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Stop getting Scammed!


Hi, My name is Candace Lightheart.  I am not a spell caster. I am a wiccan however, and I believe in what goes around comes around! I am going to make it my SOLE DUTY to find REAL ANSWERS for people who need help. No more bull shit, and no more scam artists! Let us start VERIFYING who is real shall we? I will post all my spell book spells and everything that I know, in addition to helping guide people to real solutions.  

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Learn how to cast your own spells

The purpose of is to propel your own interests in witchcraft and spell casting. Here you will find loads of complimentary spells you can do, easily, from the comfort of your own home. This was a commercial spellbook which is being released for FREE to you!  Enjoy the professional grade spells in your house today! It's important to learn the truth in FREE magick and also how to find a good professional if you really need one without getting scammed. Scammers are everywhre, and it's tough out there. Ask us if you think it might be a scam.

Wiccan away, new and introductory spell casters welcome!

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Live Magick Chat!

Guest_7861: Hey guys!! quick update on my situation. He is defenetly coming around again!!!! Angelica is doing a wonderful work. She keeps me posted every day and I can start seeing result. I just wanted say this so you know it really works and stay positive and peaceful
Guest_8886: Happy to say I'm working with sapphire I'm so excited :-) .
Guest_8886: @7861 I agree with u also this is totally real. For the people who get discourage meditating helps me u really feel the positive energy after that. I'm so happy all the time just believe it will work. The wonderful women that are casting these spells for u care. Trust in them
Guest_2359: I aslo am seeing results from Angelica Sanders She is a good woman and she actually update me before, but now that i am happy with the results, as of yesterday, she has requested to focus on other ppl. that i say okay to because she has been doin a great job for me. thank you to angelica sanders.
Guest_2359: anyone know of a good caster for a spell that will help me with weight loss i try the free one, but it is a little slow, which is okay, i understand it isn't that powerful, but i want to bring a pro on and angelica is too busy to help with it. she said she doesn't recommend people, so i am try to find someone?
Guest_7726: They said sapphire is really good with things like that.
Guest_7726: @2359
Guest_7726: @2359 could u like tell me the things u did to get ur results. Cadance I'm not focusing on time lol I swear I'm just trying to find a way to help my spell work alittle faster. :D :S
Candace: 7726, is right, Sapphire is good for weight loss (thank you). to improve your results, you should meditate, relax, focus on soothing activities that benefit your self-esteem and listen to all advice your caster gives you.
Candace: This type of question should be reserved for each caster, every caster is different. People often spend too much time thinking about things like this, instead of going with their feelings. You will know if your caster is right for you or if they are not the right caster for you.
Guest_3163: Not particularly thinking about that, just found it interesting :) but thanks
Guest_3315: Omg you guys!! He is coming to see me!! Oh wow im speechless
Candace: once again, we do not focus on times guest 4445.
Guest_6335: I think its best to keep your mind on the prize. And leave the inbetween to your caster.
Candace: ^
Guest_7040: Update on my situation my ex started to come around yay me however I forgot to follow sapphires advice and got into my feelings but all hope is not lost cause I'm working with a great caster and I do believe this is going to work so if anyone is in my situation as well don't give up buckle down inform ur caster and refocus on the prize it's well worth it:-)
Guest_5289: Guest_7040 what do you mean when u say "got into my feelings"
Guest_5289: Just wondering I dont want to make the same mistake thanks
Guest_7040: I had started to text him first basically pusure him even a harmless hey. U should always let that person text u first until u are completely happy. I jumped the gun but since I'm working with an awesome caster they told me to stop pursuing him and stay positive.
Guest_7040: Yes I understand listen ur caster if u do screw always ALWAYS let them know.
Guest_7040: To
Candace: 7040 is right. Thank you guest 7040
Guest_5289: Thank you @7040 for the clarification. Im glad to hear its working for you
Guest_7040: Ur welcome
Guest_7040: Ur welcome Candace thank u for the site with out u And this site I would have never found sapphire
Candace: ;)
Samal: i love workin with sapphire some1 asked about her for a weight loss spell she's great with those. help my brother with a special gender related spell too
Samal: thanks and also hello everyone!
Samal: also i am happy that these spells are here, they very are helpful
Samal: spells*
Samal: : )
Guest_1990: Is there a spell to make someone be nice to you... Like to make them stop finding every negative thing about you and throwing it in your face....
Guest_4429: Can I have ideas to help with my spell results appear faster? I go out with friends I even try meditating lol I live a normal life as possible. Anymore positive ideas to help?
Guest_2359: @guest 4429, my caster, angelica sanders, recommended to me that I sleepa little more each day, the rest is good for me and also my spell. she said warm baths help. she say that MASSAGE DAY HELPS!!! THE SPAGIRLFRIEND lol.(if u r a girl, actually supose GUY can go there too lol!)
Guest_6110: Lol thanks I am a girl thank u
Guest_9354: What's up everybody
Guest_5874: Hey is there a spell for hair growth
Guest_1040: gues 5874 yes, here it is «link»
Guest_1040: or you can try goin gto sapphire, she specializes in love, beauty, weight loss, physical cahnges, even sex change/ gender spells and fertility spells. «link»
Candace Lightheart: Casters asking for more money does not mean they are screwing you. And we don't focus on times here, this is how you will achieve faster results. If they aren't demanding money or telling you the spirits will kill you, you can simply decline their offers. If they told you one spell was strong enough to do the job, they likely are not lying to you. More offers does not indicate scam or failure. but once more, we do not focus on times on this website.
Candace Lightheart: To help encourage your own fast results, even if you have hired someone, you can always perform one of the free spells on this site too. Or i recommend being patient and letting things manifest for you. Everyone that I recommend on this site has given TONS of results to many customers that come through here, and verified personally myself for their legitimacy.
Candace Lightheart: So if you have hired someone tested, then you can rest okay at night and sleep okay knowing that the results will come to you for certain.
Guest_3973: Okay thanks
Laura_MoonWick12: (?)
Guest_4529: Yeah stay in school lol
Candace Lightheart: Sorry, this site is for 18 years and older.
Guest_1952: I have a question
Guest_1952: I am tryin gto get my ex back and they left just yesterday and i know it was bad for a while and all but i just hadn't had the idea til now to try to fix it with a spell, i dont want to force free will ij ust want to help her see that we are meant to be. who shud i try
Guest_8215: Sapphire Sapphire is real good «link»
Guest_8397: Yes she is a good one a very nice understanding woman at that .
Man of the year: Sapphire
Guest_7303: @ candace when I do your spells what do I do with the items that I put in the freezer after I get my results. Do I just put it in the trash, or bury it In the ground.
Guest_4048: burying them is ALWAYS Better
Candace Lightheart: Angelica Sanders is real as well, and a sure fire bet for a love situation. She is more than capable of saving divorces. If she is sticking with you, she can get the job done. you should listen to her advice. she has personally provided me results.
Candace Lightheart: This is a very positive site and designed to back up our faith and avoid those who are not going to do work for money. If you got angelica, you got a good caster, let her do her job for sure.
Guest_3513: I just woke up with this positive energy flow that hit me I'm so so happy right now I can see me and my ex girlfriend getting back together and being fully happy! I feel so relaxed like my caster work is affecting me !!!! I know me and mines will be back together I can even feel like I'm on her mind I can see a true future with me and her together !!!! This is a wonderful feeling!!!!!!!
Guest_4453: @3513 I feel like that too like I'm more relaxed this started yesterday.
Guest_6437: @4453 who is your spell caster
Guest_4453: Sapphire
Guest_6437: It feel like everyone on here is using sapphire lol
Guest_4453: Lol yeah I think so either her or Angelica sanders. They both are amazing from what I see.
Guest_6437: Yeah I went with genie whales she keeps me updated. And she is nice but I might get a money spell done with her or something.
Guest_2834: Sapphire is the truth still waiting on results though
Guest_2834: I wanna text my ex so bad but my caster said don't pursue first
Guest_3756: Then don't do it ur holding up ur results by doing that follow her advice text a friend turn ur phone off for awhile anything to keep from calling or texting
Guest_2834: I haven't did it just never went so long with out talking to my ex before
Guest_2834: Do anybody know why you must not pursue the person first? What does not talking to them do to them?
Guest_3756: I understand but it's worth it in the end so just stay calm
Guest_3756: It will slow down the results from my understanding it gets faster results when u let them come to u
Guest_2834: Ok , thanks for that motivational speech
Guest_2834: It froze up?
Candace Lightheart: Genie Whales is also a good caster. So is angelica Sanders, Sapphire, Kats spells or londa marks. They are EXCELLENT love choices for sure. Your caster will have the best advice for you for sure about how to make the results come faster, but everyone is right about not focusing on times, and not pursuing your ex first for sure. listen to your caster if you want the best results.
Guest_3730: The site is back up yay! Can I have any ideas on how to say positive and patient? I seen someone say a warm bath and more sleep I do that a lot lol. Anymore ideas?
Guest_6525: Just let your casters do they thing and take the advice they give
Guest_3730: Ok
Guest_6525: Trust me we all going through it too just waiting on results like you are. I just learned to think about the prize at the end of the process, remain chill know you hired a professional who won't let you down
Guest_4101: I'm calm I just needed more positive things to do thanks tho
Guest_8814: I would suggest watch Netflix text friends shop chill meditate go get a pedicure just do things and enjoy the things your doing.
Guest_3364: when i was waiting for mine to manifest i would just read. all day. magazines at first then i strated novels read the great gatsby for first time in my life while i wait, then i was calm, helped her get me faster real result
Guest_9224: @3364 who did u use?
Guest_9224: Also I slipped and text my ex first a couple of times no response. Will it mess with my love spell or am I to late? I work with sapphire. We had been talking here and there and he just stopped :-(
Guest_4165: I've been reading the latest posts. Genie Whales is doing so much work on my situation. I think in my case since I've never met this person yet, well I'm asking her about if I should even respond to his tweets or Facebook posts at all. I am not going to over the next few days and just work on my own stuff. I've asked Genie before she didn't say one way or the other. I have asked her about it again.
Guest_4165: I've been sleeping a lot more lately.. getting tired more quickly at night. I am thinking yes a warm bath sounds really good right now actually...
Guest_7472: Ima give you a funny comedy stand up to watch on netflix Rickey Smiley-Casket Sharp it will have you rolling and take your mind off the situation a little
Guest_4165: I don't have Netflix..
Candace: Very nice of you guest 7472, here it is on youtube 4165: «link» there are many other ones on youtube by this artist.
Guest_4165: Now YouTube not a problem
Guest_4165: I have a bunch of writing to do as well and some reading and such so think I'll get into that tonight..
Guest_4165: but first a hot bath
Guest_7472: Check out that Rickey smiley it have you laughing hard seriously! I bet that take your mind off the situation !!!
Guest_7472: Aye Candace you ever saw it?
Candace: Yes. : ) lol
Guest_4165: OMG he's hilarious
Guest_4165: Have you seen Gabriel Iglesias now he's FUNNY
Guest_5519: @-4165, I have ALL his stand up specials saved on my pc hd..he's funny as hell..never I feel down or stressed out, I'll just watch one of his stand up special & that helps me...ALOT :)
Guest_4165: He is awesome!
Guest_6792: Now I'm watching wrestle mania 30 online thinking positive waiting on them results !
Guest_3417: Sapphire is the most sweetest lady in the world.
Guest_5570: Yes she is!
Guest_6017: If u have a reading done by ur caster and she tells u when ur target will pursue is that putting time on it or is that ok?
Guest_7574: If you don't focus on the time, it's okay
Guest_6017: Ok thank u I don't I honestly forgot until I read through my email.
Guest_6710: I am working with Angelica sanders right now trying to stop a divorce. But my wife found out about this, how I do not know, but was mad at and said she is spiritually protected and that I am trying to control her and mess with her free will. Should I just stop everything and give up? Still love her very much and all this was for her to forgive me for my mistakes and try to work everything out. Any advise please would greatly appreciated.
Guest_7574: Did you tell your caster? Your spell ought to still manifest with Angelica
Guest_6017: U should really talk to ur spell caster if it was me I wouldn't stop it
Guest_6710: Yeah I let angel now. I just want to make things right with my wife and work things out
Guest_1992: It's going to be ok just talk to Angelica about it. Don't give up I think it will still work.
Guest_7636: Anyone have the feeling of peace? Like ur mind isn't focused at all on ur spell. I love my ex but I'm not worried anymore. I'm just so relaxed this is the first time in a long time since we broke up that I'm come.
Guest_7636: *calm
Guest_1276: Peace is very good. if you have peace, this will encourage way faster results.
Guest_4926: I'm at peace too I'm just calm and relaxed about it all
Guest_1920: good news. i got results today. i been postin here for a couple weeks, went with one of the options u said candace, thank you. she was very helpful.
Guest_1252: What option was that?
Guest_1920: she recommend ed genie whails, sapphire or angelica and i had choosen sapphire.
Guest_1920: i am now gunna go with katspells for a money spell i think soon
Guest_1920: thank you candace
Guest_7672: Comgrats on your results
Guest_1920: thx
Guest_7672: Hope I be next soon
Guest_1920: hang in there you will!
Guest_7672: What all was you doing past time and keep your mind off it?
Guest_1920: actually i hung around my friends all the time it help me so much, but i also am from a country where there is a lot of groups of people where u pray together, i join one of these and we will have many sessions often, which kept my mind meditated and focused to help the cause
Guest_1920: i also join gym here so that i can work out i started to work out 3 times a week it takes so much energy expels it out of you u will be a healthir for the spell caster
Guest_7672: True I was working out hell gas prices started getting high lol
Guest_1920: you will see results u will be happy 2 jus like me 7672
Guest_1920: just hvae the faith to get thru this time of waiting and it will come soon 4 u
Guest_7490: I accidentally text me ex today but she replied back not mad or nothing like she would have been before the love spell
Guest_8701: if you msg your ex first, kyou are going to be doing harm to the results making them come slower, mostly. u shud tell ur caster u accidently texted your ex so they know and can try 2 fix it
Guest_7490: What are the consequences behind this?
Guest_8701: well mostly what i just say is all: that it can ruin the work or make it slower. if you ask ur caster they will be able to tell you how badly this mistake affects your case.
Candace: If you don't do it again and you notified your caster, it will work out okay.
Guest_5651: Ok she said she will fix it
Guest_3315: Just updating my case is something most ppl would consider impossible. But no for Angelica!! She is been wonderful. I kept on seeing results almost everyday. I see improvements. He went from not talking to me at all to see me almost daily. With no effort on my part at all. This is just the begining but Iam so happy
Guest_5651: How to let time escape your mind?
Candace Lightheart: Thank you for all your contributions guys. I appreciate it. guest 5651, do things that are fun to you. i suggest to people that they think about when they were a child and somethin gthat liked to do, draw, or play a certain a certain book, see a certain movie. but something, that hits home and is truly truly truly happy to you. these things will put you in your happy place, which helps out a lot.
Guest_4433: Sorry about the crash - the person talking about hot and cold calls and the target giving you some on and some off, this is type of information for your spell caster. thye will greatly benefit from this knowledge
Guest_3277: If you can't keep paying money to your caster will it still work
Guest_3277: I did have faith this would work now not so sure just because of the money thing. I really want to help with this but I have bills I can't spend all my money on this I still have to have a place to live and I am having a hard time with
Guest_3277: That
Guest_8446: I'm working with Anglelica I'm still waiting for my results,I know they will come soon,I believe in her
Guest_3277: Did she ask for more money
Guest_8446: I hope they will keep helping you guest 3277
Guest_3277: I hope so to
Guest_8446: No she haven't,is that who you are working with
Guest_3277: No genie whales
Guest_8446: have you talked to them about it
Guest_3277: I don't need to know what's going to happen I just need it to happen
Guest_8446: I hear you
Guest_8638: Diditfreezeagain
Guest_8638: Did it freeze again
Guest_4433: Money has nothing to do with someone being a scam artist or not guys. It's whether or not they are doing work for you. Just because someone offers something else, does not mean its' necessary either, unless they tell you it is mandatory, it is not mandatory. I think you guys are panicking too much over small details. I have worked with both castesr in questions and I have seen results with both, for different matters. They are good womn. so is kat i worked with her too. I got a money spell from calastrology also and that also worked. you should listen to your caster, and if you are with a caster who doesn't send you any updates, that's not a good caster. all the casters that i have worked with, except calastrology, sent me updates
Guest_3563: Love spells do what to a person?
Guest_1521: Good love spells do not force things, but gently encourage through aura and the spiritual side to manifest favorably for the heart physical world.
Guest_4094: It makes the target fall back in love with you?
Guest_1527: guides them to it, yes
Guest_4263: The site is up yay!!! Don't have a question but I can say I've been working with sapphire for awhile them asking for money isn't s scam it's to help with the spell work Angelica is very much real.
Guest_6542: Ur spell caster knows if ur spell is going to work?
Guest_1527: guidesyes
Guest_6542: Anyone knows
Guest_1527: Sapphire is definitely not a scam, she has provided me wonderful results personally. As has Angelica Sanders. -- They both are able to assist you. Asking for more money is definitely to help, however, some people really do scam this way. i can tell you, sapphire u ar in good hands
Guest_1527: your caster will know if your spell will work yes. they wiill be the only one to know.
Guest_6542: Oh ok thank u.
Guest_4094: Ok before I pick a caster , it's going push all the negative thoughts out the target head?
Guest_1527: ask your caster if they include cleansing. if so, it will take care of this
Guest_4094: Basically the target will go from I don't want you to baby I love you and want you?
Guest_1527: That sthe over all encompassing "goal" of most love spells yes : ]
Guest_4094: Ok
Guest_4094: So the person do a whole 360 one last question.. Don't they try to fight the feelings coming back?
Guest_1527: everyone is different, this is not a question for the general world, but for your specific caster
Guest_1527: every spell works diffeerntly
Candace Lightheart: Correct.
Guest_6648: @candace thank u for the site
Candace: Pleasure!!
Guest_9271: Does anyone else get upset when this site crashes lol. I mean that in a good way.
Guest_6467: YES! I check this site daily so I can stay relaxed and leave it to my cater and when it crashes lol I know it will be back up later. thank you Candance
Guest_4425: Lol Ikr this site is a life saver I don't feel alone
Guest_9271: I love hearing peoples success storys, makes me feel good.
Guest_4425: It sent me in a panic I couldn't get on all day but it teaches me to focus on other things when it happens tho
Guest_4425: Yeah me too I truly enjoy just talking to people who understand in general because I can't and won't bring it up to family and friends
Guest_6467: @4425 I know what you mean I won't be telling my friends or family either!
Guest_4425: I seen it work my ex was a complete ding a ling before sapphire lol but I slipped up but sapphire has my back so I'm not worried
Guest_6467: I
Guest_4425: Ikr this is something taking to the grave haha!
Guest_6467: I'm working with Sapphire right now she is the best
Guest_4425: Im*
Guest_4425: Yeah she is and she's really sweet I love her and I completely trust her a friend of mine used her also and got great results so I know she's real
Guest_6467: I had doubts about Sapphire but I found this site and have no more doubts
Guest_6467: I'm happy I got a real caster that wasn't a scam. I don't think I would have done this twice
Guest_4425: Ikr sapphire is like one in a million. Who would think u could get something like this over the internet and it works.
Guest_6467: Very true! I can't wait to post a success story later! :)
Guest_4159: While you are waiting, you all should consider casting the love binding spell in my "love spell" section above on this is the binding spell. This will help you get faster results tooooo!!!!
Guest_7010: Katspells is working for me and i'm happy i chose her, thanks for the recommendation
Guest_7535: hey, has anyone here used calastrology? i saw some positive reviews, but at the same time a lot of people say their spells don't work..
Candace Lightheart: I have used Calastrology, it has worked for me, but it is very very slow, and you have to spend a lot. Tell me what you're looking for, results wise and i'll provide you with a better caster for that if you would like.
Candace Lightheart: For everyone here, the site may go down temporarily, just the chat. I will be converting to a FORUM or something else, so that the site stops crashing! YAY!~!!! Thanks for your support and patience
Guest_2745: Thank you :|
Guest_2745: :D
Guest_2745: I feel the same way.
Candace Lightheart: Well, we don't talk about times here, that will DISCOURAGE results, not just with your caster but for everyone else who reads it, so please avoid times. if you're working with angelica, you're in great company and it will work for sure for you.
Guest_7535: okay, thanks Candace :) do you maybe have any advice what I should do while spellwork is being done? how to facilitate things, maybe something of your spell book to change his mind? he's very opposed to the idea of us geting back together, so it worries me a lot.
Candace: The love binding spell is the top suggestion for all love situations for sure, however, it will help to also perform circles WITH ONLY MEDITATION!!! You can read tips and such in side the "closing tips and info" section in the "introductory lessons" area
Guest_9074: Is this site up
Guest_9074: Is this site up?
Guest_6241: This site has a special forum available now: «link»
Guest_3937: Gender Bender spell
Hayden: is ther a spell to change a gender of myself into a gir
Hayden: girl*
Guest_1542: well i just got a love spell going with sasha londons i am glad she seems real i am happy because i don't have to pay until after i get results now that is fine i also can only pay what i hvae which isn't much and i told her that and she said she was fine with any donation that is a good recomendation candace thank you
donald: I think its smart to get sasha to do a spell for you no matter what bexcuz having more than one person doing it is going to help you
lisa: I am going to try sasha tonight thank you for the help
lisa: is it ?
lisa: nvm i found it yes that is the right website i will get her help now thank yo
Tenay: let us know how your experience with Sasha goes.
Guest_3577: Does anybody know how to boost the effectiveness of a spell im getting cast for me?
Guest_9881: Yea, you should probably do meditation
Guest_9881: meditation or what i did is i soak in a bath for a half an hour everyday, and envisions the results coming to me
Guest_3577: thanks ill do that, hope it makes things go better..
Rebec4ah: is it hard to cast a love spell by myself even though i dont have much experience? And what happens if i mess up. Just wondering before i try it. any help will be appreciated!
Guest_6929: my sister taught me to do spells in the closet, (not literaly but i mean not tell peopl u doin them that way it will work faster)
Guest_6929: i am having spell cast right now by sasha londons and she lets you pay after u see results
Guest_6658: Someone help me. I want my gf to call or text me. We broke up earlier but I want her to miss me call me text or something. Can someone help??
Guest_6418: You need a love spell for sure
John: i need love spell.. someone should help me out
Tenay: If you want to learn how to cast love spells yourself you can learn from «link» . They have extensive lessons on this type of stuff. If you want to get a love spell cast for you, try this place «link»
Guest_2507: Can anyone help me? I need a spell that will give me and my boyfriend 'alone time' at school without anybody walking in, or cameras seeing us, or people noticing that we aren't in class. Maybe a spell to freeze time for everyone/thing except us???
Guest_2507: If ur going to answer my question, the one from guest 2507, just say Fiona so I know ur talking to me :)
Guest_3256: fiona, maybe you could try a charm or talisman, check out this page «link»
Fiona: Thanks, but it doesn't have quite what I need. Thanks for helping though :D
Guest_8834: You can modify spells to meet your needs fiona
Guest_8834: u shud sign up for and try to find a mentor to help you
Guest_9603: i signed up and got a mentor! A+ Now im casting a love spell myself
Guest_7174: Okay. I'm going to do it now. Sasha coven seems legit
Guest_1140: Great sweet legit freakin finaly i am sick of getting scammed i hired aisha haadi and i hired another person called 7 witches coven i was looking at an ebay spell caster called katherine and then i found another website with caster and now i am working with sasha!!
john d: so how legit is sasha would like to here from anyone who has used herservices
mark: I did and it work for me after about 3-4 weeks it was a couple months ago. she is fast and good caster u be good for sure wid her
Renora6Z: Well ive used probably close to 20 spell related services from various websites, and i would have to say only 10% of them are good (yikes). Sasha is definetely in that 10% tho.
Tenay: Glad to hear that Sasha is alright. ive had some other people ask me about her and i didnt know who she was. But its reassuring that people are working with somebody that has a good reputation. I'm one of those people that likes to stay on top of the spell caster world lol.
Guest_4348: call me now spell from matuka dr mataku and he scammed me now im po'd
Guest_2783: Yea that dr otanukubu or whatever it is is scamming everyon it sucks msg me all the time from a ll these diff emails it is total crap
Guest_2783: but I got a spell now going by sasha and i'm really hopeful this is a good deal
wubber_vand_man: is that that is sasha?
Guest_9148: Yea that is her she is legit
Guest_7063: does this seriously work? because I have hirsutism and it has made me very depressed and I cannot afford laser or other cosmetic procedures.
Guest_7063: i meant the beauty section. hair removal spell haha
Guest_6318: I have not tried beauty spells but i have tried a love spell and it worked for me
Guest_9254: is spiritreport down for anybody else?
Guest_4284: I am 9 I want to become a singer
Guest_4084: @ Guest_9254 Its been down for me too
Guest_3264: They told me when i emailed them (spirit report) that they are moving servers becuase the site was too slow for a lot of us, they say they get better one but it takes a little time and apologized
Guest_7359: I jus fine this site, i was looking for a love spell and reading the chat it seems real and not a scam, I've encountered with a few of those in the past....
Guest_3819: yea it real there are lots of real spells
Guest_2648: I am with sasha londons now at and it is a good thing, she didn't charge me like u guys said thanks for the tip, i didn't get scammed i get to see results first i love that
Guest_7281: i think spiritreport is back up
Guest_9689: Has anyone cast a love binding spell before
Guest_8430: Yea I have and it worked too
Guest_9801: has free spells that are a lot better than this site honestly
Guest_3559: Yea I'm a member there, i also use some of these quick spells once in a while but your right, they have better spells on spirirtreprot
Guest_5832: i use it too actually they got a mentor thing and i ask a crap ton of questions hehehe they probably hate me but they all answer
Guest_7749: I signed up thanks
Guest_9039: sasha londons is real you right guest 2648 her free spell worked for me, i paid her 100 dollars US after it worked. she said any donation was good. real deal A+ will buy again
Guest_9039: buy ashra completely screwed me out of my lifes savings and i have no way to see that her work helped any after 2 years
Guest_6769: Hi,i one question...This Sasha spells...Are you obbligated to do this cleansing before she cast the spell or what? (?)
Guest_1658: Hi! I am working with Angelica Sanders for quite awhile now . i have heard wonderful things about Her and I think she is awesome
Guest_1658: Anyone here?
Guest_4224: Hi,i one question...This Sasha spells...Are you obbligated to do this cleansing before she cast the spell or what? (?)
Guest_2652: Why wouldn't you get the cleansing before? It will certainly help you in the long run. Sasha seems to know what to do, and does it well based on what most people say here and other forums.
Guest_9413: yea i got the cleansing first i am glad i did it helps with lots of stuff apparently
Guest_8079: Sapphire spells ?
Guest_1759: Is this a spell that uses deities? Or can i do this solely by myself using my spirit? Im not trying to become hell bound, im just trying to wake everyone up
Guest_8137: oh sapphire spells is real i like that woman she is nice too.
Guest_8137: hm. guest 1759 what spell you try to do because lots of spells do not use deite and lots of them do, it depend on a lot of things i pretty sure, such as the type of magick, voodoo i think uses bad magick right? lol
Guest_1759: The "Fame/Get Discovered" spell. Thank you for noticing btw lok
Guest_1759: Lol
Guest_4961: that spell does not use dieties it is natural and safe
Guest_4961: i suggest you check out a mentor at you can get a mentor to help you guide and stuff they are like real professionals willing to help for free
Guest_9286: I did and I'm happy i tried, they are very helpful thank you guest 4961
Guest_3229: I used sapphire spells and it worked within a week. thats good timing was reasonable in cost
Guest_3229: before that, got scammed by aisha haadi and an etsy caster called simone
Guest_4845: i think it is scam me out of 600 dollar
Guest_4845: is that aisha haadi because i was taking to someone else at that site i think though
Guest_6007: Has anyone legitimately received good results with Sash Londons? She just complleted a spell for me on the 13th and I wanted to hear about her success stories. Any one here care to share their experience? I'm estatic you donate after results. I'm happy I chose her.
Guest_9841: Anyone heard of jan windglows? I'm desperate for a black magic love spell and I wanted to know if anyone had had any luck with her
igne: I hired sasha londons, her spell worked for me, but she only does love spells
Guest_6007: @igne Thanks for your resply. What spell did you choose if you don't mind and how long did it take to see results?? How much did she accept from you (if this ? isn't too personal for you) How long ago did you use her?
Guest_6007: Anyone else use Sasha Londons are received results. Share your experience with me please!
Guest_7913: hi this is igne, I asked her to do a love binding spell, i paid her 125 dollars in us money (i am from the uk, so she let me work with her even though she is in the usa) she said what i paid was way too much but gratefully accepted I guessing that what you pay probably would be fine. It was a bout a month ago that i hired her, i got results about 2.5 weeks after
Guest_7913: sorry that was meant for gues 6007
Guest_6579: I used it the pay after you get reuslts love spell her ssite i found her on and it took 1 week and 3 days for me and i just got a simple love spell nothing complicated .
Guest_2913: Guest 6579 did you pay her already? what did you tip her?
Guest_1451: Guest_7913 Thank you very much for your thorough reply I appreciate it. And if I see results for real then I will most definitely donate a substantial amount. I'm just awaiting the results so I can donate and as always give my review. Guest_6953 Thank you for your reply also.
Guest_6579: yea i paid her 60.00 dollars it was all I could afford. I was broke and kind of ambarrassed about it honestly but it didn't seem like a big deal. She is very nice.
Guest_1451: Sorry my last text was meant for Guest_6579 not 6953
Guest_9879: Does sasha londons deal with you directly via email is it her assistant that communicates for her? I ask because my friend is dealing with her right now, but it's her assistant that answers and replies to my friends email's. Is this common for anyone that had used There's not much reviews on her from ppl outside of her website.....I would think she would have testimonials all over the place. I'm waiting to see if my friend will get results before I even make a move. Can anyone tell me where exactly is she located in the U.S.? My friend will most definitely white a review whether she received results or not so I'm just waiting to see. By the way it's been 3 weeks since her spell was completed. Who's used her services with results???
Guest_6917: Hm i d k guest 9879
Guest_6917: seems silly to complain about her, she doesn't take money til you are happy... if you aren't happy you simply don't pay her it seems. and her rate is a donation, whatever deemed fit by the customer, that is pretty good offer and it seems legit, i'm waiting for results now too, only been a few days, but i mean dang if you need results that bad guest 9879 why not go pay someone who does like a really serious love spell and charges like 1200? i seen them all over the internet
Guest_6917: anyway, I am sure she will get me results, I seen a lot of people here say they hired her and it worked. And if it didn't, you didn't lose anything as far as I can tell she has not asked me for any thing yet, so it must be legit.
Guest_6917: also sometimes her assistant answers me and I imagine it is because she probably has a lot of customers since she doesn't take the money til after the results, seems like such a good offer that sh'ed have a lot of people. Honestly I would be concerned if she was answering a lot lol. think about it.
Doug: I work with cal astrology and I bought a money spell from them, did anyone know if they are real? Also can anyone verify that Jan Windglow is real and legitimate because I am also working with her and I want to know if anyone has had results thank you
Clarissa Lawrence: Hey doug, I don't know about Jan windglow but I know IO have had a successful casting with caa before, they did a great job. But not very good on communciating back and forward with me really. Some casters are like that I have noticed, they don't really do communication but they do a good job on the spell. I know ... if you need some extra help there are some people who help for free on I recommend... DarkTiger is her name or...pretty much anyone in the mentor group is very good at replying and helping. I also recommend katspells, she is nice too.
Guest_2239: I dunno bout Jan windglow seems like a scam. but I did a love potion and had mixed lavendar with rosemary is this the correct combination?
Hmmm: Anybody use psychic celeste?
Guest_4367: @Hmmm Do not use her that slob is a ripoff. She uses western union and has you to load gift cards so you can give her the number via phone. Once she's done with you she ignores all calls and txt's. She is a disgusting thieving scammer. Her website is: and her so called accomplishments are pure lies. BEWARE: TAKE HEED. She has you send the western unions in other ppls name. That lady is truly a despicable douche bag!!!!!! SAY AWAY FROM HER!!!!!! TRUST ME SHE SAME ME OUT OF HUNDREDS.
Guest_6754: @Guest_8151 we don't tolerate that language or behavior here
Guest_6754: And I actually agree with the guest that answered you guest 8151, btw: Sasha has been nice to people that have been referred to her and doesn't take money til you are happy, so complaining about her work is like kicking a gift horse in the mouth. If you're going to have negative energy, take it somewhere else please. we promote positivity only here. Also, we don't promote sex change or gender change spells, sorry;
Guest_4575: Sasha has always been nice to me and I got results on a love spell after 3 days, I asked her for a money spell too but they only do love spells, shame.
Guest_1482: I got results at within about 31 days. she recasted for me though like the night before I got results Iguess I shoulda been patient lol I ordered a binding spell and a love spell, with a break up spell on my ex she was with a bad bad man.
Guest_3222: I hate the dr spammer who keeps saying he has a testimonial all over the web, obvious scam
Guest_9205: Which caster has good results with a money spell?
Guest_9205: Can anyone provide a spell caster that produces results for a money spell And a memory/intelligence spell?
Louise: Money and memory spells? I recommend calastrology for money spells for sure, not sure about memory though
Louise: I got scammed before by egyptian witchcraft spells and I now see many others have been scammed too by this crazy woman I'm not sending her any more money.
Guest_5797: If you want a good intelligence or memory spell anything like that check out Magick Spell Craft at i do not think they are a scam AT ALLLLL!!!!!
Sixshooters: I used Sapphire at sapphire spells and she was great fantastic caster always replies to me, very good and nice and great price I find it very affordable. This is my testiomnial that I promised. It did successfully work.
Guest_2599: hired sasha now, and she is starting a love spell for me will report later, but she is quick and she isn't charging me any money up front which is big time bonus
Guest_8304: Yes her spell worked for me within a week and I paid her fifty dollars because it's all I had. She did a fabulous job up front and only took the money after results like the ad said
Guest_3322: I got good results from Sasha too.......highly recommended
Guest_4078: How does this work
Guest_6603: Has anyone used the dream of me love spell before?
Guest_8703: Well I have tried my own love spell and never hire others to do them but i do know some of them must be legit that makes sense, i just like doing it myself. i used one of the love spells on this site any better ones?
Don: I used Dream of my love spell. I am waiting for results stil.
Guest_3082: didn't work for me dream of my love spell is a scam
Guest_3082: dream of me*
Guest_2350: Hired sapphire spells and got results myself after a few weeks, that's better than never and she stuck by my side the entire way.
just_me83: The doctor that keeps spamming the internet the "Doctor" that is, (Dr. Mataka, Dr. Onsoumi, Dr. Salvatore) and posting fake testimonials is a scam, 100% verified for sure, biggest scammer the market has to offer. don't pay him he is in nigeria. hire someone legitimate like Angelica Sanders
Guest_4545: yea he's a scam duh
Guest_4545: don't pay people by western union: golden rule for sure
Guest_8198: Anyone here?
Guest_3205: Yea, I am here i used Angelica Sanders actually and had really great luck with her
Guest_6516: i am using sapphire from sapphire spells and paid 495.00 for a love spell. I saw some results after a few days but we're still waiting for the full results its nly been 7 days so i'm really hopefull : )
Guest_7362: I just got my results after a couple weeks with Sapphire she is super nice and I paid about the same as guest 6516. I'm very satisfied. I had another spell cast by h er and saw results 2 days later she is very fast
Guest_1872: I'm happy with Sapphire, she did my love spell and we could not b e happier to gether. He is sweeter to me than he has ever been. I had a payment plan with her and rate her 10 out of 10 stars
Guest_3482: hired Sapphire for a triple casting and it was a good deal, I got personal attention and she handled my spell professional to the point I will recomend her to anyone else for a love spell, results in 6 days.
Guest_9812: Just reporting back like i promised hired Sasha Londons from about 14 days ago, give or take a day, i just donated 55.00 to her after seeing my results. not bad for how she operates doesn't charge money til you are happy with the results, good deal.
Guest_5748: I like sasha, donated hundred bucks a few weeks ago, her spell worked almost overnight for me actually. downside is, she only does love spells.
Guest_4989: Question on the meeting someone famous spell. Do I have to put the entire banana in? As in the peel and the edible part? Also can I use this on anyone other then celebirties?
Guest_1114: i put the whole banana in
Guest_4989: But I have to peel it open right? Also what about international celebirties? Say, Japanese celebirties
Guest_1114: YES, PEEL
Guest_1114: remove the banana from the peel
Guest_1114: BUT THEN use the peel too that what i did but the instructions doesn't say use the peel
Guest_4989: Ok it all clear to me now
Guest_1114: good luck if you have trouble there are people who can help them too
Guest_1114: like if you have trouble and you need help, you can hire someone like katspells or you can hire like
Guest_4989: Thank you!
Guest_1114: sasha however i dont know if she does that type of work exactly u shud do the banana peel spell good luck youre welcome
Guest_4989: I think it is better to cast it by myself but thanks for the advice
Guest_1114: I used banan peel spell more than once, it works great
Guest_4989: Wow how did it sent three times?
Guest_1114: don't have to use the peel part, can throw that away.
Guest_1114: I only see it once dont worry
Guest_4989: I think I know for sure now, it is using the edible part and throwing away the peel.
Guest_8229: just reporting backa bout my love spell cast by waited about a week and a half and saw full results, satisfied, will hire sasha again if possible for other things
Guest_7665: sasha worked for me
Guest_5158: I'm guest 4989 and i have more questions about the spell to meet someone famous.
Guest_5158: How do I make salt water? Do I just put in some salt into plain water and it is salt? If that is the case, how much salt/sea salt should I put in?
Guest_5158: Can I use the spell on two different people at once? If I met my desired target and befriended that person, can I destroy the spell and neutralize the energy of the spell and stay friends with the target of the spell?
Guest_5158: Last question: can a guy use this on a girl?
Guest_5158: also any stories on using this spell with success?
Guest_4926: @ 5158: You should cast it multiple times for multiple people. You can use this on a girl being a guy, yes. You can make salt water by mixing a few table spoons of salt into tap water, yes.
Fuyao: I'm guest 5158 and 4989, thank you for whoever answered my questions, now I can cast the spell with a clear mind
Guest_2607: I hired sag
Guest_2607: I hired Sasha. I hope it works. Lately I've been having trouble staying positive. Nothing in my life is going right.
Guest_5700: Sasha just finished a spell for me a couple weeks ago and it just now worked but that's not bad, I dont have money to pay her yet, which she said is okay and I plan to donate to her next month when I get paid.
Guest_9346: We promote positive thinking here guest 0215. Some people have delays with some casters; however, there are some that have been providing results nonstop for most people. If it is taking longer, it's probably because you have a tougher case
Guest_7803: How long does it take for these spells to work?
Guest_1301: hi
Guest_8315: it depends all spells are different, all spell casters are different, all people and targets are different, etc
Guest_0215: thank you 9346 ..yes i do have a tougher case. Thank you I'll keep it positive
Guest_7898: Just got results with sapphire, I had a tough case, took me a couple months, I read most people get results faster but it worked for me still and I had been through like 6 other spell casters sychics and covens and I had no success after thousands of dollars, I'm relieved to hve found someone real finally
Guest_9943: she was fast for me, was only a couple of weeks not much time at all but ur right, she was the only one that worked out of every1 i tried
Guest_2655: Does anyone know if this works if I didn't meditate with the picture?
Guest_9654: :P
Guest_9654: (!) (?) :-* :_( 8) O.O :S :O :| :D :P ;) :( :)
Guest_2655: really does anyone know
Guest_9446: hey guys check out my tumblr, if you want to see some things about magick you didnt know. click here: «link»
naynay: I wanna be so beautiful... P.s Kik me@luvvyoubestfriend :( ;) :P :-*
Guest_2420: Hired Angelica Sanders and did not have problems also hired ashra and did not have problems, both were able to get me results and worked well together. just reporting back, 34 days later, and got results, hired them on the same day
Guest_6428: Angelica Sanders work for me too I am happy with her spell
Guest_6428: or Angelica Sander however you say it
Guest_1226: Hello can I have a chat with you about this call me now soell
Guest_1226: Hello can I have a chat with you about call he now spell I don't know how to cast the circle which instructions in chapter 1
Guest_5461: There is a chapter (the first chapter that says get started) that teaches you this
Guest_6057: I don't think it gets any bter than having them do the work first, i think you guys are crazy for paying first. you should hire they only take money AFTER THE FACT AFTER THE RESULTS I MEAN THAT IS
Guest_2461: does have reasonable prices? Most of the spellcaster i talked to so far charge too much than i can afford.
Guest_2461: ok i contacted Sasha from the , and shes going to work for me with in a way i can afford it. Much better prices than any previous spellcaster ive contacted. Wish me luck.
Guest_2360: G :-* :-* :-*
Guest_2360: :( :( :P :P :| :O
Guest_9530: Can someone tell me how to cast the circle. I cant get to chapter 1. Thanks
Guest_6860: We focus on positive energy here. As for casting a circle, um let me try to find a better article....
Guest_6860: @ guest _0 btw... Ifyou are having trouble seeing delays in results with a caster, try complimenting their ritual with one on your own side
Guest_6860: doing a ritual on your own side will help make their work way more powerful
Guest_6860: Guest 9530 here is a better article for circle casting: «link»
Guest_6860: that article is free too
Guest_5000: Thanks guest 6860 I am just having certain doubts that's all because I been waiting for so long and the closest thing I got was feeling completely out of place since sapphire went extremely deep into my aura if you can tell me what ritual I can perform to speed up results please tell me
Guest_6860: there are many small things you can do, such as light 12 white candles and do something super relaxation meditation, or take a soaking bath, light some jasmine or some sage, and allow it to cleanse and surround out your aura this will help them get deeper
chet: I hired Sapphire and has results from one of the 2 spells i ordered, been waiting about a month or so for the second one. we are pretty excited to see reuslts thouh, my wife. i hired calastrology fro a money spell too as well on the side and this seem to help fast too
Guest_8279: sapphire is good caster. i hired sasha too now
Guest_8846: I had sasha londons with do me results really fast within a week, its legit


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)