest? Has anyone else waited longer than 2 weeks for Sasha?
Guest_5123: I got a spell by sasha and it took about a week and a half. every1 i see gets results super fast with her actually tho
Guest_5123: so that did not surprise me any
Guest_5123: I see a couple people got results with sapphire but it look like most people here are asking sasha to do the spell for them because of how fast she is
Guest_1072: Yea, if you are trying to choose between sapphire or sasha, choose sasha, duh, it's a no brainer, she doesn't charge you any $$$ until you see results, so you aren't getting scammed for sure. I personally hire her too myself a month ago, got results in only 11 days. That's fast imo. She's good at spells and knows waht she is doing for sure. I'd ratehr leave it to her than do it myself because she's a professional
Guest_8065: I'm seeing results from sashas spell now
Guest_8065: i got love spell from her
Guest_8065: twelve days ago
Guest_4122: reporting some scams I wasted 80 dollars there
Guest_4122: they don't know the real future, th ey are scammers
Guest_4122: is also a scam, wasted 200 dollar there
Guest_4122: sry it is that scam me and also same person same scam artist
Guest_4467: I honestly cannot believe how fast sasha gets results. I didn't believe it, but i'm seeing changes after only 3 days. this is crazy
Guest_3682: I want to report some scam sites that took my money and give me no result.
Guest_3682: is a scam, she works with londa marks and They are in cahoots and have taken me for a ride. They told me chris would be back after 2 months or less, but it has been over a year and no results!
Guest_3682: has woman who says she can tell you the future, she had me send 600 dollars in cash by western union and then say she would send back the money after she did a work on it so that the evil was removed from my m oney but now she do not ever talk to me except to tell me to send more money
Guest_3682: also the woman at is not a real spell caster, she is a fake and she will tell you anything you want o hear in order to get you to send her money, i sent her all of my tax refund and now i have none left and i was going to use that money for my daughter birthday party. now i'm upset she said manifest in time, but it has not manifested, has been 8 months
Guest_7616: whoc an I hire who can help me with a real love spell and maybe binding spell then
Guest_7616: so I have read everything, is Sasha best? do i find her at ? I don't want to go to the wrong place I am sick of getting scammed I also tried they are fake for sure.
Candace Lightheart: Yes, I suggest Sasha londons at «link»
Guest_1202: is also a scam
Guest_5446: I was a victim of a fake psychic
Guest_9214: Aisha haadi?
Guest_5722: Husband left me and son for woman in Georgia I know she put witchcraft on him I need someone strong and powerful to help me fight this woman please help me please
Guest_4479: aisha haadi and egyptian witchcraft is a big fat scam
Guest_2158: Really....did you order a spell from her?
Guest_2158: 5722.....sorry to hear about ur situation
Guest_2846: yea i ordered a spell from aisha haadi, she is a liar and a cheat, only takes money over and over from you. no results
Guest_2846: Now i'm working with sasha londons who has satisfied already 2 cases and working on my third
Guest_2846: going from someone who keeps taking money from you to someone who only charges you after you see results is a big change.
Guest_8587: Reporting back too, Got results from took approximatly 4 days to see results from when the spell was cast. This is the best love spell I have tried.
Guest_3776: Which spell did your order from aisha?
Guest_8647: It doesn't matter, all of the spells from aisha is a scam, are you not listening, she scammed you if you bought ANY spell from her lol hire someone real next time
Guest_8647: all of aisha haadi's spells are fake, all of them, she is a scam.
Guest_9092: I buy from and it did not work
Guest_9092: have waited over 2 years
Guest_9092: I have buy from it is also a scam, didn't work love spell binding and protection all failed and spent lots of money cant even add it all up aisha sucks and doesnt even answer my email
Guest_9092: I have bought from and this do not work either, netiher does their site they also own jean claude wann love spells, it's all completely bs and none of it works
Guest_9092: so if you bought from them you got scammed like me sorry to say
Candace Lightheart: I suggest you guys try sasha londons you can find her here: «link» she usually gets results in under 2 weeks and you do not pay her a dime until you are happy
Guest_5857: Sasha literally almost always shows results on her spells within 2 weeks, honestly, most people who come through here report back days later that things have changed
Guest_1521: yay!! I just got my results waited only 12 days, I'm fine with that was way fast. thank you ...I was heartbroken when I realized that I got scammed by amanda. really happy to have found sasha.
Guest_6983: yes if you are looking for a love spell or binding spell, a break up spell or divorce or anything that you need to save your marriage, I also recomend sasha from she is the only caster that I have tried which is actually real and was able to get me real results and i have tried a lot psychics and spell caster before her let me tell you, they are all the same, they try to get you to pay them all this money then they are all talk and no walk. but if you try sasha, u will get results really fast just like me and everyone else. probably in less than even a week, thats how fast my spell worked with her. even 12 days seems a little high with sasha, most people are saying like 2-9 days or so, like mine was really really fast.
Guest_7282: dang so is a scam and so is jean claude wann spells great.
Guest_6442: How can l get you by call now my love :|
Guest_6442: My husband left me with my son and get a woman whom make witchcraft for her Sol need powerful from my god fight this woman help me by dua am in a.
Guest_3922: most people are going with sasha now, from because she is like the only one that is getting results apparently.
Guest_3922: I got a love spell from her and got results in 6 days,which is good since it's under a week
Guest_1664: Yea, basically everyone who tries sasha gets results in less than a week usually
Guest_1503: I need to hit bingo :P
Guest_1526: Is sasha really this good. Interested in a spell from her. Just sounds tooooooooooo good to be true
Guest_7231: you should try her, I had success with sasha and I have tried so many others
Guest_5176: Got scammed by powerful voodoo spells and africa master zen but I am thinking I will try her thank you we will see if she can deliver
Guest_1306: :( hello am un happy need help on finding a man , look like a model am age 39 but want to look like in my 20 but i found three great men on the nintendo wii u gaming on milvers and want them back can someone one disabled the personal control on my game pad for me please dont know the code or password , and put a spell on my fsmily like lrt them back off and let me have my oown life and do what i want to even have friends start dating , and become rich to thank you o much??
Guest_1306: am a female dont like my life hate it :_(
Guest_7647: Just got my second spells results today with sasha!! Only waited three days... She is a true miracle worker!! Woohoo!!
Guest_7203: Yay me 2. I got results from sasha today!!!!. Freaking only four days for results!!! Unbelievable!!!!
Guest_1935: Okay, well I can tell you right now is a scam. is a scam. is a scam 39.99 love spell didn't work, the pendant didn't work. They keep charging me more money. They're all scams and all owned by the same people
Guest_1935: okay, I'm going to try I will report back. That is sasha right?
Candace Lightheart: Yes. Sasha londons can be found at ( She's fast, and I'm sure you'll get results as fast as possible, usually under 1-2 weeks.
Guest_7563: I just posted here a little bit ago and say i would check back. I hired sasha or tried her, she dont take no money from you until you get results. I just wanted to report back and tell people that this has worked for me. it was not long and took under week to see results. V. happy with sasha also. glad 2 share my experience with u all
Guest_9090: I would like the dpe
Guest_9090: Sorry I did not mean to type that above what I ment to say was:I would like the spell to have no ingredients :_!!!! THANKS
Guest_2963: hm. maybe you should hire someone, try sasha, I used her got results in 13 days. pretty good deal considering she doesnt charge you any money lol
Guest_2963: I never paid her even after i got my results, because I did not have the money, but she help me anyway
Guest_7133: I also tried her spell. I didn't think it was going to work but it freakin did lol it was that I used and waited 6 days for results ...all spells shoudl be this fast.
Guest_4715: got my results from sasha this morning!!!! EEEEKKK!!!!
Guest_4715: YESSSS! Thanks every1
Guest_7297: HAve to say didn't think this was going to work but I'll be dammed if sasha didn't get results for me too
Guest_7297: It was a love spell too. Only took a day to cast and since she didn't make Me pay... Thought it wasn't going to work. I have to say sasha is actually real. Lol. God this is crazy. I thought they were all scammers and I'm glad I finally find someone who is really real tohelp me
Guest_4715: Think she can do a money spell too? now that I had results with love spell I want to try her for money spll
Guest_6900: YES she was able to get me a lottery win, however, it took 21 days.
Guest_6900: And the lottery win was only 32,000 US dollars
Guest_6900: I wanted a million dollar jackpot. but 32k is better than nothing and she was the only one to get me any kind of results.
Candace Lightheart: Sasha is really good at what she does and she has always been able to produce really good results from what I have seen. I only see successes from her honestly. People are constantly coming back here talking about how fast her love spells work. I personally have gotten really good results from Sasha.
Guest_3011: What is sasha's email?
Candace Lightheart: you can find her at her site: (
Candace Lightheart: whoops. «link»
Guest_7100: I'm about to order a spell ! I will post as soon as I get results !
Guest_3011: Thanks. Btw. I want to report some scams. is a scam
Guest_3011: so is that is a scam too. just trying to help some people who are lookin for real caster. I will go ahead and email sasha, I want to get real help
Guest_3415: :O
Guest_2647: How long does it take to see results with Sasha's spell?
Guest_2913: : ) just got results from a binding spell with sasha, only waited 7 days flat !!!!
Guest_2913: congratulations to me!!!!
Candace Lightheart: Nice Job 2913 : ) sounds like you made a good decision : )
Guest_1193: I am JUST NOW STARRTING TO SEE RESULTS FROM SASAH, I can SEE THE SIGNS RIGHT NOW, HE IS STARTING TO COME AROUND!!!!! I will report back later as it manifests more
Guest_3921: well aisha haadi scam me. so did Londa marks. and voodoo master. crap.
Candace Lightheart: Try sasha londons Guest 3921. You'll like her work, she is super fast. you can hire her here
Candace Lightheart: Try sasha, yea, she doesn't take money (asks for donation AFTER you see results only)
Guest_4801: does the call me now love spell work for anybody else, jason needs to call me like now. he wants to do it but he doesnt have the willpower to do so, maybe sasha can cast a more effective spell for me or i do it myself somebody help which is better?
Guest_8396: Sasha would be better unless u are a experienced caster
Guest_5043: Does this really work
Guest_4732: It does if you hire the right caster lol
Guest_4732: not if you hire or or, but when I got Sasha, I was able to get fast results....8 days i waited
Guest_8599: personaly got result from sasha after 5 days, 8 days seems kind of high
Guest_3681: Guys who is sasha?
Guest_3681: I have a big love problem, can some one recommend anything or anyone to help and provide a solution?
Guest_5260: sasha londons she runs if anyone can help you with love its her
Guest_6966: got scam by i think, they are scammers. dont buy from them
Guest_4702: I cannt believe i'm actualy reporting back and saying sasha worked and only with 11 day of waiting that is rediculous
Guest_4702: you guys were all right thank you!
Guest_4702: i want to report scam me before I had found someone real and is also one of the scam love spell sites, don't buy from them.. insted buy from sasha and jus get it done right the first time
Guest_1901: Just report back and want to let you all know that sasha really did work, i thought this was bs but it isnt and she is not going to ask you to pay her money until you get results. she is legit!
Guest_1901: almost forget too, her name is sasha londons and you can go here to msg her:
Guest_8835: I just got a spell from Sasha... it's been 2 days, no signs yet. =[ I'm impatient lol
Candace Lightheart: Dont panick 8835! She always gets results and usually in under a week, you will probably have results tomorrow!
Guest_1901: Just want to report : ) my friend just got results from sasha londons too :D
Guest_5261: Sasha spell just started worKing for me here... Whew!! 13 days... Right under the two week average!
Guest_7405: hello
Guest_3290: do not hire aisha haadi, I am another person got scammed by her and lost all my money, now iI don't have money left to hire someone real =(
Guest_9104: You should try sasha are you don't even have to pay her until you get results, so that solves your money problem, just ask to have a money spell included and then you'll have money to pay her with too!
Candace Lightheart: Yes, she usually gets results in a matter of a week or less normally, so that would be wise advice, Guest_9104, I agree with you.
Guest_8400: Candace
Guest_8400: Is there a time that it takes longer than 2 weeks?
Candace Lightheart: Rarely it will rarely take over 2 weeks, if it has, contact her and I am sure she will do a recast if necessary.
Guest_2952: Thank you I will
Guest_2901: Reporting some scams I found, I did buy a spell from each one, no results, waited 90 days or more, some of them 180 days and no results. here is the list of people I know is a scam so I can hopefully prevent others from getting scammed too:
Guest_2901: she charges more than 45.00 like she advertises, makes you pay over 400 dollars or the spell wont work dont buy from her, it doesnt work anyway
Guest_2901: is the same people who are scamming from they both use the same scam messages and will take you for several hundred dollars, and only takes western union, big sign of a scam artist
Guest_2901: is a HUGE SCAMMER! He owns several sites, including voodoomaster and real african he is not a real voodoo priest and he cannot help you get your lover back.
Guest_2901: Ashra is a scam, and I bought from her on ebay too. I also got scammed by they cannot tell the future and cannot even tell that I am calling. They are not psychics. They are fakes. Charlatons
Candace Lightheart: Wow Guest_2901, thank you for the scam reports!
Guest_4390: so who can we go to who is real then?
Candace Lightheart: Right now I still suggest above anyone else sasha from because she gets the fastest results out of everyone we have tried collectively, most of the people who go with her see changes sometimes within a matter of hours. She is the real deal. She is just in such high demand it can take time to get on her schedule (usually within 24-48 hours, but still, it takes her time to reply because she has so many people coming to her now).


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)