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Stop getting Scammed!


Hi, My name is Candace Lightheart.  I am not a spell caster. I am a wiccan however, and I believe in what goes around comes around! I am going to make it my SOLE DUTY to find REAL ANSWERS for people who need help. No more bull shit, and no more scam artists! Let us start VERIFYING who is real shall we? I will post all my spell book spells and everything that I know, in addition to helping guide people to real solutions.  

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Learn how to cast your own spells

The purpose of is to propel your own interests in witchcraft and spell casting. Here you will find loads of complimentary spells you can do, easily, from the comfort of your own home. This was a commercial spellbook which is being released for FREE to you!  Enjoy the professional grade spells in your house today! It's important to learn the truth in FREE magick and also how to find a good professional if you really need one without getting scammed. Scammers are everywhre, and it's tough out there. Ask us if you think it might be a scam.

Wiccan away, new and introductory spell casters welcome!

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Live Magick Chat!

Guest_9710: Sasha is great her assistant darlene is very fast at replying and got me on the schedule same day i emailed her a couple days ago i hope i get results as fast as everyone here, i'm so excited i will report back like everyone else as soon as ic an
Guest_8301: yea guest 6476 sash helped me and she is going to work another spell for me too after get this one done.
Guest_1291: I discourage using voodoo master, she is a scam
Guest_7045: How does one stay positive while waiting for a love spell to manifest when their heart is crushed? Suggestions besides affirmations and smudging?
Guest_7024: I got results from Angelica sanders after about 30-35 days. It was not a bad wait at all actually. but I'm looking for someone faster, probably will try sapphire she looks good frm sapphire spells
Guest_7024: I suggest staying positive by doing a love spell yourself too, always do one yourself even if you have a professional
brandii: Hey guys reporting back, I was here 16 days ago and reported I hired sasha londons from and I am happy to say i got results from this and am satisfied. VERY HAPPY AGAIN! would suggest her to anyone
Chrissy: yea, man it's crazy if me would have know this long time ago, me would have hired sasha first. instead, me walk all over the web spending on all these people who are not reply to me even at all, then me got sasha, and boom, results for me in 2 days. freak like what the hell .... months me try to get the results, now me have them only from one spell on a two day manifestation sasha is the real deal for shizzle
brandii: I am glad it worked for you too.... I remember you actually Chrissy. "for shizzle" lol. Yes, Sasha = the BEST
aquella: Hello
Guest_2627: Hi. I tried powerful love spells by Dominic and I think I got scammed. Anyone else try him or 7 witches coven?
Guest_3543: Yea ok seven witches coven is a bad scam. Going to try sasha seems to be helping most people easily and fast thanks that's what I need fast results
Guest_8288: Don't buy from 7 witches coven. TrusT me!!!!!
Guest_4116: Got results from my spell with sasha guys. Seventeen days I waited
Guest_1678: Yeah, apparently Sasha gets results in about 2 weeks for most cases. Today is day 13 and I'm excited to see results this week!
Guest_7839: :D
Guest_3848: I need a spell to get someone to call me as quick as possible.can anyone help me plz. :_( :(
Guest_1189: I suggest sapphire spells she work for me pretty fast : )
Guest_5067: GOT SCAMMED BY afrikalovespells.COM
Guest_5067: GONA TRY SASHA
Guest_6276: going to vegas this month AND want to win 20,000 (twenty thousand dollars) I play slots all the time and need a gambling spell that works for sure. any recommendation?
Guest_8344: Hello there Does the spell really work :O
Guest_8344: Who is sasha
Guest_4266: Well I don't know if sasha does a gambling spell buy she got my results good for a love spell. is her website
Guest_7728: Sasha does money spells too but Sapphire definitely has a spell specifically for gambling.
Guest_9440: sasha is at yea. that is right and yes, it works fast, most cases under two weeks
Guest_7828: Omg I'm goin to try here there is so much scams here in south africa u just don't know who to trust :|
Guest_7828: Does any1 have a powerful lotto spell that works I have been playn but I don't ever have luck in winning a reasonal amount a spell can increase chances in more money (?)
Guest_3462: i trust myself for gambling spells but I don't cast for other people :P as for a love spell, I was reporting back that sasha's love spell worked really good after 6 days she got him to file for divorce with her and come back to me.
Guest_7920: Well Im Using Sasha, Its Weird The Same Day I Emailed Her My Ex Messaged Me, But I Didnt Even Get The Spell Yet.. But Im Still Gonna Get The Spell Done Because I Want Things To Stay Consistent.. I Have Faith In Her, && I Knows She Will Come Thru For Me..
Guest_5362: got results from sasha for a love spell. 3 days my ex was back home : ) A+ is where i got it
Guest_7881: is a big scam, if anyone has tried it you know what i'm talking about. I can't beleive I fell for that.
Guest_7881: Glad I found this site, going to go with Sasha seems like she's getting most people the best results fastsst
Guest_7358: Still waiting on results with Sasha. Today is day 16. I didn't pay and she told me I don't pay until I see results and that the results will be obvious. If you're looking off a love spell and you don't wanna get scammed, go with Sasha. How can you get scammed my someone who doesn't charge you til you're happy AND you pay what you can?
Guest_5908: Sasha is great, took me 21 days to get results with her, my situation was harder than most though, I see most people get results within just a few days, some even overnight, so hang in there 7358 you'll get results : )
Guest_7564: I chose to go with Sasha after stumbling across her website and also reading this thread a few weeks ago. Today is day 22 for me and I am waiting for my results. My situation is very bad! My husband already filed for divorce and I need him to leave his mistress and come back to me. 8 days ago Sasha told me to remain patient while I wait for my results because she is very confident. I will continue to wait and I am excited to get great results like everyone else has!!! I will let you all know when I receive my results. ;)
Guest_7564: oh and I think I received a sign that the spell is working bc my mother in law (who never liked me) texted me yesterday saying she misses me and loves me very just waiting for my husband to come around!
Guest_4435: eeep so excited! I got results after 17 days for my love spell but now i have a money spell. is her site, just trying to say it worked and I'll report back after i get money results too!
Guest_4441: scam me from love spell for my husband and I lost 600 dollars.
Guest_2982: Hi just want find out does xara spell work I heard its free spells and there is so much of comments on her page day to day
Guest_9893: Is xaras site legitiment or is fake changeyourlife
Guest_5565: xara is a scam, I would not pay her, soon she will ask you for thousands of dollars. Instead, I would hire sasha from she has a REAL "pay after you see results" spell deal
Guest_8979: Please help me become famous and have a boyfriend that isn't embarrassed to be seen with me please
Guest_7901: Hello
Guest_7907: I tried a spell from Sasha for fame, I'm not super famous but I now make six figure income from my good looks and things only looking up from here. for privacy reason I am not gonna tell you all who I am but I can tell you a lot of you has seen me. she normal only do love spells but she took me for fame and money. maybe she take you.
Guest_4893: I needspell cast immediately, can you help me?
Guest_7142: welp i got scammed by and aisha and her stupid scam ring it seems. Lik eeveryone else I have lost a lot of money, probably upward of 2-4 thousand dollars. not good. I guess I should have been wise and gone with Sasha Im going to try her now, like everyone else IS seeming to get really fast results, even in days with her, but with this stupid egyptian witchcraft crap I been waiting for over 6 months. PO'D to say the least.
diane: I agree 7142, aisha = scam for sure. I tried Sasha and she turned results for me in 3 days. That was a crazy difference compared to aisha haadi's scam.
diane: for peple who need it, her website (sasha is at
Guest_5631: Really can't make out which is real or fake they all sound so promising and trick us into believing dem really sad people loose so much money yet they have problems to solve but dez ppl just scam us yes it is money that makes the world go around :S
Guest_5631: How does it go about with sasha and how will I know if my spell is done
Guest_7784: 5631 it will be OBVIOUS when it works =) She is VERY FAST (sasha) I highly suggest her.
Guest_5631: Thank you I'm going to do a spell with her. :-*
Guest_5221: hi my name is Chris. I came here about a week ago asking for a love spell and i had have already tried without results, they scammed me. so i hired sasha from I am happy to report this back that she has achieved results successfully and in just about a weeks worth of time. very good woman very nice to me, and she told me the amount i tried to donate afterwards was too much, only took 100.00 from me as a donation afterwards, even though I tried to give her 400.00. she said it only cost her 60.00 to do the spell, and that 100 was enough ...what a good nice spell caster. That is very rare in this world, the rest are mean and visicious to me and if I don't pay them what they ask for ...they threaten me and my family with curses. Sasha was the only one who helped me without charging me until I got results and she let me donate what I was comfortable with and did not take it all that is very nice of her. anyone looking for a real spell caster, and you have a hard problem or a difficult love life situation, Sasha london is the best and you can get to her at
Guest_5429: yes if I knew about sasha I would not have paid jean claud wann scammy crap. Sasha lets you pay her after you get results which is very rare it seems.
Guest_5429: She works and does real work, worked for me after 3 weeks. I didn't believe in her or that it would work. but it did. Sasha is real.
Guest_4561: Hello nim trying to get my ex gf back how can I?
Guest_5780: to get your ex back I suggest you go with sasha too, I also hired her and got my ex bf back in 6 days, that was really fast
Guest_2084: got a spell from sasha and that worked really good
Guest_2084: results in 4 days.
Guest_2084: stopped my divorce
Guest_2084: is the site
Guest_8328: Just emailed Sasha and I can't wait to work with her!
Guest_9348: My goodness. I got scammed by Dr baba this is upsetting. Don't hire Dr baba he is a fake
Guest_1238: Circle of nemue is a scam too
Guest_4398: I got updates from sapphire for a while before I got results, about 4 weeks. I hear people are getting results with Sasha though way faster, so I suggest you roll with her.
Clyde: Derp, its a no brainer, sasha (the one I am talking about is at like most peeps here) doesn't charge you til you see results. That's why it's the best deal.
Clyde: I got results personally after 16 days. Had a pretty ...average case I'd guess based upon what I would say average is, I don't know, I mean, my partner left me with no notice up and left and told my family that he hated me, told all our friends he hated me, he moved in with a GIRL and then I thought it was over.
Clyde: But Sasha turned it around for me, 16 days later, he was back and apologizing, I took him back, but I made him beg first even HAHAHAH!
Kdogg : Hello I need help getting my wife back
Guest_3383: most people here that get results seem to hire sasha, I am going to try her kdogg that is who I guess you should try too here is the wb site: «link»
Guest_6236: yup sasha does the best love spells
Guest_3370: I am hoping that this Sasha is real and what she can do to help me be with my ex again be real.
Guest_7122: I need to know about Ashra spells
Guest_7663: I only had results from sasha personally. I have tried over two dozen casters including ashra. The only one that didn't scam me was sasha
Guest_4742: reporting back too got results from sasha, 3 weeks. hard case. I expected them sooner, like most of you got, but sh*t I can live with 3 weeks lol. before I hired sasha, it was 3 years without results. That's f*ckin crazy excuse my language
Guest_2810: : ) I got results today from Sasha too --- after 9 days to be exact. Binding spell, with a break up spell on my ex from high school, whom I had not spoken to in over 6 years since graduating. He has come direct to my porch at my parents house asking about me. They gave him my new address and he is in my living room right now.
Guest_2810: I promised I would post back after results so I'm doin that now. What is appropriate to donate to her? she says I can give her any reward I want, as lon gas it is reasonable (meaning she said She doesn't want a thousand dollars or anything crazy like that).
Guest_1032: I gave her 80$ b/c it was all that I had when I got my results. She said she was very happy with that but even less my friend gave, her 35.00. If she did a good job for you, give her a good payment. She deserves it
Simon: Well I have not paid her yet personally. She got me results in 11 days, but I told her after I got results I didn't get paid yet til the end of the month and she agreed that was fine. So I got results from in 11 dyas ON THE DOT EXACTLY and I did not pay yet,I will be giving her 100.00 after I'm paid.
Guest_2810: Thanks everyone. I'll donate her 100.00 She is amazing. Sasha and the site is she got me results in 9 days and it was really quite amazing and unbelievable. : ) If anyone else is looking for a love spell, or anti-divorce spell or anything like this, looks like she is Real and can do all of this!
Guest_1286: Sasha is the real deal, she got me and my hubby results in 4 days. That was a billion milion times faster than anyone else we hire b4 her. This is because no one else worked LOL
Guest_7575: I am remaining positive in hopes that Sasha brings my love back to me. I was just wondering if anyone has every had Sasha recast a spell? And if so what happened?
Guest_5621: : ) you won't have to have her recast. It's going to work like it did for me and my friend probably. we both got resutls in under 2 weeks. neither of us even believed in it lol
Guest_5621: if you hired her, then you just gots to let her dos her things : )
Guest_5621: :P
Guest_2726: hired Sasha, thanks guys. She seems to be the best. Just so i am sure I got the right one, is it
Guest_2726: ?
Taylor: Yes that is her!
Guest_9948: alright, i'm going to go with sasha, thanks for the advice every1 hopefuly I get as fast results as all of you here
Guest_7593: got results today from sasha londons, site is «link» glad i could get results so fast like everyon eelse, thanks guys, total time waiting was only 8 days and it saved my marriage.
Guest_3563: I just hired sasha. She is legit so far. Hasn't asked me for ant any money said I pay after results.
Guest_3563: :)
Guest_8641: I'm 6 days in with Sasha, I will report back soon like everyone else I guess as Soon as I get t he results. I think things are starting to turn around
Guest_1028: «link» I had went with elaine that is her link she did help me for free. and was a very sweet woman
Guest_1028: I got awesome gambling results from a spell cast by Sapphire but she is selective in who she helps it seems
Guest_1028: I'm happy with my love spell from Elaine though for sure.
Lyle: Got my partner back in 3 days after I had brought Sash on my case. Thank you everyone! I can't beleive this worked either, really thought this was a scam. Sasha is NOT A SCAM, SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!
Jeanie: where is sasha? How can I get in touch with her?
Lyle: «link»
Jeanie: Thanks!
Guest_1980: Hi
Guest_3284: hi everyon1
Guest_3284: Just coming back to post a testimony. Got results, took a little longer than most of you, 23 days, but that was prty good, my man wasn't even replying to me before that.
Guest_3284: oh almost forgot, I used and she was very fast to put me on the schedule
melvin: that's awesome news glad to hear it !!
Guest_1980: Hi
melvin: hi 1980
melvin: : )
melvin: if you need help, i suggest you go with sasha, most peple end up hiring other people and a lot of peple who find this place have been scammed by aisha haadi or ashra or something unfortunately or that place
melvin: but sasha is the best for sure, fastest working especially for love spells I recommended it to my cousin last month and she already has gotten results too her site is that is for sasha, i would steer clear of everyone else. sasha dont ask you for money until you get reuslts
Guest_3284: HECK YEA - SASHA IS THE BEST! SHE WILL GET THE FASTEST RESULTS! I hired over 5 or 6 other psychics before I hired her. That was a mistake. I should have hired her first!!!
Guest_1508: Results from sasha on a love spell in two weeks here and my friend got results in even less time. I suggest being patient she's definitely very good at what she does
Louisa: Sasha was fast for me... Only took three days she is now doing another one for me:)
Chrissy: :P . Well l had a tough situation... Hired a lot of people. No one got results until I hired sasha. Like most of you... Got results super fast with her. So if she's working on your case... You definitely got the best. Usually she gets results on nearly all cases within a couple weeks. :)
Guest_3277: HOLY CRAP I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW FAST SASHA WORKED FOR ME! I got literally ALL of my results in 4 days. This marraige was DEFANTELY ON THE WAY DOWNHILL he was cheating and had been moving out. He has REDECLARED HIS LOVE FOR ME! I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES! THANK YOU SASHA!
Guest_2911: good 4 you guest 3277. I got results after 9 days with sasha bout 2 months ago ...glad to see you've joined the land of results!! She is a great woman and super sweet spell caster. She is hard to get on the schedule, at least for me, because she is so busy It took me a week before she could even have the time to take my case but it was worth it
Angel: Where can I find sasha? I need results...I need results fast. I got scammed I think by calastrology, jean claude wann spells, and 7 witches coven. I want real results NOW ...where can I find sasha?
Guest_2911: You can find sasha @ her site: «link» it is
Guest_9993: That's awesome I'm really glad to hear real successful stories especially after being scammed! Can't wait to get results!
Guest_3769: yea me too. I'm going to give Sasha A chance to help me. Thank you for the advices.
Guest_6481: Reporting back used sasha and got results in just under a week.
Megster: Hey guys Im having a love spell being done by Sasha can't wait to see results just emailed her today.
Megster: I'll keep you guys updated!
Megster: I really hope this works because I have no clue what else to do. :(
Guest_7957: Lucky mojo ??
Guest_7957: Lucky mojo products
Guest_6505: Has anyone tried Lady Isis ?
Guest_4505: Just saw ex. I got ignored. :( Why isn't my spell working? It's been over 3 weeks!
Guest_6389: I also just got results from sasha today, took 11 days. YEEP!!! =)
Guest_6389: guest 4505, you should have gone with Sasha, she is really fast. : )
Arman: hi every1
Arman: I am going to give sasha a shot. I had hired lucky mojo too, but no not lady isis, I have also tried woman named londa marks and one name kat. but I have not had much luck I am going to try sasha
Arman: Where can I find her
Guest_9133: is sasha Arman.
Guest_8457: Is everyone sure Sasha works?
Guest_9133: Yea sasha works for sure, worked for me and worked for my friend, worked for like 50 million other people here
Rudy: =) I personaly got results from that is sasha official website, she got results for me in only 5 days. That is the type of results I want, realy fast results. nothing long and dumb waiting forever. want results now.
Rudy: the thing about a good love spell is after you had it done, it never need to be done again. I suggest sasha for anyone who need real help.
Dud: Hello
Dud: Does anyone know is Sasha deals with white or black magic or other?
Rudy: definitely white magick, I had asked her this before I asked her to do a spell for me.
PrankyButSaintly: Hi everybuddy. My friend told me about this chat. She said people on here were reccomending Sasha. I just discovered her today so I came here for a little encouragement
Guest_7570: welcome YEa Sasha is good caster : ) you'll like her results
Guest_4184: does anyone knows what does It mean blank lottery ticket if you play a scratch ticket?
Guest_4706: what do you mean blank? idk. I hired Sapphire for a money spell she does good money spell
Guest_1020: Where can i find sasha website how can I contact her?
Guest_3911: Glad I listened to everyone here. I feel a lot better. hired sasha 3 days ago. I am starting to hear from my ex already. That was fast. not yet at full results, but I'm pretty sure I'm starting to see things now!
Guest_6426: Hello everybody. I glad for everybody who got the results with Sasha. I hired her before 6 days, I still wait my results. I hope I will get it, because before 6 months I tried many spell casters, but zero results.
Guest_7608: She work for me within two weeks:)
Guest_4425: omg it worked. Sasha worked. I hired nine other spell casters and 3 psychics, 2 energy workers and 1 supposed "voodoo master" and NOTHING WORKED until I hired Sasha. You can get to her at don't get scammed, hire the best first. she dont even take money from you until after you get results and you get to choose what you donate. she has helped my friend who only could donate a few dollars afterwards, it is a spell caster that finally is not bout money but really want to help you. Sasha is the best and I will scream her success from the highest mountain tops just like I promised!
Guest_9181: I also got really really good results from Sasha Londons. I highly recommend her. Most importantly: her spell was really fast. Manifested in 4 days, a really complex love spell trying to fix things between me and my partner before it is too late. 4 days was fast. at first I was like "everyone is telling me to wait 30 days, 1 year, etc." then I found sasha and was like "Ok, now 2 weeks? I can do 2 weeks. I can wait 2 weeks" but then I didn't even wait 2 weeks lol, getting results 4 days later is probably the last thing I expected but she is legit and I am happy I found someone real.
Guest_1936: reporting back, I had got a spell from sasha 3 days ago and just got results. he's back home and it looks like he's here to stay! so it worked!
lilly: @ guest_1936 Where can I find sasha?
Guest_9173: @ lilly you can find her at
Guest_1991: Got scammed by took me for several hundred dollars. She also owns I think psychic josephine website. fake for sure. most of them are fake.
Guest_1991: so you guys are saying is legit? I guess I will give a shot, after trying several others what do I have to lose.
Guest_9173: you'll get results with sasha lilly, and guest_1991. hopefully she has time to take all the cases of people who need the help, so many people seem to need real help and so few real help exists O.O I can say to you all myself, it took 13 days to get results from sasha. I think I had an average case, she says average spell incubation (time 2 results) is 14 days. I am very happy though. She is the only real one in my book so far!
Guest_9230: 9 days for me to see results from she is now working on a money spell for me :P
lilly: Sweet. I'm going to hire her next week after this other lady finishes this spell. thanks.
Guest_6620: Returning back to tell about my experience. I got love spell started monday n ight from sasha at and I am now seeing results right now, right this momen.t He is in the bathroom as I type this. He has come back from 2 states away to tell me how much he loves me, and started crying so much he had to excuse himself to the toilet to clean up. EEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest_4120: got my results from sasha today too - waited 8 days total. : ) NOT BAD NOT BAD!!
Guest_4120: thanks 2 every1 who was there for me in the meantime! was a hard journey!
Guest_5815: Hi. Sasha is working a spell for me. It should have been performed last night from what the email said but I have no response yet as to the competion of it like the email said. Should I wait or email her to see?
Guest_4980: lul it takes time to do a spell she's probably casting it. Chill
Guest_4980: she is very busy as I can see so many people hire her. it's a downside, but as far as I can see, she's the only spell caster that actually gets real results, so if she takes a day to reply to you, that's a very small problem since you'll probably get results within a few days lol
Guest_6317: I hired Sasha!
Guest_7745: I'm in my third day after Sasha casted a love spell for me and I can't wait to see results!
Klyde: You are in the best hands she is so fast lol. She is going to get results so fast for you 7745!
Guest_2949: I've been scammed so many times but this time it feels real! How long did it take u to see results klyde?
Klyde: Omg if you hired sasha tho you made a great choice. I got my result from her within the 17th day. Which I think is really fast. I was working for over SEVEN YEARS to get the results that I got within only 17 days of working with Sasha.
Klyde: From 7 years to 17 days is a damn godsend. bless her soul
Guest_3156jembush: Hi I was working with Sasha,yesterday,should I wait for her confirmation message?
Guest_9304: : ) Yea Just wait, I got results from her in a week. took her a quick minute (like a day) to do the spell tho that's normal
Guest_7183: Reporting back about my results, I had a break up spell and a binding love spell cast by sasha from and I am now seeing results, it is day 6. So very happy about that. Guess she really is real. Thanks guys
Guest_4175: Jaimata Durga and goddess of truth and light is a scam. do not pay western union to this scammer
Cluties : ): I cannot freakin believe that this actually worked. yall were right!! Sasha is the BEST AND SHE WAS THE FASTEST! CLOCKING IN HER RESULTS WITH ME IN EXACTLY 5 DAYS AND FOUR HOURS!!! AMAZING! WOULD RECOMMEND AGAIN! WOULD USE AGAIN! A+ SERVICE!
Guest_4175: Cluties what is her name who is it that worked where is she?
Cluties :): She is sasha and you can get to her on website ummmm...let me copy and paste it.
Cluties :): «link»
Cluties :): it is
Cluties :): she is really very good and you will be happy so fast with her and the best part with her is you don't even pay her until after you get reuslts
Guest_3230: wow you guys were right. Cluties, i also got results today, after 17 days. : ) not bad at all. Sasha does good work
Guest_2189: Yea, Sash is the best there is, got me what I thunked was gunna be impossible results in 9 days.
Cluties :): It's exciting. She's working on something else for me, it's only been 2 days, but I'm excited as I had seen results from the other spell in a little over 5 days. I'm sure this one will work too
Cluties :): Yes, she is fast. I used a lot of scammers before her, so I was glad to have found this site, Sasha was the best thing I did ever.
Guest_9187: hi hevery1
Guest_9187: I had a spell done by sasha from if that is who you are talking about, 2 months ago and was seeing results after a week, so that is all right about what you guys are seeing. And Cluties is right, no one else is that fast and everyone else is a scammer it seems.
Guest_3141: hello
Guest_3141: Got scammed by out of a lot of money, so I'm grateful to have found a legit caster, I will try sasha for this. thanks.


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)