Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Stop getting Scammed!


Hi, My name is Candace Lightheart.  I am not a spell caster. I am a wiccan however, and I believe in what goes around comes around! I am going to make it my SOLE DUTY to find REAL ANSWERS for people who need help. No more bull shit, and no more scam artists! Let us start VERIFYING who is real shall we? I will post all my spell book spells and everything that I know, in addition to helping guide people to real solutions.  

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Learn how to cast your own spells

The purpose of FreeMagick.com is to propel your own interests in witchcraft and spell casting. Here you will find loads of complimentary spells you can do, easily, from the comfort of your own home. This was a commercial spellbook which is being released for FREE to you!  Enjoy the professional grade spells in your house today! It's important to learn the truth in FREE magick and also how to find a good professional if you really need one without getting scammed. Scammers are everywhre, and it's tough out there. Ask us if you think it might be a scam.

Wiccan away, new and introductory spell casters welcome!

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Live Magick Chat!

Candace lightheart: Yes sorry
Guest_7718: 8)
Guest_5484: I need him to text me o call me
Guest_9042: Try sasha she has been able to get most people results in just a matter of days. shes at arelovespellsreal.com
Guest_9614: Hello, I have some questions about Sasha.
Guest_9614: I came to her and requested a spell that could bring back my ex gf. I know we are bound together but everything is a mess. I know this is crazy, but I wanna believe this will work. Can anyone testify that it did indeed help bring back a lover? I don't want to be manipulated because I'm desperately wanting to mend my broken heart.
Guest_9614: How will I know this will work? What kinda spell does she cast? I have all thesequestions! What if it doesn't work?
Guest_9614: Can someone who has truly used her and doesn't work for her give me the answers I seek. I just wanna know is this will work and how.
Guest_9614: Hello? Is there anyone there to help?
Guest_9614: :_(
Candace Lightheart: She only works with white natural magick, it never backfires. I only see people get results basically from Sasha, no one else. So I strongly advise you try her too. If it doesn't work, who cares? You don't pay her any money up front, so you aren't really risking anything by having her help....
Guest_3462: hi
Guest_3462: can i get a revenge justice spell
Guest_3290: revenge spells are bad for your karma man
Guest_3583: Someone told me to cut a lemon in a cross way and put the name of the person I want back and add lil bit of salt and put it in the freezer is that true cause I think this is like a break up spell
Guest_7905: They are pulling your leg. Try sasha everyone here tries to help themselves then realizes they need real help and she's the only one that will do the work first and let you see results before you pay
Guest_4028: hi what spell will help to get the man i once loved to talk to me again. i angered him
Guest_2115: I just hired Sasha and I'm excited to see her get us back together!
Guest_9415: What does Close the circle mean in the spell???
Candace Lightheart: there is a lesson but it is not visbile on your phone, have to be on a computer.
Guest_3956: I just got results from sasha's spells after 3 days wait : ) YAY
Guest_5223: Well I am super surprised that worked. Got results with sasha after eight days of waiting. Going to give her a big tip
Guest_8533: Are we for sure that it works because this is my last hope and im scared to try if it won't work
Candace Lightheart: Yes, Sasha does work, her site is arelovespellsreal.com
Guest_7381: Very excited to see results from sasha ;)
Guest_5034: Hate my boss. Any tips? I just want him gone
Guest_1152: Yea, try to put his name written on the back of a photo you print with his face only and a burned banana peel in a baggie and bury it, that should do it.
Guest_1352: Well it turns out i got scammed I think by a scammer witch called Aisha haadi from egyptian-witchcraft.com seems a lot of peopl ehere got good results from sasha londons though, should I try her for a love situation with my ex husband?
Candace Lightheart: There are many scams out there, it's hard to see who is real unfortunately til you try...but I can tell you for sure that I see a lot of REALLY SPARKLING REVIEWS about sasha here ...usually people see results in a matter of days, so that's a good bet to bank on for sure.
Guest_6662: I just hired sasha few days ago and looking forward for the resilt. I believing in her and a lot of people too, she's gives me hope.. I just went to other casters and guruji and keep asking money but still no result.. I gave this last shot to try to sasha..
Guest_6081: What love spells have been proven to work?
Guest_6081: i want my ex boyfriend back and I really don't know what to do :(
Guest_5920: well I know that sasha works the one from arelovespellsreal.com i hired her 8 days ago and have been seeing results for 3 days now. this is for a love spell and stop my divorce situation i have going on. So i know she works.
Guest_5920: but u guys are right, the rest of them all keep asking for more money a lot
Guest_1838: how long did it take sasha to get back to you guys?
Guest_1838: I emailed her yesterday and have not heard back yet
Candace Lightheart: Yes she is real, (sasha) it takes a bit to hear back from her, sometimes over a day. just depends on how busy she is (my guess is busy) lol
Guest_1904: So is katspells.com a scam? What about ashra? I bought from a sapfyre and also an ashra on ebay. are they scams or not?
Guest_1904: And what aboutlovespellangelsreunitesinoneday.com anyone tried them? they did not work for me, and they asked me for more money after the first day pased and nothing happend.
Guest_1904: I also had tried before africanspellcaster.com and this keep saying to send money western union, seems like a scam.
Guest_3902: Unfortunately I can tell you that africanspellcaster.com is a scam, and so is ashra. I got scammed out of thousands and they don't reply to me anymore.
Guest_1904: who can help for real?
Guest_3902: What do you need help with I have found some real spell casters, and thanks to candice and this site.
Guest_8294: Well Aisha is a scam to whoever asked about egyptian-witchcraft.com and that aboutlovespellangelsreunitesinoneday.com they are a huge scammer and own a lot of similar sites, make outrageous impossible claims, they are a scam
Guest_1904: It's my boyfriend he is cheating and has not been paying any attention and I want to win him back. Any advise what I can do?
Guest_3902: The only spell caster I got results from for love spell was arelovespellsreal.com her name is Sasha and she or one of her assistants will reply but it is hard to get on her schedule now. When I need her, she does other things besides just love spells, it takes a little while to get her to reply now, because probably she is getting a lot of work.
Guest_8294: hm. I might try sasha, thank you Guest_3902!
Guest_1904: great thank you. I will try sasha today. very good! I am very happy I found someone real, thank you for testing her first.
Guest_1904: so i contacted her, is it true that you don't pay her until you see results?
Candace Lightheart: Yes, that is true, Sasha doesn't take any profit until you are happy and you also get to choose what you pay her afterwards, if you are happy (which you will be lol)
Guest_4915: I got results from sasha for 2 spells, one love spell took 4 days to see results, the other spell, a money spell took 11 days to manifest : )
Guest_7096: Hello everyone
Guest_7096: i have been looking for a good spell caster and was refered to Sasha London. has anyone ever had her
Guest_7096: i tried ashra before and it didnt work
Guest_5114: Your takling to somone who has gotten results from sasha londons after 9 days of waiting. I had probably the hardest love spell case imaginable. he was hating me, he told everyone he hated me and he moved far away to get away from me changed his number and everything. after 9 days though with sasha, she got me the results I was looking for and he was begging me for another chance. It was crazy. He forgave me for cheating and left this other girl. He has been with me ever since, and happy too it has been months. the spell is still working really strong, perfectly.
Candace Lightheart: Indeed, sasha does great things.
Guest_6992: is sasha the arelovespellsreal.com link?
Candace Lightheart: Yes that is correct.
Guest_6992: Thx!
Guest_8842: I am just updating you all, I promised 8 days ago I would update whenever I got my results from sasha's binding love spell. I am super surprised this worked especially so well and so fast!
Guest_6196: do you know any good cell phone magic spell of SOMEONE TO CALL ME that do work
Candace Lightheart: You might as well just go the full way and hire the real deal on spells that are love related, go to arelovespellsreal.com and contact sasha, she is the one you want to hire for any love related spell, her spells all manifest within 2 weeks normally and literally i've seen hundreds of people reporting success within a week from her
Guest_5111: I take it that africanspellcaster.com and amazingspells.net are both scams. Great. now I lost my money there. That's wrong they convinced me it would work but I see here that others said it clearly won't work and that they will keep asking me for moeny for years to come.
Guest_4087: hello
Guest_4087: hi
Guest_2837: Any suggestions on love spells
Guest_2552: I think sasha is best for love spells she seems to always get results in under a week from the looks of it, or under 2 weeks, either way really good
Guest_9044: She is very fast, yes, I got results from sasha after only 3 days.
Guest_4717: are there any real spell caster recommended
Candace Lightheart: The fastest spell caster that I have seen as well is Sasha londons at arelovespellsreal.com
Guest_6660: I want to be famous how this work
Guest_3508: I want to try a lovespell by sasha
Guest_2475: I used a fame spell from that or website look at the mirror and and have a glass of water by it and think of fans running towards you on the other side and I'm i goona get famouse like drake or someone the spell got my eyes watery I don't know why
Guest_9723: Sasha londons?
Guest_1149: I am just now seeing my results manifesting from the spell I did with Sasha london yes. It has taken 9 days to manifest. I didn't think it was going to work and thought this was a scam for sure too, but she hasn't asked me for any money and is truly letting me pay after I am fully happy with results. They just started manifesting so I am going to start thinking about donating to her. What did you all donate to her after you saw results? What is appropriate, i don't want to insult her by offering too little. but i don't have that much!! =(
Guest_8916: I gave her 100 dollars but honestly she said even if I didn't have much, like even 30 bucks would have been acceptable that she wasnt doing this for the money but to help us. Sasha is good people, I am sure if you are honest with her, she will help you no matter what.
Guest_2358: Whatever you do avoid ashra she and all of them at ashraspells.com is a scam
Guest_9502: I just got my results YESTERDAY! After waiting 11 days. That is THE BEST bc I waited like MONTHS with other casters, that was a bunch of crock. I'm so glad I found sasha. Thank you guys
Guest_2195: Where can i get to sasha then I am trying to hire her now for a love spell how much does she charge
Guest_9502: arelovespellsreal.com = sasha she doesn't charge you anything until after you get results, and you get to donate whatever you want.
Guest_5990: I am happy to report back and say it actually works. Sasha spell only took 4 days to start seeing change. I guess you have to see it to believe it!!! Thanks Candace!
Candace Lightheart: No problem, I know if anyone can help you it was sasha
Guest_5498: hello. I need help to have a bad memory erased from someone's mind. which spell caster should I use? I was scammed before and i dont want to be again
Guest_5498: i will try sasha as i see you all are satisfied with her.
Guest_4211: Am seeing really really really good results from a love spell right now cast on my ex husband done by sasha from arelovespellsreal.com it is very very good so far. I will keep reporting back. but I can tell she is defantely real
Guest_1302: lovelastingforever.com and africanspellcaster.com are owned by the same person it is a scam artist who is not going to do any real love spell, they are fake. if you can avoid it, dont hire either of those site, owned by the same person
Guest_1302: goes by angel and also uses 949-812-1789 001-949-812-1789
Guest_2732: Does anyone know of another legit love spellcaster?
Guest_9321: Only seems like Sasha works. Everyone else seems to be a scam. I'd go with sasha for sure. I got results from her after only 3 days myself on a case I thought was impossible to resolve. If she can't do it, literally probably no one can.
Guest_4719: Guest 9321 is right, sasha is the only one i have seen actualy work too. I got results from a love binding spell after 6 days with her, but I had been trying to get results with over a dozen other spell casters and so called psychics for over 3 years before that. So sasha was my god send in a real sence lol
Guest_3957: Egyptian-witchcraft.com londa marks, aisha haadi and psychic support .com is all related I think too btw. Just explains a lot because I have worked with all of them and none of them worked.
Guest_3957: I will try sasha thank you.
Guest_3957: sasha from arelovespellsreal.com?
Guest_4719: Yes, that is her site.
Guest_3957: thank you
Guest_3957: I will report back
Guest_9330: how can you ask a witch a about a bad weather with so much thunder and lighting where it goes on for day nextstore. :P
Guest_5955: No, weather magick is fake.
Guest_9771: how about Sapphire is she real all I hear about is Sasha
Guest_5229: I have personally gotten results from sapphire, after a few weeks on a REALLY hard case. She is a real spell caster.
Guest_3344: ok for real i need a love spell because jesse is being stubborn and wont go out with me, i know he loves me deep down, his friend even told me.
Guest_6820: Try sasha I suggest, that's who worked for me.
Candace Lightheart: Yes, Sasha is most definitely your best bet.
Guest_1521: I cannot believe it worked LOL That is UNREAL!!!! SASHA REALLY WORKS!!!!!
Guest_5859: How long did you wait guest 1521? was it a love spell?
Guest_8064: So does this really work?? :S
Guest_1521: did for me ! My friend is also trying it now too. well, she is waiting to hear back from sasha, it is hard to get on her schedule bc of the # of people trying to get her help I guess.
Guest_6784: didit really work ?
Guest_6784: helllo
Candace Lightheart: Yes, sasha really works. I have seen so many people get results from sasha's spell
Guest_9219: : ) I also got results from a money spell sasha did, I am still seeing changes even months later. I just a couple days ago asked her to help me with a love spell too. So I'm sure that will work. She is the fastest caster I know of.
Guest_6902: Holy crap. I didn't believe this at all but I am absoultely convinced now I am seeing results after the second damn day. That has to be a record right?
Guest_4319: With who?
Guest_4319: guest 6902 with who?
Guest_6902: arelovespellsreal.com but it took like 2 days to hear back from her to get her to do the spell but I am seeing results after the second day. That is what ima talking about!1
Guest_4319: :D I have her starting one for me in a few days. I'm so excited after reading all these positive reviews she has to be the real thing!
Candace Lightheart: Glad to see so many people are getting results. =) Go sasha!
Guest_7308: How to do this spell
Guest_5552: Best bet is probably to just hire someone to do it for you.
Guest_7159: Anyone know if scientificlovespells.com works?
Guest_2878: Scam, scientificlovespells.com is a scam and owned by the same fake psychics that own psychicsupport.us i think.
Guest_7159: What about jeanclaudeswann.com/LoveSpells‎ ?
Guest_2878: those people also own calastrology.com, and some people had said they saw a result from it but that is very rare it seems so i'm not sure if calastrology and jean claude swann is a scam or not, but I know for sure that they don't really get good results. not like some of the others here
Guest_7159: I hear that katspells.com is real right?
Guest_2878: well, I 've seen her get some results. however, she isn't as fast as some other solutions, lots of people seem to prefer sasha, I have not tried her yet. Haven't needed any spells yet again.
Guest_2878: I have hired a lot of people though that are scammers it turns out, so really, it's tough to find someone real.
Guest_8599: I can testify that Sasha is real, but not anyone else. Everyone else I tried failed and cost me lots of money. sasha let me pay her after I saw results and I didn't have to risk the money before.
Guest_9536: do the spell above really work just let me know :O
Guest_5190: If you want real spell, hire sasha, her spells work basically overnight sometimes.
Guest_2436: Yeah, Go Sasha, she , they seem very sweet and genuine !!
Guest_2436: Thank You Candice and you guys for recommending Sasha, thanks so much, I think she sounds great!
Guest_4231: I don't know. It is taking a long time for her to respond to me. Is that normal? It is the weekend and I was thinking maybe she takes weekends off?
Guest_4231: She sounds great and I really want to work with her!
Guest_9402: she is busy it takes a while sometimes because of how many people need help from her.
Guest_6117: Where can I get sashas email?
Guest_2968: Just got a love spell done and cant wait to see results.
Guest_2968: From sasha. Ive read nothing bit great things
Candace Lightheart: Sasha is at arelovespellsreal.com
Guest_6025: I am so glad I can trust sasha. thank you candace.
Guest_3144: Aisha haadi is a fake psychic and doesn't know anything she told me she could get me back together with my ex and now he is ignoring me. she scammed me
Guest_6614: spellsandamulets.com is also a scam.
Guest_6614: they also own verifiedspellcasters.net which is fake.
Guest_5490: Hey guys, do you guys think that Sasha can make success spells? Or not?
Guest_9221: Yea, sasha's spells work. She is legit. Her love spell worked for me after 8 days.
Guest_6580: I got a spell casted from sasha a few days ago I'm just waiting for results now


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