Friday, April 29, 2016

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Stop getting Scammed!


Hi, My name is Candace Lightheart.  I am not a spell caster. I am a wiccan however, and I believe in what goes around comes around! I am going to make it my SOLE DUTY to find REAL ANSWERS for people who need help. No more bull shit, and no more scam artists! Let us start VERIFYING who is real shall we? I will post all my spell book spells and everything that I know, in addition to helping guide people to real solutions.  

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Learn how to cast your own spells

The purpose of is to propel your own interests in witchcraft and spell casting. Here you will find loads of complimentary spells you can do, easily, from the comfort of your own home. This was a commercial spellbook which is being released for FREE to you!  Enjoy the professional grade spells in your house today! It's important to learn the truth in FREE magick and also how to find a good professional if you really need one without getting scammed. Scammers are everywhre, and it's tough out there. Ask us if you think it might be a scam.

Wiccan away, new and introductory spell casters welcome!

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Live Magick Chat!

Guest_1881: Dudes, honestly if I didn't have Sapphire, I don't know what I would do. She's a rock. She is my rock and always solid, I can always rely on her for results.
Guest_2611: Sorry about my caps lock key broken, but I got it off.
Guest_1881: is the site, she is going to be your best bet, and will get you results.
Guest_2611: Thank you how long do it take please?
Guest_2611: Guest_1881 are you still here? can you tell me how long it take please?
Candace Lightheart: It is very fast with Sapphire Kridell, she is normally able to get results within 2 weeks. Actually, most people here report results faster, within a week from sapphire.
Guest_4053: Y'all are so right about this
Guest_3013: nassira spell caster in egyptian is the old aisha haadi
Guest_6902: = scam and so is - same guy scam everyone
Guest_7410: calastrology is also a scam i know
Guest_2125: Thats just GREAT
Guest_5422: I'm convinced there isn't a better spell than the love and forever binding spell I got from Angelica Sanders. She gets me really fast results each time
Guest_2259: Well now I know for sure that scammed me. I cannot believe I fell for that.
Guest_8525: Sapphire worked for me in 11 days
Guest_3325: Thank you Candace for the site and reviews posted here have helped save me
Candace Lightheart: Absolutely!
Guest_8008: I personally have gotten scammed by egyptian witchcraft it is
Guest_5726: I have also seen results from 2 spells from sapphire.
Guest_5726: first was a money spell - worked in 6 days
Guest_4636: That is good i'm thinking about a money spell with sapphire ( is who you are talking about Guest 5726?)
Guest_5726: second is a love spell to reunite me with my first flame, fling from back in high school. What really impressed me about this one is that it targeted someone I haven't seen or talked to or had any knowledge of where they are or what they are doing in over 30 years. They came to me in 16 days. That's impressive
Guest_5726: Yes, sapphire kridell
Guest_5726: she deserves every bit of credit for it
Guest_8822: sapphire is real caster?
Guest_1958: YEP!
Guest_9837: I have had a really bad experience with a spell caster named madam ava
Guest_9837: Whom I believe to be scam Now.
Guest_2231: tHAT'S JUST GREAT
Guest_9713: Thankfully I was lucky enough to have found sapphire first before using a bunch of scammers
Guest_5959: I will try sapphire if she's real.
Guest_8321: Well so does sapphire do wiccan spells moon spells or what?
Guest_5726: Working love spells.
Guest_3864: scam me
Guest_3821: This is a review on sapphire, I can tell you that she is real. I do not know what I would have done if i had not found her when i did. She has changed my life totally.
Guest_4944: did anyone else try a site called
Guest_4944: I have been workin with them for like 4 months and so far no luck at all. anyone else?
Guest_5219: I had tried them before, about a year ago, and had no luck either.
Guest_6010: Well, i've seen about 6-7 reviews for on and that site give syou reviews. they seem to be scam.
Guest_7855: I have used to no success. I have used too which is a special voodoo caster, but he got really threatening and scary and I know he's a scam too now. : (
Guest_5681: Where sapphire?
Candace Lightheart: is where you can find her, her name is Sapphire Kridell. I would say she comes highly recommended after watching her get floods of positive reviews for years now... she's a sure bet.
Guest_5582: I would agree, no point in trying some stupid scam if Sapphire is getting all these good reviews. I will take your advice.
Guest_8535: Nefietay Egyptian witchcraft spell is a scam
Guest_6003: So can someone tell me if is a scam or not?
Guest_6167: unfortunately yes, I lost a few thousand dollars to her over the course of an entire year.
Guest_6003: Dang. Really?
Guest_6003: Who can I use then who will get me results on a love spell, for real?
Guest_1830: I agree, violet is a scam. Don't use her. Pick someone else.
Guest_5948: Try she is really quick to reply and gets results within a week usually. I greatly enjoyed her service from the start to finish, and still use her today for several things.
Guest_1190: I can testify that she is going to be able to do a great job for anyone. Angelica is one of the most reliable people I know in my life. Results always within 1-2 weeks for me. She seems to have a spell for anything I need.
Candace Lightheart: Thank you all for the input, Angelica is a great choice too, yes.
Guest_9034: no, thank you candace!
Guest_9034: thank you for giving us this platform to report it all
Guest_9034: and to find the truth in who is real
Guest_7975: I can honestly say that it has been really hard hiring a lot of scams. I basically hire scam after scam. But I haven't tried Sapphire yet. Is it really worth it to try one more time, is she really going to work? What is her website?
Guest_2581: Oh she is very much real. Yes.
Guest_1840: And her results are usually within a week for me when I hire her. Her website (sapphire kridell's ) is
Guest_3951: good to find someone legit thanks
Guest_5387: Had a really bad experience with madam ava. Anyone use her?
Guest_3412: I know madam Ava is a scam, lost thousands and thousands to her...
Guest_9692: Madam ava is a scam her stupid crystal ball site, says 50.00 spells but she's a scam and it's not going to work
Guest_2967: I use clarissa white without any problems ever. She's not a scam. is the site
Guest_6883: cheers! thanks for the info!
Guest_4442: Hallo! I'm looking for a love spell that works fast
Guest_6354: for the faster love spells, this is my caster and I would always encourage people to use her before choosing to get scammed by someone who won't care at all. it takes care and real passion to get a spell to manifest.
Guest_1758: I would not be able to live without sapph, literally she been my lifeline for more than 5 years now. I have been using her for years and had only good results and experiences.
Guest_1758: I used her for money and love and beauty (and weight loss) spells
Guest_2764: Sapphire has been the best thing to ever come into my life for sure. I have to say, she is the fastest I have tried. I got results from a few other casters in the past, but nothing like when I went with Sapphire, Hers were really strong, they seemed really much stronger than other love spells, probably the most powerful love spell I've tried.
Guest_4885: Yea, I like sapphire a lot.
Candace Lightheart: A lot of people do. Sapphire ( - this is sapphire Kridell), have been getting super fast results from her.
Guest_1082: Do not buy a calastrology or jean claude wann love or money spell. these sites are the same person and a huge scam.
Guest_4885: Guest 1082, you should go with Sapphire, everyone else is right now and really happy with her.
Guest_3066: Thanks Candace!!!!
Guest_4838: idk where we'd be without you
Guest_9272: Well I got a ton of results for pretty cheap using
Guest_7989: Violet spells is a scam she's a scammer
Guest_7989: I got scammed by her a year ago or so. Avoid like the plague!!!!!
Guest_4401: Psychic that I hired from Boca Raton called christine got me no results and took all my money I had in the world. She is an evil scam I believe this in my heart I am so sad ='( Please help somebody.
Guest_5499: what is Christine's website Guest4401??
Guest_6769: I had a similar experience with Christine. I lose thousands of dollars ultimately. I believe she runs many different shoppes too. Oh well, you know what they say, stuff happens.
Guest_7922: Is coven love spells ( real? I want to get a real love spell that will work fast. thank you in advance!!
Guest_6769: Sorry to say they are a scam.
Guest_7989: I got scammed by coven love spells like months ago too. that is truly a scam. Violet took me for a bigger ride, but they are both verified as scammers.
Guest_7922: I will try someone else. thanks.
Candace Lightheart: It sucks that people take advantage of other people. There are real casters out there though, do not give up!
Guest_2764: I posted a couple days ago after getting results from Sapphire from another spell, she is fast, I like using her and recomend her to you. She is very caring and a sweet lady. is her website
Guest_5611: wow well this is helpful.
Guest_5443: Going to get sapphire to do my money and lottery spells
Guest_1229: Please report back and let us know
Guest_5733: I can tell you that sapph is a fast caster, personaly used her a few times. All love related things, I guess I can't make up my mind, but each one manifested, quite quickly for me.
Guest_5729: Thank you for sharing your stories it helps me pick better.
Guest_7657: cheers to a working spell caster. I posted 6 days ago about choosing Angelica Sanders, and am getting my results on a love spell right now AS WE SPEAK!!!!
Guest_5576: reportin back, posted 4 days ago about hiring sapphire kridell, I am already seeing a turn around in the situation, she IS the real deal, tank you to everyeone who recommended her to me.
Guest_5576: Thank you * sorry, I had a long night : )
Guest_7005: ??
Guest_1480: That is correct sapphire k is very fast too.... You just won't have any problems if you use her, results are always fast usually for me in the first or second week
Guest_7434: She works, I alwayscan rely on sapphire.
Guest_7434: I use her for everything anything at all, she has done a ton of diff types of spells for me
Guest_7943: Madam ava love spells turned out to be one big fake scam lost all my money there. I'll have to save up to try someone real now
Guest_5905: I had a really bad experience with Madam ava actually, she is defantly a scam
Guest_7042: Just wanted to report back seeing results today from my romance and engagement spells from Angelica sanders total time 11 days for results.
Guest_5908: What is her webstie? does she have a website (angelic)?
Guest_7042: Yes, it is
Guest_6595: Thank you for the help
Guest_4409: I prefer to use sapphire now that I know she works... There is no point in trying anyone else and risking my money
Candace Lightheart: Thank you for everyone who has contributed their story to helping others find legitimate help.
Guest_8606: and madam ava scam
Guest_9649: My experience with violet spells rings of a scam
Guest_5650: is definately one of the scams I've learned about
Guest_5250: booooo I guess I got scammed as I also used Violet. Man am I quirked about it!
Guest_5250: crap I only have myself to blame I guess, I didn't pick the right caster
Guest_1158: It happens. Just try again.
Guest_4977: Giving the website a chance tonight maybe, thinkinga bout it still
Guest_3825: You'll have good results, I had good results with sapphire.
Guest_3838: What did you do with sapphire?
Guest_3825: Love spell for stopping my divorce. It was almost over, but she was able to swoop in and fix it with only 5 days left.
Guest_3838: =DD I am VERY HAPPY TO HEAR THAT you dont even know!
Guest_8396: thanks a lot guys
Guest_1842: Getting results from love spell I had cast by sapphire today!!!!!!!!!
Guest_6334: how long you wait?
Guest_1842: 12 days for results.
Guest_9925: I got results from (her name is angelica sanders too) who took a little under 2 weeks, she was nice. I also would recomend her to anyone
Guest_7976: is the way to go, very fast, very professional, I can also attest to fast results from sapphire.
Guest_4944: Honestly they both seem to get good results from what I can tell and have read. I guess I'll pick sapphire, I connected with her already.
Guest_4944: Just don't use Lady Zirkaya, I can tell you she is a scam.
Guest_6296: I can testify that lady zirkaya = scam
Guest_5774: I had lost about 6500 to Lady Zirkaya.
Guest_6182: Well it certainly helps to know who is a scam
Guest_6871: didn't work for me after about 5 months.
Guest_5771: Crap I already tried Ashra
Guest_1457: Well there is no going back now, kyou might as well just move on to someone who can actually help you. Ashra won't help except empty your bank account
Guest_9829: works fast use her. that's the one I use
Guest_5179: I haven't found anyone better than sapphire personally.
Guest_8931: Thank you Candace, do you think Angelica Sanders still works good for results?
Candace Lightheart: Yes, she is commonly reported as successful here, usually as fast as a week!
Candace Lightheart: Her website is for anyone who is wondering
Guest_9730: Thanks


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