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Stop getting Scammed!


Hi, My name is Candace Lightheart.  I am not a spell caster. I am a wiccan however, and I believe in what goes around comes around! I am going to make it my SOLE DUTY to find REAL ANSWERS for people who need help. No more bull shit, and no more scam artists! Let us start VERIFYING who is real shall we? I will post all my spell book spells and everything that I know, in addition to helping guide people to real solutions.  

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Learn how to cast your own spells

The purpose of FreeMagick.com is to propel your own interests in witchcraft and spell casting. Here you will find loads of complimentary spells you can do, easily, from the comfort of your own home. This was a commercial spellbook which is being released for FREE to you!  Enjoy the professional grade spells in your house today! It's important to learn the truth in FREE magick and also how to find a good professional if you really need one without getting scammed. Scammers are everywhre, and it's tough out there. Ask us if you think it might be a scam.

Wiccan away, new and introductory spell casters welcome!

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Live Magick Chat!

Candace Lightheart: Yes, many people have been reporting results from Sapphire (the one at sapphirespells.com ) for years now.
Guest_6144: Any legit sex spell caster ? Anybody can help ?
Guest_5222: Sapphire is good for everything sex spell related.
Guest_2551: Hello
Guest_5662: I seriously cannot believe this actually works. After seeing it with my own eyes though I absolutely had to post a review for Angelica Sanders. She fixed a truly impossible scenario and got my fiance to leave the other girl for good. I know in my heart for sure now that there is no one else. Thanks to Angelica... We have been happy together for months now! Thank you Angelica. I owe you everything!!
Guest_1166: I need someone to forget something that happened in the past for ME to be able to move onto the future happily. I am now desperate because communicating with that person is not working. Does this work? :_(
Guest_9764: I need my sex partner back
Guest_6399: Looks like sapphire actually works. Seeing her results to a love spell I bought eight days ago.
Guest_9087: Does this spell really work
Guest_0331: Sapphire definitely really works, I use her all the time and have for years. She is the fastest and most affordable imo.
Guest_8389: Where to find and contact sapphire?
Guest_8389: anyone know where to find sapphire at?
Candace Lightheart: You can reach sapphire through her site: sapphirespells.com
Guest_8389: Thank you, I contacted her and just waiting to hear back now.
Candace Lightheart: You are welcome.
Guest_5922: And Angelica Sanders is real right? I have hired her a few days ago and she is so great at communication, do her spells work?
Candace Lightheart: Yes, Angelica Sanders (from angelicasanders.com) also works and very fast, she has been getting lots of great reviews here. Kat and Cilvania have also been getting good results but are typically more expensive. If you are trying to save money and still get really good results, super fast, I suggest AngelicaSanders.com for sure.
Guest_4209: Warning: Do not use readingsbygianna.com !!! Gianna is not a real psychic and cannot cast spells. She has used scare tactics to try and get me to pay more money and did not satisfy our agreement and get me the results she promise me. I will not use her anymore, and am warning everyone about her.
Guest_7739: Thanks, wow. I was thinking about using Gianna. I am glad I read this first. I would like to report a scam site too, spellsandamulets.com which I think is the same company as calastrology.com I am pretty sure anyway, if anyone can confirm that. But regardles they are scams and do not work, I have actualy tried both of those websites and neither produced results.
Guest_7739: Thank you Candace, I am going to try Angelica sanders, she was very fast and already responding. I will give her a chance to help me, per your recomendation!
Guest_7739: I hope she can start today.
Guest_4209: hm. maybe i'll try her too. thanks
Guest_7739: she replied! I am so excited! she will do it for me. thank you for finding her, it's hard to find a real spell caster
Guest_6491: I'm looking for a spell for binding and desire me. Marry me. And to stop someone from controlling and running their lives and everything they own
Guest_5929: I suggest trying Sapphire from sapphirespells.com that is her website, she can help with a really powerful binding love spell, it always works fast for me.
Guest_5929: I have used sapphire many times, and I have refered my friends to her, because of how fast she works. The speed of manifestation is the most important part of spell casting.
Guest_2470: OMG, THIS HAS WORKED IN 3 DAYS WITH ANGELICA SANDERS - I was going to repost when I got results and expected to have to wait at least a little longer, but she is A TRUE MIRACLE WORKER! I will trust her with my LIFE! Thank you VERY VERY MUCH TO EVERYONE SUGGESTING ANGELICA SANDERS, YOU ARE ALL GODSENDS! THANK YOU CANDACE LIGHTHEART!
Guest_2008: iamzandra.com is a scam, money back guarantee is fake, she doesn't do real spells. She lied to me and my friend, we both lost 300$.
Guest_5014: Getting results right now from Sapphire. I like using her and feel I can trust her now for sure.
Guest_7749: Sapphire always works fast. Really fast. She is a very powerful and impressive spell caster.
Guest_6786: Is this real?
Candace Lightheart : Yes, people get results from some casters but some are scams. It is important to pick the right caster.
Guest_3992: Who is real I want a powerful love spell Candace
Candace Lightheart: I recommend sapphire frequently. She gets results within a couple weeks, sometimes even days. I have used her also. She is at sapphirespells.com
Guest_4293: thank you candice
Guest_4293: *candace sorry i messpelt your name. I am not good with spelling. thank you I will use sapphire then I apreciate the help
Guest_4208: Hi, does anyone here knows that spell cast can make a result within 24 hours? Is it real ? You can see a result within 24 hrs?
Guest_2929: It's doable, I've had results within 24 hours from working with angelica sanders.
Guest_1159: Where is angelica sanders? how can I contact her?
Guest_2929: angelicasanders.com
Guest_1159: thanks.
Guest_7286: Aisha haadi is a scam. Don't use Egyptian witchcraft.
Guest_4259: I amhappy sapphire has worked for me, it has been a little over 2 weeks. I am glad she didn't charge more than I could afford ...this was a good experience, my first good experience with a spell caster
Guest_1115: I've contacted sapphire already...how many days or weeks does sapphire pops out the results? It's my first time, and I got curious. :)
Guest_6543: did anyone try this and worked?
Guest_4772: yes. Sapph is one of the fastest. Usually she works within a couple weeks
Guest_7386: I'm so disappointed changeyourlifespells.com is a scam
Guest_7386: omg calastrology is a scam too!!!
Guest_9806: Is Dr Nana a scam?
Guest_6182: Yes, Dr nana is the biggest scammer of them all actually
Guest_8159: I always use sapphire, she is the fastest working one and always the best cost too.
Guest_3333: I need a spell to get someone to call me.who can I get
Guest_3333: :(
Guest_3846: Does this work ?
Guest_8159: I'd try sapphire from sapphirespells.com she does a good job, it is a very fast manifestation...i found her here after someone recomended her to me. she has been a lifesaver
Guest_1522: Sapph is real, I have been using her for years too.
Guest_6821: So sapphire works then? Sapphirespells.com?
Candace Lightheart: Yes, she is effective and fast, so many people have been coming back reporting results within 2 weeks usually wih sapphire.
Guest_5105: Whatever you do, avoid using iamzandra.com. You think you are saving money but really you end up getting asked to buy 500 other things, and spending thousands, and never get results. Zandra is really a guy and he is scamming people. Not a real spell caster or psychic.
Guest_1040: also sheikh-lovespells.com is a scam artist too. They won't help you and only take your moeny.
Guest_3245: Hello?
Guest_3245: I need a revenge spell on someone who really hurt me
Guest_5328: It's real holy cow. Angelica Sanders is real!. Results after only six days, that is unbelievable!!!
Guest_6150: Angelica Sanders worked for me after 40 hours of hiring her. She's the real deal in my book. I can see obvious signs of manifestation.
Guest_5402: Where is angelica sanders website?
Guest_5328: www.angelicasanders.com
Guest_9829: There is only one spel caster who has ever worked for me and that is Michelle O'Hara
Guest_9829: I have used so many diff spell casters, and the only one who update me, respond to my emails, and keeps getting me fast results is michelle
Guest_2005: Purewhitewicca.com?
Guest_9829: Yes.
Guest_9506: I need a spell to make him message me
Guest_5022: I reported a few days ago that i was going to try sapphire kridell from sapphirespells.com and so I am reporting back now, 4 days later and already seeing results from her spells. She did two, a binding spell combined with a love spell, and included all these things with it that were very effective. I could feel her spell immediately. I have not seen any type of power like this before in all my 38 years walking this earth, I know that may not be hte longest time, but it was long enough to feel so much pain and have so much betrayel happen to me. Sapphire is a godsend and I have to post a review for her! It was just like everyone else has said, very very fast.
Candace Lightheart: Sapphire has been getting positive reviews here for years.
Guest_8236: omg it worked! My man bought in full price. My CRV HONDA that i always wanted
Guest_2301: Welp I tried changeyourlifespells.com and got scammed, this is so stupid, they don't care about me at all.
Guest_8236: Try using sapphire, she cares a ton and is very communicative, and her spells work fast.
Guest_8236: the price is usually affordable too, her spells are powerful still even though I can actually afford them all
Guest_2301: Thanks.
Guest_2301: Help! Anyone know where I can find sapphire kridell? This is the person I want to hire.
Candace Lightheart: www.sapphirespells.com is sapphire kridell
Guest_2830: Sapphire got me results before, took a little more than a week. haven't needed a spell caster since :D
Guest_8475: Whatever you do, steer clear of African voodoo scams. That Dr nana and his million different identities has scammed me far too much
Guest_6902: I have always used angelica sanders, and she always gets me fast results. I click with Angelica and she has become a good friend of mine. She is someone you can trust with a love spell that will work.
Guest_6902: her site is angelicasanders.com
Guest_1356: getting lost here
Guest_1356: I am looking for great spell caster
Guest_1356: who can make thiings
Guest_1356: really happen
Candace Lightheart: a Lot of people get results from sapphire and also I have been seeing Angelica Sanders a lot too from a lot of people. they are rolling results out left and right in just a matter of days it seems
Candace Lightheart: Either of them would be a good choice
Guest_4306: Good evening I'm uk need good spell stop bad memories effecting my partners dreams & moods
Guest_6782: Yea don't use that African voodoo master he is fake
Guest_2778: Well who should I use for a Love spell who will definitely get results?
Guest_1882: Try purewhitewicca.com that site has someone named Michelle ohara who is very fast with love spells. She has helped my sister get her husband back in less than a week
Guest_6461: Anyone know any real free spell casters to bring back an ex lover?
Guest_6220: no one can do it for free...that is just a pipe dream. If you want it to happen, you need a real professional. There are many which are being suggested here which have gotten results for many people. I have personally tried many free things, for years, then I tried hiring many people too, with no luck there either. So it is indeed important you hire the right person to help you, someone who is real and their spell will then work. The person who worked for me is named Clarissa White. I believe her site is ClarissaWhite.net but she isn't free, and isn't really cheap. But after you pay thousands to the fake scam spell casters, you realize how valuable having someone real is, and understand it is worth the costs to get the results.
Guest_1882: http://purewhitewicca.com that is who i used. she was really fast.
Candace Lightheart: Lots of people like Michelle O'hara too from purewhitewicca,com ..I see good reviews from her all the time.
Guest_2823: Hi
Guest_5902: I need a powerful love spell that will work fast. I am sick of getting scammed and have hired spellsandamulets.com (scam), stardustspells.co.uk (scam), verifiedspellcasters.net (TOTAL SCAM - all these sites are scams) WHO IS REAL? I need someone who is REAL and can get me REAL results. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU! Someone!
Guest_6208: I used a site called realwhitewicca.com Her name is Julia. Contact her, she can help you. She does really powerful love spells and that is actually her specialty, love spells.
Guest_2195: Hey! I used Julia, she was fast. I liked her too, we got along really well. She is busy though, I don't know if she will be able to fit you in. If she doesn't fit you in, another good one that gets a lot of positive reviews here I seen is http://angelicasanders.com
Guest_5902: ok I will email Julia and see if she will reply
Guest_5902: oh and thank you btw
Guest_8727: I tried to cast and it didnt work darn it
Guest_8727: I could not get it to work by myself. I cannot wait anymore. I will post an update when I get results. I have hired sapphire
Guest_5902: Thank you I will try angelica sanders now
Guest_3341: So Angelica Sanders works?
Candace Lightheart: Lots of people have used Angelica, yes, she is real and she works very fast.
Guest_7025: hello
Guest_7025: how are you!
Guest_7025: Can anyone tell me, does angelica sanders work?
Guest_5932: I have used her after seeing a ton of positive reviews for her, she is real deal and works really fast, I would recomend her to anyone.
Guest_7025: Angelicasanders.com??
Guest_5932: Correct!
Guest_2110: Hero!! I posted a little less than a week ago and I'm reporting my results on my binding love spell from sapphire and did a excellent job and it was as fast as everyone said. She is a star among us and got my boyfriend to dump the other girl and pick me where he belongs we are meant to be and now I know we will make each other happy. Thank you sapphire. I started seeing results even after a couple days, he unblocked me and started talking to me again. Sapphire was a great choice and her spells really work!
Guest_8592: Well has anyone used aisha haadi?
Guest_5609: She scammed me, I lost 1200 and no results.
Guest_8592: how long did you wait?
Guest_5609: 2 and a half years.
Guest_8592: =(
Guest_8592: is anyone real?
Guest_8592: I see people use sapphire is she real?
Candace Lightheart: I have used Sapphire myself, personally and had success very quickly and a lot of reviews of her are on this site, I see them all the time. I like her because she is reliable and always gets fast results without breaking the bank. She is a safe bet.
Guest_1442: I used Sapphire with really good results on the 11th day of waiting. She was very polite and kept me in the loop, I did not once feel like I was being used like I did with all the other casters I tried. Sapphire is different, she is real and I would trust her with my life, even my daughter's life.
Guest_2295: Thank you, I guess if you avoid changeyourlifespells.com that site scam for sure. xara scam too.
Guest_5295: I've decided to try sapphire. I will report back.
Guest_1442: She worked for me she'll work for you.
Guest_1111: Im SOOO glad that I chose Angelica she is great, she was really fast and I had no problems with her, only 3 days for results.
Guest_8330: Well can she help me?
Guest_1111: Well I d k, I can't speak for her but she helped me stop the divorce my husband was starting. She got rid of his affiar, the fling he had with his secretary and he has been all over me and pretty much beggin me to take him back.
Guest_8330: Well how can I find her then? is she on line?
Guest_1111: yea, she is, you can get to her: http://www.Angelicasanders.com
Guest_3392: I am so glad I found this site. I tried katspells.com but I think she is a scam, I'm not sure, anyone get results from her? I buy a love spell, a money spell and a weight loss spell from her, been 4 months, none of them worked.
Guest_6200: I also tried katspells, and I tried psychicemergency.com which was a COMPLETE SCAM for sure.
Guest_6200: spellsofmagic.com is a scam too, they dont even spell magick right.
Guest_6200: seems a lot of people are getting results with sapphire spells is that still work?
Candace Lightheart: Sapphirespells.com is legitimate, I myself have used her yes.
Guest_1559: thank you
Guest_6086: I have hired sapphire, took a day for me to get on her schedule it is worth it though, she updates me and I am 100% sure she is my answer. Thank you guys.
Guest_5445: I freaking cannot believe sapphire is authentic this is CRAZYYY!! Freaking a!
Guest_5445: She cast only 8 days ago. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!
Guest_2178: I am reporting back too, been 28 days, have not seen results from calastrology yet, I'm still hopeful.


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